Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Demo's Need Our Help.

James Carville, the leading Demo has sent out a mass email on behalf of the Democrat Senate Committee. He wants a slogan to use in 2008, similar to the "It's The Economy, Stupid" that he used in 1992 for Slick Willy and Hilly. Here is the news story from NewsMax.

Here are the lame Carvillian suggestions.

W Is Out - Send the Right Wing With Him

No Republicans Left Behind in D.C.

What Have Republicans Done for You Lately?

2006 Was Just the Beginning - More Dems in ‘08

Here are several excellent suggestions from The New Pundit that was left as a comment over at The Ward View.

We Can’t Surrender Without Your Vote

John Edwards: I’m Your Girl!

For the Love of Allah, Vote Democrat

Our hero Rush Limbaugh suggested a few excellent ideas on his radio show today. The two that I wrote down were.

Dumb it down for the Democrats in 2008

LBJ's Great Society - Another Decade Should Do it.

Here are Brian's Blog Suggestions:

I Vote Democrat because I'm Stuck On Stupid

It's About The Money In The Freezer

Vote Democrat, Because The Levee Wouldn't Have Broke

Vote Democrat

I will continue to update with additional idea. Feel free to submit your ideas through comments or send me an idea via email and I will submit them for you.

Check out this website. You can order bumper stickers like

Democrats Enabling the Poor and Screwing the Rich

Democrats Hard On Fetuses Soft on Terrorists

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