Monday, August 13, 2007

Tommy George Thompson Drops Out

Tommy Thompson, former Wisconsin Governor and Health and Human Services Secretary for President George W. Bush dropped out of the Republican Presidential race Sunday evening. This was within one day of finishing sixth in the Iowa Straw Poll, a non-binding vote, but an indication of a campaigns ability to mobilize a grassroots organization.

It is certainly sad to see Tommy Thompson depart the stage, however it appears to be the right thing for he and his family. He is the author of the book "Power To The People" that details his Conservative results as Governor of Wisconsin.

In his statement issued yesterday he said. "I have no regrets about running," "I felt my record as Governor of Wisconsin and Secretary of Health and Human Services gave me the experience I needed to serve as president, but I respect the decision of the voters. I am leaving the campaign trail today, but I will not leave the challenges of improving health care and welfare in America."

"I have very much enjoyed my years in public service and I am comforted by the fact that I think I made a difference for people during that time," Thompson said in the campaign announcement. "I hope to continue working to serve others over the next few years."

As Governor of Wisconsin his state was the first to abolish mandatory helmet laws for motorcycle riders and passengers. Today less than 15 states have mandatory helmet laws. Wisconsin is the home of Harley Davidson.

While serving as HHS Secretary he directed the passage of the Medicare prescription law and was a key player in Bush's AIDS initiative, a commitment of $15 billion over five years for treatment and prevention of the disease that was rapidly spreading overseas.

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