Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sharon Cawood Exposed For Abuse and Fraud

Scott Barker of the News Sentinel exposes the abuse of the taxpayers by one Sharon Cawood. Her orders of stationary has been monitored since February. However, it had to wait until it reached such a horrendous, abusive level.

The Ethics Committee should fast track a request for the D.A. to investigate Cawood for potential criminal fraud and abuse.

Let's review.

1) She gets a job for $42,000.00 a year in the Court Clerk's office, after her husband voted to create the job in December 2006.

2) Her husband gives her his job as County Commissioner.

3) Her husband goes to work for the Sheriffs Department prior to vacating his Commission seat.

4) She attends meetings, ribbon cuttings and check presentations instead of attending to her full time job in the Clerk's office.

5) She takes the taxpayers to the cleaners with stationary and postage in the guise of Commission mailings.

6) In retalitation to unflattering exposes that first appeared on Brian's Blog, she has a 6 year veteran of the Court Clerk's office (Hubert Smith) placed on laid off status.

Hubert Smith is not and was not a source for any post appearing on Brian's Blog.

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