Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Waste and Abuse By Knoxville City Councilman?

While Knox County is at center of the storm's eye on the investigations by the News-Sentinel and WBIR and rightly so. There has been little to report on the City side except for the past actions of City Councilman Rob Frost.

City Council members are given a parking card to park in the City County Building for Council meetings. No citizen (handicapped or non handicapped) is allowed to park there. However, Rob parks there everyday and walks to his office in the First Tennessee Bank building for nearly 10 hours a day.

This issue came up a year or so ago during the re-election campaign and Rob said he is always sticking his head in City department doors while going to and from work. Brian's Blog has talked with numerous City departments in the City County Building and they rarely see Rob Frost except at Council meetings.

During Rob's campaign, the News-Sentinel and WBIR were not working so diligently in exposing waste and abuse. Maybe they will now look into this one.

Rob Frost, parking in the City County Building everyday because membership has its privileges.


Rick said...

Does the city of knoxville have a ethics committee to report this too. I should would like to be the citizen that turns this one in.

Anonymous said...

He does come by pretty often. No joke.

Brian Hornback said...

You are not a credible source when you choose to be anonymous. You could be "catfish", Betty or Sandra from the liberal blog.

We checked with many city departments that would need to address citizen concerns and all of them indicated that Frost never comes by.

If the anonymous source is a legitimate city department head then send an email to me along with documentation from his visits.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but I do belive Councilman Frost has had private parking downtown for some time now.

Did you ask Frost about this before you ran this piece about him?

Also, just curious - which City departments did you talk with?

Brian Hornback said...

I will assume that you do not know what you are talking about in regards to his parking since you qualified it by saying I may be wrong.

As for our research on this story or any story, we do not reveal our sources, just as the News-Sentinel, WVLT or any legitimate media will not reveal their sources.

Thanks for asking, you never know until you ask and Thanks for reading, Brian's Blog.

Anonymous said...

I still want to know if you gave Councilman Frost a chance to comment before you ran this piece.

That's certainly what a decent reporter would do, and although you're not a professional journalist, I assume you do want to be fair to those you're writing about.

Or maybe not?

Brian Hornback said...

Thanks for reading Brian's Blog. You are welcome to your opinion. Have a Great day.