Monday, August 20, 2007

The Liberal Blog in Knox Vegas And The Attacks They Launch

Well, it is interesting. When I was commenting on the liberal blog none of the leftist liberals could do anything but resort to name calling. So, because they can't compete in the fair market exchange of ideals they ban me.

Additionally because Sandra and Betty can't live with continually being exposed and because Catfish is getting ready to be yanked out of the water. They ban me and then spend 40 comments continually creating Fiction and attempting to make it non-fiction. It seems that ole' Bizzy is a former member of Cathy Quist office and I am not talking about Hubert Smith.

So, that these liberals can not deny that they resort to personal attacks on Conservative Republicans. Here is a few examples of three of them and their attacks on me. These are attacks that they have personally leveled toward me. This does not count for when they are posting under many of their other names.

Sandra Clark “some Republicans are smarter than others.” -- s. 7/17/07 8:59 p.m.

Betty Bean

“Won't be solved until he can figure out how to find his ass with both hands.” 8/14/2007 6:24 p.m.

“come off like a semi-literate” 7/18/07 5:02 p.m.

"Big Mouth, not that bright." 7/18/07 8:18 p.m.

“permanently puckered from sucking up to Ragsdale” 7/14/07 9:57 a.m.

“infamous Hornbackian.” 6/10/07 6:39 p.m.

“all Hornback gets is no respect, no job except for an unpaid chairmanship nobody else wants” 6/11/07 7:09 a.m.

“His incompetence” 2/20/2007 6:49 p.m

“blubbering, fulminating would-be bully” 2/20/2007 9:45 p.m.

“Things will get interesting for several folks if Tyler Harber actually makes his return.” 2/20/2007 11:32 p.m

and for the organizing liberal R. Neal he said “he is that stupid” 8/16/2007 6:45 p.m.

The liberal blog only has one "Republican" (CBT) and he is a RINO (Republican In Name Only).


Anonymous said...

It is so true that KnoxViews is a group of about six people that post under many different names.

They are so out of touch with Knoxville because they are so liberal.

Thank You Brian for taking the heat for all of us and exposing R. Neal, Betty and Sandra. They are what they are.

Anonymous said...


You have my support as always. I read those peoples comments on Knoxviews and I think they are some pretty sad, pathetic people.

Cathy Moore

Anonymous said...

It is so true that KnoxViews is a group of about six people that post under many different names.

Gee, I personally know at least 7 people who post at KnoxViews. :)

Dan said...

I know of 12.

Brian Hornback said...

So Dan knows of someone that post under 12 names. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hornback,
If only 6 or 7 people read the blog you are speaking of, then why have you devoted so much time and space defending yourself on this blog? That really seems like a waste of your time and energy. Shouldn't you utilize this forum for something more productive?

Brian Hornback said...

BTW, it is Brian. Mr. Hornback is my dad.

No. Just because only 6 or 7 people post over there. There are more that simply read the garbage.

Two thoughts.

1) Alot of people read the National Enquirer but they don't believe anything they read. It is cheap entertainment. In my opinion it is wasted money and time but the National Enquirer is still in business so obviously many people buy it.

2) The only way that evil is allowed to flourish and succeed is for good people to do nothing. Evil is not flourishing and winning as long as I am taking them on.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, now the "6 or 7" or us who post on KV are evil???

Geez, get a grip.

Brian Hornback said...

No not all 6 or 7. Really only two or three.

I have a firm grasp on reality and where life's focus is.

This blog and I are not about tearing people down that is the work of the tabloid girls and their little anonymous boy, the liberal blog organizer.

This blog and I simply expose the bias, gossip and lies that these individuals continue to spread.

This blog is the prescription for what ails this community.


walker said...

After a few years..Ok less than 14 months of reading I have come to the conclusion it should be avoided.

I KNOW it is hard...kinda like the
tent show at the TVA&I FAIR where all the things in giant bottles are on display for a quarter..but still..that blog will depress you!

I kid you not...REPUBLICANS (that would be me and my fam) are very positive folks. We see tomorrow as a wonderful gift that we can open. The far far left on that blog lives for the dark doom and gloom side of life.

Again I flat love both reading and (don't tell them..but also POSTING) on that thing..but still it will
mess with you just like that sad song playing over and over on a country station.

Here is my plan!

Lets always watch these birds...
Lets always remember they are
SMALL but loud and lets
NEVER let them rob us of our
enthusiasm for the future!

Sandra and Betty are just lost folks in a world most of us never enter and never will. As we say in
Murville bless their hearts let them be!

Anonymous said...

This blog is the prescription for what ails this community.

Ah, humility.

Brian Hornback said...

I agree with you Walker. They do not take my joy for life away.

It is like a neighbor that I once had. There were these little birds that would start chirping and singing at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning waking him up. There wasn't much he could do, he was awake and couldn't go back to sleep. (Me, I slept through it) So while he is up, he enjoyed shooting a pellet gun at them.

So using your story. They are loud birds and from time to time I enjoy shooting a pellet gun at them. It is fun.

Keep posting over there, giving them the truth and they only feel like it is hell.

Anonymous said...

They are loud birds and from time to time I enjoy shooting a pellet gun at them. It is fun.

That sounds about right - the BH idea of civilized discourse.

Brian Hornback said...

Obviously, I am a bad shot as I haven't hit them yet. In the liberal blog organizer's world as long as I don't hit them it is o.k. That is the only thing that I would agree with him on, is my approach to shooting at his buds.