Monday, July 31, 2006

Brian's Blog Response to a letter in the Powell Post - July 25, 2006

UPDATE: Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale has contributed to the KnoxGOP Ad campaign which has assisted EVERY Republican candidate. He is supporting ALL Republicans.

The following letter appeared in the Powell Post. My response appears throughout the letter in BOLD print.

I have been a lifelong Republican, a resident, and a business owner in the Powell community for over forty years. The writer of this letter is not a delegate of/or an officer in the Knox County Republican Party representing the Powell community.

I have seen many good projects and proposals either stymied or cast aside (and thereby hurting our community) because of poor representation at our local government level. The exact reason to replace an ineffective Democrat County Commissioner of 20 years. This all started to change in 1986 when Mr. Mark Cawood was elected to the Knox County Commission Seat 6A. 20 years to start something and not complete the job at a total compensation in excess of $400,000.00.

Mark Cawood has worked hard and diligently for our communities and truly represents all the voters of this district without regard to party affiliation. His opponent in this race is and always has has been a Democrat. This is simply not true. I have personally known Chuck James for more than four years. He has always been a Republican. He supported George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. Mr. James and I met the President when he came to Knoxville, a few years ago and we had the opportunity to talk with the President and shake his hand. Chuck and his family had signs for President Bush, Congressman Jimmy Duncan and Sheriff Tim Hutchison on his property during past campaigns, in previous years. Chuck was elected in 2000 to a non-partisan position on the school board in 2002 and won the Republican nomination for this position overwhelmingly in May of 2006. Just as Mr. James ran against Mark for this seat in 1998 because Mark would not support Tommy Schumpert's many budget increases, he is now running as a Republican because his boss (Mike Ragsdale) is mad because Mark would not support the Wheel tax or the Blackmail Tax and promised to work to defeat him (for representing the 6th district voters' wishes), This too is not true, Mark Cawood informed several Commercial developers and citizens four years ago that he would not stand for re-election in 2006. Chuck James was informed of Cawood's decision and made the decision to run. When Mr. Cawood changed his mind (lied), Chuck James did not (change his mind or lie) and decided to run and allow the district to decide if 20 years were long enough.

Mr. James, Mark Cawood's opponent, receives two (2) paychecks from Knox County; as an employee of Knox County Parks and Recreation and as a School Board Member. His salaries are in the range of $65,000.00 per year. With the two previous statements that were not true, I can not on this posting prove if the allegation is correct. It is public record, so I will assume it is true. Here is the facts on Chuck James, the district was aware that he was and is an employee of Knox County and elected him to the school board. It is the same for Commissioner McMillian, Commissioner Stephens, Commissioner Clark, Commissioner Harmon, Commissioner Jordan and Commissioner Leuthold. The same is true of School Board Members Diane Dozier, Sam Anderson and Cindy Buttry.

It is not a violation of the State of Tennessee's ethical conduct for the district to elect someone to a position that is employed in a county position. It is a ethical violation to be in an elected position and then become employed in a county office. Mark Cawood, several years ago as a County Commissioner became an employee of the Circuit Court Clerk's office, he resigned from the position shortly after it became public. Now, he wants to be Commissioner! Do you really think he can or will look out for us on the tax issues when he works for the administration? Ask Commissioner Stephens, McMillian, Clark, Harmon, Leuthold and Jordan. These elected officials have an excellent record of serving the districts. Commissioner Stephens has served with Cawood representing the same district with Cawood the past 8 years. Commissioner McMillian voted the same way that Cawood has on issues for many years. Is the writer of this letter suggesting these officeholders are biased?

Given the fact that one can't serve two masters, who do you think he is going to support when it comes down to budgets and tax increases you the voter; or the man who signs his check? Ask and check the records of Commissioner Stephens, McMillian, Clark, Harmon, Leuthold and Jordan. Ask and check the records of School Board Members Dozier, Anderson and Buttry.

In fact, I have been told that one of the few meetings that Mr. James did attend was in support of the vote for the Wheel Tax. Mr. James is not now nor has he ever been a conservative or a Republican. Do not be mis-lead by hearsay. The writer says "I have been told" I again remind you that the Republican voters of the Sixth district on May 2,2006 overwhelmingly selected Mr. James to be the Republican nominee for Seat A.

We only have one true conservative in this race for Seat6A and that is Mark Cawood. He is a Ronald Reagan Democrat (i.e.; Zell Miller) and he deserves the same support from us that we have given him in the past, for his loyalty to his constituents, communities and schools. This too is not true. Zell Miller has written a book entitled A National Party No More. Senator Miller has denounced his party and refuses to run as a candidate on the Democrat ticket. Mark Cawood has certified himself by placing his name and his reputation on the Democrat ballot. The ballot of Hillary Clinton, Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy. A Democrat candidate is a person that embraces the Democrat ideology, the Democrat platform. The platform of Pro-Choice Abortion on demand, Gay Marriage, not supporting our troops, being a coward and ending the war on terror before it is completed. We, the voters, need to reward Mark by returning him to Seat 6A, and show our appreciation for his dedication hard work by doing so. The voters have paid him over $400,000.00 over 20 years, not including "other" benefits. Chuck James has contributed much of his salary back into youth sports programs in the sixth district.

I urge you to join me, my wife, and my family in supporting and voting for Mark Cawood in this upcoming election. Only if you want Cawood to pocket another $80,000.00 of your money and waste another 4 years of "starting" something. In doing so, we will retain his knowledge and representation in this upcoming battle against Metro Government that will surely be rammed down our throats unless we have strong opposition from our Knox County Commission. There is no Metro Government campaign. There is No Metro Government proposal. This is a scare tactic by the Cawood campaign. Enough is Enough, Vote Experience. Vote Republican.

Bruce & Lillian Williams

Knox County's Final Early Vote Totals

UPDATE: Brian's Blog received an email informing us that in the election held on August 1st, 2002 there were 67,539 total votes cast and 24,887 Knox Countians voted early. So, much for those saying that voters are discouraged and not voting.

Early Voting is UP. Many of the naysayers were predicting doom and gloom that Knox County was on mark for a 20,000 early vote mark. Comments were being made that political leaders were attempting to keep the vote down.

The KnoxGOP campaign can and will be credited with the strong early vote finish with nearly 25,000 people casting an informed early vote. If you haven't voted, cast a vote for the experienced candidates. The experienced candidates can all be found on the Republican ballot. Any other ballot includes candidates that are inexperienced and not ready for prime time.

The court ruled in Deselm -v- Hutchison that term limits do not apply to Tennessee Constitutional Officeholders.

Early Voting Numbers By Location
Friday and Saturday July 28 & 29, 2006

Downtown West 2,280
Downtown West Total to Date 7,320

Knoxville Center 1,176
Knoxville Center Total to Date 4,403

Farragut 1,195
Farragut Total To Date 4,083

Halls 1,000
Halls Total to Date 3,744

Knox County Courthouse 358
Knox County Courthouse Total to Date 1,881

South Knox 610
South Knox Total to Date 1,837

Five Points 207
Five Points Total to Date 668

Republican Primary Voters 6,823
Republican Primary Voters Total to Date 16,953

Democrat Primary Voters 2,697
Democrat Primary Voters to Date 7,002

No Primary Declared Voters 372
No Primary Declared Voters to Date 542

Total early Voters 24,479 (includes 18 Absentee Voters)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

KNS Un-timely Publication of letters

In today's online version of the KNS is the following letter from former County Commissioner Scott Davis. Here is the link. Why does the KNS not publish letters in a more timely manner? Could it be that it would adversely effect an agenda? These are only questions not facts that have already been determined. This letter published on July 30, 2006 is referencing a July 2, 2006 article.

I am sure the letter that I wrote and submitted to the KNS and copied to the knoxgop website, Brian's Blog and emailed out to the knoxgop email list may be published about August 15, 2006.

I have been told and witnessed it myself, someone early on in this general election cycle was taping flyers to Republican Register of Deeds Steve Hall's signs, this was never reported. But, for those of us that are not Johnny, come lately to the world of campaigns. We have become use to such childish behavior on the part of over zealous volunteers, as I am sure candidates would never authorize such activity or antics.

Complaint about signs_draws note of skepticism

I must say that I was somewhat amazed when I read in your July 2 edition about political candidate Scott Emge's assertion that he had 300 yard signs stolen.

First of all, given his opponent Steve Hall's distinguished record of public service, I find it hard to believe that the Hall campaign would resort to such desperate tactics. I would also question whether these signs have actually been stolen or simply removed by those in authority to do so.

As a former elected official, I am well aware of the laws pertaining to campaign signs. I have seen a good number of Emge's signs in public rights-of-way and affixed to public utility poles and state and county road signs.

My assumption would be that many of his signs have been removed by officials cleaning up these areas and fixtures.

I can also attest to the fact that Emge's campaign has placed signs on properties I own, next to signs Hall has already placed with my permission.

When a candidate attempts to place his sign on private property without permission, it is certainly subject to lawful removal.

I also find it rather humorous that Emge refers to these as yard signs, when I have yet to see a single one of his signs in a residential yard.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Georgiana Vines KNS Column Corrected

Thanks to the knoxgop website and knoxgop blog. Here is a correction to the mis-information that was reported in the Georgiana Vines column that appeared in today's Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Knox County Sheriffs Department Community Appreciation Day

This afternoon, Saturday July 29, 2006 is the 6th annual Knox County Sheriff's Department Appreciation Day from 4:00 p.m. until dark at Cove Park located on Northshore Drive in West Knox County. Fireworks will conclude this huge annual event. Fun and food for the kids and families.

It always occurs the last weekend of July. As families have returned home from summer vacations and are preparing to send the kids back to school. A great time is had by all.

Here is the Press Release announcing the event and a few of the activities of interest. Sheriff Hutchison says the purpose of this event is to thank citizens for their support throughout the year. “This is an important community outreach so residents can see first hand the resources used to help keep them safe. We want them to know that we are here to serve them.”

Friday, July 28, 2006

KCS Re-Assignment of Powell Principal is Wrong

Here is the link to a WBIR story that aired on 5/5/2005 about 13.5 months ago. Powell Principal Diane Psihogios future with Knox County Schools is in jeopardy. She has been notified that she is being re-assigned and will NOT return to Powell High School. She taught Spanish for 15 years at Farragut High School, she became Principal at Karns High School and has been at Powell for a couple of years.

I first met Principal Psihogios, during the summer of 2004. As I was completing my 4 year term on the Knox County School Board. The school district was considering the Superintendent's re-districting plan to send some Farragut High students to Karns High School. There was a lot of misinformation in the community about a lack of academic rigor at Karns. I called Principal Psihogos and she sat down with me and explained the facts. I learned every quickly a couple of things 1) Diane Psihogios is committed to students 2) Her desire is that every student have the same opportunity as any other student.

So, it was no shock to me that in 2005 as she fought a second battle of Cancer that she was selected and awarded to be the 2005 TN High School Principal of the Year and was a finalist for the national Principal of the Year Award.

Now she has another battle to wage and it is to save her job and reputation. Principal Psihogos, You have made a positive impact and the citizens of Powell and Knox County are standing with you.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Hubert Smith Radio Show

This sunday July 30, 2006 The Hubert Smith Radio Show will have a two hour election special. In the first hour Second District United States Congressman John. J. Duncan, Jr. will be in studio to talk and take your calls. In the second hour the focus will be on the Knox County elections. Hubert promises conversations with candidates.

"The Hubert Smith Radio Show," is simulcast on area radio stations: WLOD-AM 1140 - Loudon County WATO-AM 1290 - Anderson County WGAP-AM 1400 - Blount and Sevier Counties WKVL-AM 850 is the flagship radio station of Horne Radio Network. To advertise or for additional information send an e-mail to

You can visit Talk Radio Today, here in order to listen online to past Hubert Smith Radio Shows.

Sheriff Tim Hutchison and Friends BBQ

UPDATE: The crowd this evening was at least double the size of the crowd from the pre-primary BBQ in April 2006. The energy level is extremely high for the Sheriff and all the other Republican candidates. I have been a volunteer/supporter of the Sheriff's since his first race in 1990. The crowd and reaction to the Sheriff's re-election is higher than any race before. Eight years ago the Sheriff was opposed by the City of Knoxville administration and its Assistant Police Chief Rudy Bradley, the motivated volunteers were as excited as this tonight. It is important to send a message and Vote for the Sheriff and the only ticket or ballot that has the neccesary Experience to govern the next term. The entire Republican ticket.

Our Republican Knox County Sheriff and a host of community leaders that include Knox County Republican Party Chairman Brian Hornback will have a BBQ to honor our Knox County Sheriff, tomorrow evening 5:30 - 7:30 pm at the I-75 Expo Center. The Expo Center is located at the intersection of Merchants Road and Clinton Highway. Come out and support the re-election of our Sheriff.

Knox County Early Voters by Location and by Party Affiliation

Early Voting Numbers By Location
Wednesday July 26, 2006

Downtown West 523
Downtown West Total to Date 4240

Knoxville Center 391
Knoxville Center Total to Date 2766

Farragut 334
Farragut Total To Date 2454

Halls 300
Halls Total to Date 2359

Knox County Courthouse 161
Knox County Courthouse Total to Date 1335

South Knox 147
South Knox Total to Date 1028

Five Points 41
Five Points Total to Date 402

Republican Primary Voters 1330
Republican Primary Voters Total to Date 10,130

Democrat Primary Voters 547
Democrat Primary Voters to Date 4,305

No Primary Declared Voters 20
No Primary Declared Voters to Date 152

Total early Voters 14,587 (includes 3 Absentee Voters)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Correcting some misinformation in the local Media

There is a local media report out today that says that Mayor Mike Ragsdale is supporting a local Democrat candidate.

As Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party and a citizen journalist here at Brian's Blog. Chairman Hornback said "The report is UNTRUE. Mayor Ragsdale has contributed more than $1,000.00 to the KnoxGOP campaign. The KnoxGOP campaign supports every Republican on the Knox County General Election ballot." Hornback further stated "Every countywide Republican was made aware of the campaign and everyone voluntarily participated. The campaign benefits every Republican County Commission candidate." Hornback concluded by saying "The Knox County Republican party is Unified, Dedicated and in support of electing every Republican."

This media report has a hidden agenda and is a story to sell papers, however it is a report from a media source that can only attempt to give it away. It would appear that this reporter may have taken some less than intelligent pills.

KnoxGOP Chairman Issues Letter to the Editor

This afternoon a Letter to the Editor from the KnoxGOP Chairman was expected to be released via email to the Knoxville News-Sentinel. Here is the link to the letter on the knoxgop website.

KnoxGOP Ad Campaign

If you have seen todays Community section of the Knoxville News-Sentinel, you have seen our KnoxGOP Print ad. If you have been listening to radio for the past week, you have heard our radio ads. Here is a post that appears over at the knoxgop website.

Knox County Early Voters on Tuesday

Early Voting Numbers By Location
Tuesday July 25, 2006

Downtown West 511
Downtown West Total to Date 3717

Knoxville Center 342
Knoxville Center Total to Date 2375

Farragut 312
Farragut Total To Date 2120

Halls 307
Halls Total to Date 2059

Knox County Courthouse 161
Knox County Courthouse Total to Date 1174

South Knox 118
South Knox Total to Date 881

Five Points 47
Five Points Total to Date 361

Republican Primary Voters 2986
Republican Primary VotersTotal to Date 8800

Democrat Primary Voters 515
Democrat Primary Voters to Date 3758

No Primary Declared Voters 27
No Primary Declared Voters to Date 132
Total early Voters 12,690 (includes 3 Absentee Voters)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Busy Evening of Republican Events

This evening was busy, I started at a 6:00 pm making an appearance at a joint reception for Register of Deeds Steve Hall, Chancellor candidate Mike Moyers and General Sessions Judge Div. IV candidate Andrew Jackson, VI. There were about 150 people in attendance at the Farragut home of Mike and Kim Arms. Several other community leaders and candidates were present. Republican County commissioners Mike Hammond and John Griess, School Board candidate Lee Martin. Mr. Martin asked how the middle Brian's Blog child was, which had reminded me that he was the Upward Basketball Coach for the Brian's Blog middle child, several years ago. If you will check my Bio over at, you will find that I have coached young men and ladies through youth sports since the oldest Brian's Blog child was 4 years old. We had an enjoyable conversation, realizing we had much in common. This will be a close race as I reported on Saturday, running into Mr. Martin's opponent and having an enjoyable conversation, as well. The district can't lose on this one.

I then returned to my roots. (in the words of the Democrat candidate for Sheriff) I traveled to Carter High School to visit with the fine folks of the Eighth District Republican Club. This is the club that I first joined in 1982, when I was 16 years old. State Representative Harry Brooks, County Commissioners Mike McMillian, John Mills and candidate for County Commission Phil Ballard were present. Ray Lee Jenkins, Sheriff Tim Hutchison and all the other candidates running countywide were represented.

Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist gave an excellent speech. In addition to her talk about her job and some improvements that she and new Republican Juvenile Court Judge Tim Irwin are working to bring to Juvenile Court. She and I reminded the club of the excellent candidates that are running on the Republican ticket and the lack of experienced, quality candidates running on the other ticket.

I will be posting about the MSM Daily papers endorsement for Register of Deeds. This endorsement is an example of a editorial board that failed to look into the claims of a candidate. In addition to my post, it will be posted on the knoxgop website and submitted to the KNS as a Letter to the Editor.

Press Release issued by the KnoxGOP Chairman

Here is the link to the KnoxGOP website. A press release was issued this afternoon concerning a Knox County Commission candidate.

Knox County Early Voters on Monday

Early Voting Numbers By Location
Monday July 24, 2006

Downtown West 412
Downtown West Total to Date 3207

Knoxville Center 307
Knoxville Center Total to Date 2033

Farragut 266
Farragut Total To Date 1808

Halls 247
Halls Total to Date 1752

Knox County Courthouse 150
Knox County Courthouse Total to Date 1013

South Knox 84
South Knox Total to Date 763

Five Points 36
Five Points Total to Date 314

Republican Primary Voters 1728
Republican Primary VotersTotal to Date 5814

Democrat Primary Voters 636
Democrat Primary Voters to Date 3243

No Primary Declared Voters 25
No Primary Declared Voters to Date 105

Monday, July 24, 2006

Knox County Early Voters on Saturday

Early Voting Numbers By Location
Saturday July 22, 2006

Downtown West 343
Downtown West Total to Date 2795

Knoxville Center 213
Knoxville Center Total to Date 1726

Farragut 116
Farragut Total To Date 1542

Halls 125
Halls Total to Date 1505

Knox County Courthouse 18
Knox County Courthouse Total to Date 864

South Knox 50
South Knox Total to Date 679

Five Points 23
Five Points Total to Date 278

Republican Primary Voters 646
Republican Primary VotersTotal to Date 5814

Democrat Primary Voters 235
Democrat Primary Voters to Date 2607

No Primary Declared Voters 7
No Primary Declared Voters to Date 80

Sunday, July 23, 2006

David Massengill Republican candidate for House District 33

This past Thursday, the 7 th and 8 th districts hosted a Knox County wide Republican Rally. It was a great event, except when a Primary candidate for Governor arrived in the intersection of Emory road and Maynardville Highway.

I had the opportunity to see my friend David Massengill. I met David last year at a party leadership school held in Knoxville. David is the Republican Chairman in Anderson County. David is the Republican candidate (with out opposition in the Primary) for the House District 33 seat currently held by a Democrat. David's campaign website is located here.

I had requested that David's campaign send me a copy of this photo. When his sister Maria sent it to me I was reunited via email to a friend from a few years ago. Maria is David's sister, which improves David's standing with me and Maria's husband took the photo.

Any and all Republicans need to support David Massengill. I will be following this race and report more on it as November approaches.

Knox County Early Voting Numbers by Location and by Primary Voter

Early Voting Numbers By Location
Friday July 14 - Friday July 21, 2006

Downtown West 2452
Knoxville Center 1513
Farragut 1426
Halls 1380
Knox County Courthouse 846
South Knox 629
Five Points 255

Republican Primary Voters 5814
Democrat Primary Voters 2607
No Primary Declared 80

Total Early Voters 8501

Tennessee Republican Party 30th Annual statesman's Dinner - A Family Tradition

As I reported yesterday, I had the good fortune to attend the Tennessee Republican party's 30th Annual Statesman's Dinner. A new friend of mine Jonathan and I drove over to Nashville yesterday afternoon and drove back after the festivities.

The drive over was delayed between 1.5 - 2 hours, getting stuck in 2 stopped incidents on I-40W. We arrived about 45 minutes before the start of the dinner, in spite of the democrat Governor's delaying I-40 traffic in an attempt to keep the attendance down.

Upon entry to the Opryland. The first person I saw and talked to was Tennessee House Republican Minority Leader Bill Dunn. I then talked with the Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Bob Davis, Jr and State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Jim Bryson. Senator Bryson expressed what a great rally we had in Knox County Thursday night and how he was pleased with the warm reception he had received.

The pre-dinner area was occupied with the Senate candidates and their wives campaigning throughout the Registration area. Bob Corker was over heard to say that he was not going to attend the dignitary reception, because he wanted to talk with the voters down here. I had great conversations with Congressman Ed and Cindy Bryant, Chattanooga Mayor Bob and Elizabeth Corker, Congressman Van and Meredith Hilleary.

I witnessed a table with the number 119 on it. There may have been more. That is the largest number that I saw. There were 10 chairs and place settings at each table and there was not an empty seat in the house. I was blessed to be at the table closest to stage. An excellent view, (no table between our table and the stage) less than 25 feet from the the stage and podium.

Robyn Smith, our Tennessee Republican Party Vice-Chairman had the invocation and was awesome. State Senator Don McLeary was introduced and got a re-sounding welcome as he walked to podium to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Prior to the Pledge, he said "It took me awhile to get here, but I am here and feel welcomed" State Senator McLeary was a member of the opposition and in February changed parties. I said it February and I will say it again. Welcome Senator McLeary. His former party left him and their loss is our gain. John Moravec led the National Anthem and he was Great.

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Congressmen Zach Wamp, our own Jimmy Duncan and Bill Jenkins were introduced. Congresswoman Blackburn was first with a speech about sending a message to the San Francisco Chronicle and New York Times that we Tennesseans will determine the political outcome of our state. She also encouraged everyone to get out and prove to everyone that Al Gore and Hillary Clinton do not control the election outcomes in our state. Congressman Wamp was next with a speech about the war on terror and the need to have Republican control at the conclusion of his remarks, he pulled out a check for $10,000.00 to give to the state's Victory campaign and remarked about going 100 days to Victory. Our own Congressman Jimmy Duncan talked about Retirement Security and the need for Republican control of the House and Senate. He remarked about the 10 year service of Congressman Bill Jenkins, he introduced and presented the highest honor of the TN Republican Party to Congressman Jenkins. Congressman Jenkins accepted the award and spoke about his service and the need to continue with Republican leadership. He vowed to continue being active, tough he is retiring from the U.S. Congress.

Tennessee's next Lt. Governor, State Senate Majority Leader Ron Ramsey then introduced the Tennessee Statesmen of the Year winners. In our 2nd district Dean Rice was awarded the Statesmen of the Year. I first met Dean in 1994 during Fred Thompson's successful run for the U.S. Senate. Dean has worked for Senator Thompson, Congressman Duncan and many others. Dean is very deserving of this award and if you know Dean be sure and Congratulate him. In the 5th district Tootie Haskins, former assistant to State Senator Ben Atchley was awarded Statesman of the year. Two districts had two Statesmen of the Year, So a total of 11 statesmen were awarded last evening.

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Bob Davis, Jr. talked about the family and how Bryant, Corker and Hilleary have looked him in the eye and pledged to campaign for the winner of the primary. Chairman Davis introduced State Senator Jim Bryson, he listed many of his accomplishments in Nashville and announced that Bryson is running for Governor. At which point Bryson received a hearty applause including a standing ovation from everyone in attendance.

U.S. Senator Fred Thompson was then introduced and talked about Howard Baker, Jr and Bill Frist. He gave a heart warming speech. U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander was then introduced and talked about filling Fred Thompson's shoes and working with Bill Frist. Senator Alexander then remarked "Senator Frist has treated me as an equal and I have treated him as the Majority Leader."

Former U.S. Senator and U.S. Senate Majority Leader and former Chief of Staff to President Ronald Reagan Howard H. Baker, Jr. was unable to attend.

A video message from President George W. Bush was then presented. The president talked of his work with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. It was a heart stirring message.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist, M.D. was then introduced. He first talked about his first statesman's Dinner 12 years ago when he was a candidate for U.S. Senate. He talked about Howard Baker, Jr. He talked about asking for help 12 years ago, he asked the party for help 6 years ago and he said he was asking again and his request is to vote for the Republican candidate against Harold Ford, Jr. out. Make Harold Ford, Jr. find a real job, elect a new Governor, majorities in the state house and senate and forever secure Tennessee as a RED state.

Terri Lynn Weaver, a candidate for Tennessee House of Representatives sang "God Bless America" It was moving.

Congressman Hilleary had an after dinner reception with Krispy Kreme Glazed doughnuts. State Senator Jim Bryson had an after dinner reception. I went to speak to Senator Bryson, drank a cup of coffee as I left the Bryson reception, the crowd was packed on the balcony to get in to see Senator Bryson.

In addition to all the others I have already mentioned it was great to see Randall Parker, Republican candidate for Knox County's TN House district 13, Susan Richardson Williams and Halley, Tammy White Miller, Jo Catlett and Suzanne Dewar. I met alot of new friends as well.

This was an excellent kick-off to the Republican campaign to take back Tennessee. We then drove back to Knoxville, I-40E was clear from Briley Parkway all the way to Knox County. We stopped in Crossville to grab a cup of coffee around the time Sunday morning started.

UPDATE: Several people have emailed asking if Mark Albertini was present. Mr. Albertini was not seen at the dinner.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Great Republican Saturday

This morning started at the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant behind the Knoxville Center Walmart with the Halls Republican Club's pancake breakfast. Where my Republican State Senator Jamie Woodson, County Commission Chairman Scott Moore, Republican House Minority Leader Bill Dunn and Halls Republican Club member Billy Heck served pancakes, sausage and drinks to our table.

The Halls Republican Club awards two scholarships to a male and female graduating Senior at Halls High School each year in honor of Republican Dwight Kessel. The proceeds from this breakfast benefit the Scholarship fund. Mr. Kessel was the first Knox County Executive to serve Knox County. He is an excellent man and a great leader for our Republican Party today.

I then traveled over to my friend David Wright's Cafeteria where he hosted a Biscuit and Bluegrass event for State Representative candidate Gary Drinnen. A Country Ham biscuit prepared by David Wright is as perfect a start to your day as anything on this earth. There was a good crowd and the music was sounding great as I had to hit Middlebrook Pike and head west


The Karns Community Fair, I visited with my friend County Commission candidate Chuck James, his wife Donna, daughters Laura and Abbey. I visited with Sheriff Hutchison and Sheriffs Department employees Marianne Thompson, Chief Tom Spangler and J.J. Jones. I had an excellent conversation with Thomas Deakins, candidate for School Board in the sixth district (Chuck James current seat) I spoke to Ken Irvine, Democrat candidate for Criminal Court Judge, Margaret Massey-Cox candidate for County Commission. Volunteers for Republicans Mike Lowe, Steve Hall Register of Deeds, Mike Moyers, State Republican Minority Leader Bill Dunn, County Commission candidate Greg "Lumpy" Lambert, Criminal Court Clerk Martha Phillips and the Karns Republican Club were preparing to begin a long day working at the Karns Community Fair. The event was beginning to get crowded as I left.

The interesting tidbit to share with you is, I witnessed the Democrat purple printed Chancellor candidate apply about 10 or 12 bumper stickers to the Karns royal blue metal above the commons to create a sign. Other candidates had suspended their campaign signs behind their booths. The problem is no one applied a sticky adhesive to the metal and now when Andrews pulls the stickers off the blue paint will come off as well. The Knox County School System will have to repair the damage when he leaves. Obviously he believes the rules do not apply to him, as he ignored the Town of Farragut's rules about throwing objects for their fourth of July parade as reported by my blogging friend Rob Huddleston, here. Just what the citizens of Knox County need a Democrat Chancellor that doesn't follow the rules himself but expects you to.

With these three events behind me, I am home to rest and prepare for a round trip to Nashville for the Tennessee Republican Party's Statesmen Dinner. I am looking forward to this event and will report back tomorrow about all that happens tonight.

Have a Great Saturday.

9th District County Commissioner Larry Clark

I called to check on one of my Republican County Commissioners, Larry Clark. Larry as many of you may have heard was reported to have had a heart attack on Monday. So, I called to check on him at home today, we missed one another and when I finally reached him this evening he and his beautiful wife Barbara had gone out to have dinner.

Larry is doing well. He spent several hours at the hospital, primarily resting. He had the symptoms of a heart attack, they performed a few tests and have determined that he did NOT have a heart attack. His blood pressure is near textbook, he hasn't taken medications on a regular basis.

After some rest he is back to campaigning nearly every hour of the day. He attended the South Knox Republican Club cook-out, which my blogging friend Rob Huddleston reported here. Rob has also endorsed his Republican County Commissioner for re-election here.

I have arrived the same conclusion as Rob. Larry Clark is an asset to the County and deserves the opportunity to serve another 4 years. Larry loves South Knoxville and works hard to keep South Knox moving.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Former KnoxDem Chairman and Independent Write-In Candidate Close Early Voting Site

Brian's Blog is in receipt of a copy of a letter dated July 20, 2006 and sent to the Knox County Clerk. It is now a public document.

Dear Mr. Padgett:

Knox County has allowed the Election Commission to install a polling place at the Knox County Clerk's office in Knoxville Center. Reference is made to that certain lease ("Lease") dated March 22, 2004 by and between Knoxville Center LLC ("Landlord") and Knox County Clerk ("Tenant"), and specifically to section 1.1(n) entitled "Permitted Use" which reads in pertinent part as follows:

The Premises shall be occupied and used by Tenant solely for the purpose of conducting therein the business of the operation of county governmental offices and uses as allowed by law, including a wedding chapel and credit union office, and Tenant shall not use or permit or suffer the use of the Premises for any other business or purpose.

The installation of a polling place is outside the scope of the permitted use of the Premises. Therefore, Landlord demands that Tenant immediately remove the polling place from Knoxville Center. As you know, Knoxville Center is private property and as the private property owner, Knoxville Center LLC does not allow campaigning on its private property. Therefore, pursuant to Knox County Election rules, copy attached, the polling place must be removed immediately. Failure to comply with this demand will result in Landlord availing itself of all remedies under the Lease, at law or in equity. Please govern yourself accordingly.


James C. Owen
Staff Attorney

According to Brian's Blog sources. The former KnoxDem Chairman, and employee of the County Clerk went to the Mall Manager and inquired prior to early voting if individuals could pass out information explaining how the voting process would operate. Remember, Knox County began using new voting machines and the Mall Management was use to seeing the former Chairman as an employee of the Tenant. Believing he was representing his boss, they shrugged it off.

As early voting started this former Democrat write-in candidate, current Independent write-in candidate along with the purple Chancellor candidate and the former KnoxDem Chairman took their Democrat slate of candidates and deemed them The Challengers. They began campaigning under the false pretense of voter education, the Mall Management intervened do to mall walkers and patrons complaining. (not Commissioner Tindell) The crew stopped for one day and returned, when mall Security came to stop them, they ran into the former Chairman's office playing the first grade game of hide and seek, giggling and have a merry little time. Keep in mind this is a Knox County office, where Knox County business is supposed to be conducted on behalf of the taxpayers of Knox County. Mr. Padgett intervened to stop their little game. Mr. Padgett, though he is a Democrat showed real leadership on this and stopped them from attempting to shield themselves from the security and the law by locking the former Chairman's office. The Knox County Election Commission then requested Knox County Sheriffs Department position a deputy or two in order that the election process is operated fair and legal.

So, now Mall Management has no other option but to issue a cease and desist order. The closing of Knoxville Center at this stage in early voting will not allow an alternative location. The closest location will be the Clerk's office on Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue.

The reason for the second largest early voting location will be shut down is the result of the actions of the former KnoxDem Chairman, the Independent Write-In candidate for County Commission Second District Seat B and the Democrat Chancellor candidate that has printed himself purple.

Childish actions produce real penalties.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Randy Tyree on the Sheriffs race

This morning, Triple H (Hallerin Hilton Hill) hosted Sheriff Tim Hutchison and Randy Tyree for a debate. Two interesting notes.

1) Tyree noted that being Sheriff isn't brain surgery. In other words any body can do it. That demonstrates how out of touch Randy is . Solving the Jonia Berry case is easy and not brain surgery then prove it to us Randy, Go solve it.

2) Tyree said that if two candidates applied for the same job and both were equally qualified, and one supported him and the other didn't that he would hire or promote the one that supported him. And Randy will run the department professionally. Right.

Jim Andrews overheard on Main Avenue

I was on Main Avenue today and encountered Jim Andrews talking with a former downtown business owner and fellow Democrat. As, I passed Andrews in a near threatening tone of voice said, "***, I am simply having a conversation with you. I asked are you supporting Billy Tindell."

Why would a guy running for a countywide judicial post, be concerned with a county commissioner race in which his Democrat nominee is being challenged by a write-in Independent?

Randy is at it again.

From last Thursday's newscast of Gene Patterson's station. Tyree told 6 News after the debate that he doesn't think a debate between with the sheriff will actually happen.

On the Newstalk 100.3 website in addition to the announcement this morning on the Hallerin Hilton Hill show. Sheriff Hutchison and his opponent are scheduled to debate on Thursday July 20, 2006 from 7:00 am - 8:30 am on the triple H show. So, the Sheriff's opponent is wrong again.

Finally, Triple will be hosting a debate between the two candidates for Knox County Sheriff, Sheriff Tim Hutchison and Former Mayor Randy Tyree.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Monday July 24, 2006

Monday July 24, 2006 William Boyd Bingham of Binghamtown Baptist Church in Middlesboro, Kentucky will speak at Black Oak Heights Baptist Church. Hope's Call will also be in concert. The services begin at 7:00 pm

Downtown Re-Development Setback?

UPDATE: I have met this evening with several downtown business leaders and the view is opposite from the leaders that I met with last evening. Their view is that downtown re-development may now fast forward. Only time will reveal who is right or wrong.

With the news stories about Scott West and the allegations and charges of possible illegal activity involving the West's downtown businesses. I specfically was in downtown tonight and talked with indivdiual business owners to determine the impact of the Scott West allegations. Remember, accused -vs- guilty.

The greatest fear is the impact this will have in downtown re-development, Scott West was instrumental in promoting downtown re-development and Sundown in the City and working with Ashley Capps to continue bringing crowds into downtown.

If he is found guilty, he should be sentenced to the maximum sentence allowed. Is downtown re-development in jeopardy?

Stay Tuned.

WATE Channel 6 - Gene, Can you all get anything right?

The one thing we all can know is WVLT Volunteer TV Channel 8 and WBIR Channel 10 will get the story right. WATE never will get it right, if it conflicts with how they want the story to end.

You have heard that WATE Channel 6 said that Sheriff Hutchison is hiding and afraid of a perennial candidate that has lost many elections. One reason is that Channel 6 can not find its way around Knoxville. I saw the Sheriff on Friday, talked to the Sheriff on Sunday, saw the Sheriff at the Halls Republican Club meeting on Monday. This morning I went to the Sheriffs website, which is located here. There is a photo (that I have included in this post) of Sheriff Hutchison talking with Dewey Roberts, NAACP President at the event, while Channel 6 was circling and running around Austin East High School, the Sheriff was standing less than 3 miles on the same road over at Vine Middle Magnet.

What reason did the Sheriff have for being at Vine Middle? The Sheriff for a number of years, on the last day of youth football practice for the baby Road Runners has hosted an event, where he provides hotdogs, chips, drinks and provides the kids with their football pants. This event has been on the Sheriffs calendar since the event last year. It is great that our Sheriff is providing back to the community and is being a role model for our youth.

Thanks, Sheriff.

MSM Daily Paper Best Two out of Three

The endorsement for the three contested judge positions are in the MSM Daily paper this morning. They only missed one. Judge Ray Lee Jenkins is deserving of the vote of the people. Judge Jenkins has concluded over 27,000 cases in his career. Judge Jenkins experience is unmatched in the race for Criminal Court Judge.

Mike Moyers is the only qualified candidate worthy of your vote. The MSM Daily paper got it right. The other candidate was disciplined with the removal of his law license only two years ago by the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility.

Andy Jackson, VI is the only candidate with the experience to serve as General Sessions Judge Div. IV. The candidate on the other side maybe a good person, but it comes down to experience and Andy Jackson has handled over 100,000 cases in the General Sessions court.

Vote, Jenkins, Moyers and Jackson.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MSM Daily Paper Got The Right Endorsement, Today

This morning, the MSM (Main Stream Media) Daily paper got the right endorsement. They selected State Senator Jim Bryson for Governor of Tennessee.

School Board Chairman Calls it Quits

From the School Board Meeting last night School Board Chairman Dan Murphy announced that he would not seek the position of Chairman in September when the board re-organizes.

Early speculation is that Sam Anderson will return as Chairman with a partnership that will make Jim Williams the Vice-Chair.

Updates will be posted as any new developments transpire .

Monday, July 17, 2006

MSM Daily Paper Endorsement Grades

How well did the MSM (Main Stream Media) Daily Paper accomplish their job of County Commission endorsement?

1st District Seat A - Pass - Nick Della Volpe
1st District Seat B - Failed - Ann Dingus deserves the vote of the people.
2nd District Seat A - Pass - David Collins
2nd District Seat B - Failed - No Republican on the ballot, Deborah Porter was an excellent write-in Republican
3rd District Seat A - Pass - Tony Norman
3rd District Seat B - Pass - Ivan Harmon
4th District Seat A - John Schmid -
4th District Seat B - Failed - Phil Guthe is worthy of the vote of the people.
5th District Seat A - Pass - Michael Hammond
5th District Seat B - Should have endorsed Craig Leuthold - who has no opposition.
5th District Seat C - Failed - John Griess has the experience and deserves the vote of the people.
6th District Seat A - Pass - Chuck James
6th District Seat B - Failed - Greg Lumpy Lambert deserves the vote of the people.
7th District Seat A - Pass - R. Larry Smith
7th District Seat B - Failed - Scott Moore deserved the endorsement - who has opposition
8th District Seat A - Pass - Phil Ballard
8th District Seat B - Pass - John R. Mills
9th District Seat A - Pass - Larry Clark
9th District Seat B - Failed - Paul Pinkston deserves the vote of the people.

In 11 races they were correct and received a passing grade.
In 6 races the were wrong and received a failing grade.
In 2 races they were not graded, due to lack of an endorsement.

6th District School Board - H. Lee Martin received the endorsement in this no-partisian race.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Brian's Votes Are In

This morning the Brian's Blog wife and the youngest Brian's Blog son and I arrived at the Downtown West Early Voting site. The youngest Brian's Blog son and I cast my votes in the TN Republican Primary and the County General election. I was greeted outside the 100 feet line by a few Democrat candidates. I spoke to each and shook their hands, introducing them to the only elected political Party Chairman in Knox County.

I saw the Voter Information booth being operated by the local Democrat Dean Dongs (Howard Dean wing of the Democrat party). I will post about this sham of a voter information booth later. I have been in contact with all the media about it.

The individuals at the voting location had interesting looks on their face that the Republican Chairman would be wearing a jacket in this weather. This Republican Chairman will always abide by the law. The law requires that no campaign signs or material are visible within 100 feet of the polling location. I was wearing a Chuck James County Commissioner golf shirt under the jacket. I promptly removed my jacket when I arrived back at 101 feet.

When we stepped up to the table and presented my voter id card. The gentleman asked what primary will you be voting in? I replied Republican, is there any other? That was for comedic value and the good people working the early voting site took it as comedic humor. I can see where the elderly may have some problems with the new machines.

It does appear that the Democrat Dean Dongs of the Knox County Democrat Party have created a fourth party in something called The Challengers. Today, in Knox County we have Republicans, Democrats, Independents and the Challengers.

The youngest Brian's Blog son and I had an enjoyable time. He and I both agree that it was a great day casting votes to elect Republicans.

Friday, July 14, 2006

TN Supreme Court Approves The Voters Voice On Marriage

The Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled that the voters will decide the Constitutional definition of marriage in November 2006. According to a news report on the KnoxNews website, located here.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

This evenings U.S. Senate Debate

This evening was the second and final debate between the three Republican U.S. Senate candidates. The debate held at West High School between former Republican Congressmen Ed Bryant, Van Hilleary and former Chattanooga Mayor and businessman Bob Corker.

Unfortunately, I missed the first one. This one was a good debate as I personally counted nearly 400 people in attendance. A few notables were present like Commissioner Mike Hammond, State Senator Tim Burchett, State Representative Republican leader Bill Dunn and State Representative Stacy Campfield.

I had to leave about half way through the debate, however, all of three of the candidates volunteer were professional and supported their candidates well. There were a few Dean Dongs present (anti-war pro Howard Dean liberal Democrats) They were left alone and ignored.

Republicans are professional and respectful to our protestors. Our party and candidate will be stronger through all of this and we will beat the liberal Democrat that the Demo's will put up.

MPC approves Business Park in East Knox County

Photo from the Halls Shopper News

This evening the MPC Metropolitan Planning Commission approved the initial concept and rezoning for a new business park in East Knox County at the I-40 Exit 402 interchange. (Midway Road) All MPC Commissioners present voted Yes with the exception of Mose Lobetti. I personally counted and there were nearly 120 people present in opposition to it.

As I obtain additional information on the proposed park, I will post about the planned park and future of economic development in Knox County.

The most interesting thing is that Todd Napier of The Development Corporation made the comment that Knox County has 186 acres at Eastbridge Industrial Park that is virtually unusable due to lack of interstate access. In the late 1980's or early 1990's, I authored many public interest columns in the East Knox Area News and in a few of them I made the argument that Eastbridge is a waste of time and resources. This evenings testimony is proof positive that truth is eventually vindicated.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Joe Sullivan of the Metro Pulse

The weekly edition of the Metro Pulse is online this evening. I will have to agree that Joe Sullivan has it Right in his endorsement of Knox County Law Director Mike Moyers and his candidacy to become a Knox County Chancellor, replacing retiring Chancellor Sharon Bell.

The most distrubing thing about the Democrat opponent is what Mr. Sullivan reported about the Democrat in the endorsement of Moyers.

Andrews’ license to practice law was suspended for two months in 2004 for failure to meet continuing education requirements set by the state Board of Professional Responsibility. When asked about the suspension, Andrews initially said it resulted from tardiness in paying the state’s $400 annual privilege tax on professionals, because the notice didn’t reach him in a timely way. When advised it involved a continuing education lapse, Andrews ascribed it to a bureaucratic snafu.

Reaching Andrews, at least by telephone, is by no means easy. He has two office numbers listed in the 2006 telephone directory. One produces a recorded response that “this number has been disconnected.” The other reaches a law firm in West Knoxville which advises that Andrews hasn’t been associated with the firm for more than three years.

These lapses hardly seem like traits of someone who can be relied upon for jurisprudence.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thursday July 13, 2006 - The Night of the debates

Thursday, July 13th 6:30 PM The Halls Crossroads Women’s League will sponsor a local races debate at the Halls Senior Center 4410 Crippen Road 6 local races will be featured Chancellor Part III: Republican Mike Moyers and Democrat Jim Andrews, Criminal Court Judge: Republican Ray Lee Jenkins and Democrat Ken Irvine; General Sessions Judge Div. IV: Republican Andy Jackson,VI and Democrat Ursula Bailey; Register of Deeds: Republican Steve Hall and Democrat Scott Emge; Knox County Sheriff: Republican Tim Hutchison, Democrat Randy Tyree and Independent write-in Greg Cox; Knox County Commissioner, Seat 7-A: Republican R. Larry Smith and Democrat write-in Faith Tapp. The debate will be moderated by: Kay Watson, WBIR-TV News Reporter & Anchor The debate is free and open to the public.


Thursday July 13th at 7:00 PM on the other side of the town. The second and final debate in Knoxville between the three Republican candidates for U.S. Senate former Republican Congressman Ed Bryant, former Republican Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker and former Republican Congressman Van Hilleary will be in debate format at West High School, located at 3326 Sutherland Avenue. The debate, is open to the public, is sponsored by WBIR-TV, The Knoxville News Sentinel, The League of Women Voters and WNOX NewsTalk 100. Bill Williams of WBIR will moderate the debate. Panelists will be Hallerin Hill, WNOX; Tom Humphrey, News Sentinel; and Robin Wilhoit, WBIR. Questions for the candidates may be sent to the Knoxville News-Sentinel here or by visiting the WBIR website here.

Knox County Charter Review Committee

UPDATE: The next meeting of the Charter Review Committee will be held Thursday, July 13, 2006 from 9 - 10:30 a.m. in the Main Assembly Room of the City/County Building, 400 Main Street. The public is invited to attend and can address the committee during the Public Forum segment of the meeting. I will not suggest where you can park.

I have just discovered on the Knox County website, located here. The minutes of the meetings of the Knox County Charter Review Committee are being posted. Here are the minutes of the first meeting, held on June 26, 2006.

Mr. Bruce Anderson was selected as the Chairman. Ms. Nancy Young was elected as the Vice-Chair and Ms. Alice Loy was elected as the Secretary of the committee.

Monday, July 10, 2006

TN Supreme Court Is Right

The TN Supreme Court ruled that a parent must still provide child support even if the children are granted full custody to someone other than the other parent. Read the story from the Knoxnews website, here.

How can a parent make the decision to withold support from their own kids, while this case went through the court system and eventually made it to the Supreme Court?

TN Supreme Court Will Review Knox County's Case

Brian's Blog sources indicate that the TN Supreme Court will hear the Knox County case around September 3rd or 4th, 2006. Knox Countians will finally get closure and the TN Supreme Court will provide guidance to Knox County. In the Bailey -v- Shelby, Knox County was never referenced. Finally, closure and a road map for the future.

Democrat Commissioner lacks basic skills

I do not believe that the newspapers will report this, however, it should be reported.

County Commissioner Mark Cawood has served for 20 years on the Knox County Commission. In the past, he has been part owner in a sign company called Sign Enterprise & Design. He currently owns a company called Sign Up of America. It is quite interesting that a guy that has served for 20 years, owns the company that produces signs would make a mistake on his own signs.

Sources called me over the past couple of weeks to tell me about the signs and they tell me that for about the last 4 - 8 years he continues to put these signs up, evidently he stores them for four years and then puts them back out and it shows.

What is so intriguing about his signs? you ask. He has Commissioner printed as Commmissioner. It is not just one sign, it is nearly every 4 x 4 and 4 x 2. Remember, the candidate is ultimately responsible. He approved the design before being printed, but better yet, he is in the sign business. This should be Sign Business 101.

I had to see the signs to believe it and sure enough the sixth district is littered with signs that appear to have been completed by a pre-schooler or better yet by the kid sitting in the corner of the classroom with the dunce hat.

Sources indicate that candidate Cawood is a fan of the Andy Griffith Show. If that is the case even Howard Sprague when running for public office would not have created such a goof in his campaign. Cawood should be ashamed of these antics. He will not be ashamed. He will laugh it off and it will demonstrate his total disregard of respect and professionalism to the constituents, he hopes to serve another four years.

To prove the point here are two photographs taken from different locations in the sixth district.

This location is the corner of W. Emory Road and Beaver Ridge Rd.

This location is on Byington Solway Road in front of the sign business that the candidate was part owner in. The SE&D sign is Sign Enterprise & Design.

The district has a choice. "The Republican choice" of current Sixth District School Board Member Chuck James. Chuck knows how to spell Commissioner and he well represent the Sixth District with Professionalism and Respect the Citizens of the district deserve.

It is time to Nip Cawood's antics in the bud. Nip it in the bud!

Democrat Commissioner lacks basic skills Part. II

This sign is located on BallCamp- Byington Road.

This is the Republican Choice that will represent the Sixth District, Professionally and with Respect.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Congrats to Italy

Congratulations to Italy for winning the 2006 World Cup. I am a soccer fan. (a rarity in America and East Tennessee, I will admit) I believe it is a good sport that is why I coached AYSO when the Brian's Blog 15 year old was four and I currently coach Upward Soccer for a boys and a girls team. I too have coached baseball, football (the real American sport) and basketball. I guess that I am pretty well rounded. I didn't watch every game during the World Cup, but I did watch most of today's game, while working in the office.

Anytime France takes a beating is a good day. Cheers to Italy.

BREAKING School Board News

There is one school board election on the August 3, 2006 ballot. In District 6, three candidates were on the ballot in May and no one received 50% plus one. So the top two are now running to win the election and to represent the district for the next four years.

Thomas Deakins and Lee Martin are the candidates. Both reside in the Town of Farragut, the district includes Hardin Valley, Ball Camp, Solway and Lonas. The third candidate on the ballot in May was Fred Dillon. Dillon resides in the Hardin Valley and Ball Camp area of the district.

Brian's Blog has obtained the following letter.

Dear Friend of Education:

I am writing to communicate my full endorsement of Lee Martin as the 6th District Representative to the Knox County School Board. As you may know, my family has lived in Karns for generations and I have personally been involved in community and education issues my entire adult life. Our school system is very important to my extended family and to me.

Lee Martin has lived in the 6th District for 25 years...15 years in the Karns/Solway community and 10 years in Farragut. He also started his highly successful business on Oak Ridge Highway. He has raised his family here and been actively involved in numerous sports and community service organizations.

I am endorsing Lee for two very important reasons. First, he understands that our school board member must work diligently to take care of the 6th district. Second, he knows that all school representatives ultimately serve on the board of directors for a $366 million organization that affects our children's future.

Lee's strong education and business background will serve us well. We need his experience to ensure sound management in setting school system policies and considering its budget, which accounts for 60% of the entire Knox County budget.

I encourage you to vote for Lee Martin on August 3, 2006 for the Knox County School Board. He will no doubt, be an advocate for our community, our teachers, and our children.


Fred Dillon

H. Lee Martin

Farewell to the KnoxDem Chairman

UPDATE: I had received word and notified some media sources on Thursday and Friday about the 2:00 p.m. meeting that was scheduled for Sunday July 9, 2006 to select Harold Wood as the next KnoxDem Chair. Georginia Vines shined the light on this meeting in today's Knoxville News-Sentinel. Betty Riddick did the right thing in calling the meeting off as numerous Democrats had been objecting to an inadequate meeting notice and the appearance of a fix being in, to select Mr. Wood.

Here is the copy of the former KnoxDem Chairman's resignation

My position as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Knox County requires that I support fully all Democrats on the ballot. This rule has placed me in the untenable position of having to support two candidates for County Commission who have repudiated their oaths of office. Since I cannot, in good conscience, support these candidates, I am resigning as Chairman.
I grew up believing in the principles embodied by the Democratic Party and intend to continue supporting any and all candidates who share those principles. Jim Gray July 1, 2006

At first glance this can be considered a principled statement. I congratulate him for stepping down and finally doing the right thing.

A few questions to consider. 1) Did the former KnoxDem Chairman understand the oath and position of the Chairman at the time of his two elections as Chairman. 2.) Did he understand his position before he excluded the party's incumbents in official party communications? 3.) Why didn't the former KnoxDem Chairman resign when he first recognized that he had a problem? 4.) Why did the former Chairman wait until two controversial party communications were made public? and finally 5.) Why did the former Chairman wait until he was contacted by the TN Democrat Party about his conflict and the state party required that he act to correct it?

Original post: As reported this morning in the Knoxville News-Sentinel, but first reported yesterday afternoon on the Hubert Smith Radio Show and last evening in the Halls Shopper News. In an unexpected turn of events the KnoxDem Chairman resigned his position on Saturday.

I look forward to continuing with my duties as Knox County's Republican Chairman and look forward to see who the Demos will replace Betty Riddick, the interim KnoxDem Chair with. Maybe they will leave her as Chair and replace her position with someone else. Early speculation by sources in the KnoxDem party indicate that former County Commissioner and former failed Knoxville mayoral candidate Madeline Rogero may replace the former KnoxDem Chairman. I would welcome her to the fray. However, I believe she suffers from the same problem that the former Chairman had and that is her lack of support for the Demos incumbents.

Most individuals do not understand the role of Chairman. As Chairman, you must be a partisan and you must support the nominees and individuals on the ballot.

It is not a problem for me, in that I have been active in the Knox County Republican Party since 1982. I believe in and support all the Republican candidates on the ballot this year and every year since my involvement began at the age of 16. (Yes. I will be 40 this year, I will post about it when the time comes. Hold off your old man comments. You will plenty of opportunity when the time comes.)

This year, I believe that Knox County is better and will be best served the next four years with the leadership of the following persons.

Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale
Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison
Trustee Mike Lowe
Register of Deeds Steve Hall
Public Defender Mark Stephens
Circuit, Civil Sessions Clerk Cathy Quist
Criminal and Fourth Circuit Court Clerk Martha Phillips
Circuit Court Judge Dale Workman
Circuit Court Judge Wheeler Rosenbalm
Circuit Court Judge Div, IV Bill Swann
Chancellor John Weaver
Chancellor candidate Mike Moyers
Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins
General Sessions Judge Div. I Chuck Cerny
General Sessions Judge Div. II Geoff Emery
General Sessions Judge Div. III Bob R. McGee
General Sessions Judge Div. IV candidate Andrew Jackson, VI
General Sessions Judge Div. V Tony Stansberry
Juvenile Court Judge Tim Irwin
County Commission
1st District Seat A Nick Della Volpe
1st District Seat B Ann Dingus
2nd District Seat A Commissioner David Collins
3rd District Seat A Tony Norman
3rd District Seat B Commissioner Ivan Harmon
4th District Seat A Commissioner John Schmid
4th District Seat B Commissioner Phil Guthe
5th District Seat A Commissioner Mike Hammond
5th District Seat B Commissioner Craig Leuthold
5th District Seat C Commissioner John Griess
6th District Seat A School Board Member Chuck James
6th District Seat B Greg Lambert
7th District Seat A R. Larry Smith
7th District Seat B Commission Chairman Scott Moore
8th District Seat A Phil Ballard
8th District Seat B Commissioner John Mills
9th District Seat A Commissioner Larry Clark
9th District Seat B Commissioner Paul Pinkston

To vote for anyone other than these persons or to vote for a Democrat is a step to take Knox County back to days of less significance. We need to go forward and never retreat.

Saturday, July 08, 2006



I have been on a two week vacation in an undisclosed location (south of here.) There are alot of things to report and I will begin soon. I posted infrequently while on vacation as I hated to go to Fedex Kinko's everyday to post. A friend of mine called last week and when I returned his call, I said. Yes, I will work on that on the way home, saturday. To which he said. Oh. I assumed you were home as your blog has been updated. We both laughed.

I read several books that I have posted about. My vacations are always a time to grab a load of books that have piled up on my desk, that I haven't had a chance to read. I also spend alot of time renting DVD's and going to the movie theaters with the three greatest kids in the world (the three that belong to the Brian's Blog Wife and myself).

Yes, Ted, I did see Over The Hedge and Cars and will report on both of those, soon.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Night, Dawn, Day – Elie Wiesel

The mandatory summer reading for all Farragut High School students are two books. Dawn and Day written by Elie Wiesel. An optional book is Night.

I have read all three. Night is a book written in the first person of his life and survival at Auschwitz. He never again saw his mother and sisters, after their first day at Auschwitz. His father and he labored in the concentration camp and the story of Night details their life there.

My objection with this years (check out my review of last years selection in the July 2005 archive of Brian’s Blog) summer reading requirement is that Night should not have been optional, it should have been required reading.

With Dawn, it is written from a third person account of the struggle with anger, hatred, death and murder. A very intriguing book worth the short afternoon of time takes to read.

With Day, it also is written from a third person account of the struggles with the past and temptation of suicide. This also is a short read and is a book that is relevant to today.

I found these books published in one binding as a trilogy. The books themselves were written in the era 1955 – 1960.