Monday, May 31, 2010

Mayor Haslam's Red Light Cameras are Revenue Generators

On May 15, 2010, we blogged about (here) the Knoxville red light cameras that Mayor Haslam recommended to City Council and City Council approved. We initially reported that revenue estimates were $1.0 million a month for $12 million annually. We were asked to correct the post to $1.0 million annually.

So, then today's News-Sentinel article (here) states that since Lasercraft took over last year from Redflex Traffic Systems there are 8,000 unpaid tickets to the tune of $944,000.00 This is just the unpaid ones which is likely 10-25% of all tickets issued. So, the paid tickets would (conservatively) likely triple that dollar amount. So, will a possible Governor Haslam impose red light cameras on all state highways? As a revenue grabbing measure.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pilot Only Leased The Space for the Casino's? Probably NOT!

As we posted here yesterday an anonymous commenter identifying themselves as a Haslam operative stated that Pilot leases space to vendor's that place slot machines. One of our Brian's Blog team members has been working on this issue. That team member submitted to me late yesterday afternoon two government documents from the Louisiana Gaming Board.

The first document is a 5 page Louisiana Gaming Board Meeting Notice from March 19, 2002. Look on page 2, Pilot Corporation Tennessee d/b/a Pilot Travel Center #199 - No. 080451285 Seeking a Video Poker Application.

The second document is a 4 page Louisiana Gaming Board Minutes from November 18, 2003 on page 2 you will read where the board acted on two applications. 1 for Pilot Corporation Tennessee d/b/a Pilot Travel Center #199 and 2 for Pilot Corporation Tennessee d/b/a Pilot Travel Center #274.

So, again I will repeat, Bill Haslam should become open and transparent and reveal his income for the good of the citizens. There are now Pilot Casinos in Nevada and Louisiana, so the voters of Tennessee will know how much income is from profits of the gaming centers.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bill Haslam Is Bugsy Siegel?

In response to this post from yesterday, we received the following statement from the Haslam campaign. "Pilot leases space in seperate buildings on a couple of their lots to a company that puts slot machines Nevada. Where there are slot machines EVERYWHERE. I don't think the Mayor of Knoxville is Bugsy Seigel. But nice try." In addition, another commenter that did not identify themselves, but again we have the IP address stored in the database said, "God fearing in one of those contridiction in term. Business must reflect the culture, buesiness must be competive. I would guess that Bill Haslam individually does not control each decision of Pilot Oil. I find a little blackjack while filling up, no different than a lottery games in TN." The first came from someone identifying themselves as a Haslam Operative. The second came from a Haslam supporter. Neither commenter signed their real name, but we have both IP addresses stored in our database.

So, both comments have caused me to ask more questions. 1) as far a Pilot Travel Centers leasing space in separate buildings typically it is in the same building, but if it is in separate buildings it is still Pilot owned assets. 2) Why feel the need to lease to someone that will put in slot machines, just because they are EVERYWHERE in Nevada? Why not do something different? Rent to a gamblers anonymous chapter? Rent to a truckers ministry? Rent to a Subway restaurant? Because it already has an Arby's location there. So, are Arby's EVERYWHERE in Nevada, too? 3) As for the Mayor of Knoxville being Bugsy Siegel, that is not possible. Because Siegel died on June 20, 1947, in addition if Siegel were alive today in the person of the Mayor of Knoxville. The Mayor would be 104 years old, as Bugsy was born on February 28, 1906. Bill was born in 1958 which makes him 51 years old.

As for the second comment, business does not have to reflect the culture. Take for instance the locally owned grocery store chain in East TN in the 1970's the White Stores. They did not sell tobacco or beer and were closed on Sundays. They were successful. Let me bring it home to today, look at the Chick-fil-a businesses. They are closed on Sundays. Look at tow locally owned restaurants, Fuji and Shono's they are closed on Sunday and they are all successful. They haven't caved into the culture. They have been competitive. As for the comment that you guess that he hasn't been involved in every decision at Pilot Oil. Well, I agree with you, first Bill left Pilot Oil, which were the small individual c-stores, not the travel centers. He left those to run Saks Direct which went out of business. Pilot Oil sold those small c-stores (like the one near the new Rooms to Go in front of Bearden High School on Kingston Pike and the one on Kingston Pike east of Lovell Rd) So, Pilot Oil is no more. Pilot Travel Centers, LLC which corporate documents show it being organized out of Delaware. If you watch one of Bill's latest commercials he says that he helped his family take a small local company and build it into a national company. I would think that as the person that helped his family build this national company that he would have objected to the casino. A last point on this just being a lease on the property, why is it named "Pilot Casino" surely if the Haslam's were not involved they wouldn't allow someone to lease property and then utilize their signature name. Would they? But then again, are there royalty payments for the use of the Pilot name?

Bill Haslam can clear all this up becoming open and transparent. He can release all of his income information. So, where the casino operation in Nevada is only a lease and where he does not profit from the revenue of the casino. Also, by becoming open and transparent and releasing his income, he will clear the speculation that his income spiked heavily during the gas price gouging of Hurricane Katrina. Become Bill, Zach Wamp, Ron Ramsey and even Bill Gibbons, who is no longer a candidate for Governor released all their income information. If you want to be Governor become open and transparent. Don't get sucked into the smoke filled, gambling rooms of the past.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why Will Haslam Will NOT Release Income? Is It Because...

of the Casino money? Metro Pulse may have hit it here in this ear to the ground that was published this week. How difficult is it for Bill to explain to the God fearing, church going people of East Middle and West Tennessean how much he is profiting from the operation of a casino on the Nevada/Utah border. Here on the Pilot website the Wendover, Nevada location advertises Pilot Casinos. Of those 11,000 employees that Haslam bragged about creating how many of them were Casino employees? It is time for Bill to be open and transparent about the Casino income. What other questionable entities is he involved with both here and overseas?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is Why Zach is My Guy To Be Governor

When faced with a hostile allegation, he faces the issue and states what he has done, what he will do and that he will NOT tolerate it. Wamp for Governor plays by the rules. That is why I am on board, Speak Truth and be Passionate. You gotta watch all 5:18

Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn

I just finished the next book in the Vince Flynn series, Extreme Measures. Awesome read as all Vince Flynn books are, in this installment the terrorist attacks are targeted on U.S. soil and Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash finally get support from an unusual unlikely person. Now, the next book is out Pursuit of Honor, it was released in hardback in October. But, I always wait until they come out in paperback.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bold and Courageous Republican Leadership, That's What We Need

Governor Wamp Will Make Arkansas and Mississippi Pay Their Share

Haslam Was AWOL and Got Called Out On It

Robin Smith Dominates Straw Poll

At the Hamilton County Lincoln Day Dinner in Chattanooga Saturday night a straw poll was also conducted for the Third District Congressional race.Robin Smith 201 Tim Gobble 65 Chuck Fleischmann 40.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zach Wamp Continues Domination in Straw Polls

Zach Wamp has continued to rack up straw poll win after straw poll win. The Haslam campaign expected a straw poll win in Sevier County, but NO Zach Wamp won that one too. All of those straw poll wins are evidence that he has the grassroots support of Republicans in the trenches. The latest straw poll win came Saturday night in Chattanooga. The people who know Wamp best, gave him a HUGE win. Wamp 294, Haslam 77 and Ramsey 7.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The News-Sentinel Can't Get Jack or John Right

The News-Sentinel because they are managed by Jack McElroy can't get anything right. Check out the News-Sentinel's announcement (here) about the appointment of the West Valley Middle School Principal. However, a phone call went to the West Valley Middle School parents yesterday afternoon announcing that John Nealy as the Principal. He served as Principal of Sunnyview Primary this year. Here is the faculty page for Sunnyview Primary that identifies him as John Nealy, not Jack Nealy as the News-Sentinel identified him. We are left to believe that with Jack McElroy as Editor the staff only have Jack on the mind, No John.

The West Valley Middle School community welcomes John Nealy to our school. He will find a community of committed parents that will work with him to continue the Wolves tradition of excellence. The West Valley Middle School community appreciates the service of Principal Sheila Fuqua. Her commitment to excellence has been a superb effort.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why Don't You Like Bill Haslam?

Brad Hill posted on Facebook an excellent explanation for why a Knoxvillian would support Congressman Zach Wamp for Governor instead of Bill Haslam. I asked Brad if I could publish it here on Brian's Blog and he granted permission. So, here are Brad's thoughts , which could be any Zach Attack Fanatic. I had a great conversation with a friend yesterday and he asked me a unexpected question: "Why don't you like Bill Haslam?"

My answer was quick and simple: "I do like Mayor Bill. He's the most productive Mayor that Knoxville has ever had and I hope we can keep him here to finish the job he was elected to do AND make sure that the next Mayor carries on the work yet to be finished (S.Knox waterfront, Cumberland Ave, Central, Magnolia plans + giving the Old City a big boost... not to mention helping Mayor Burchett get off to a great start with Knox County.)

Hey, if liking someone were a top priority for elected office, then we should draft Bruce Pearl. My choice for Gov is inspired and motivated by proven results for a large swath of Tennessee and even friendly neighboring states. Ask any member of the TN Valley Corridor who has delivered positive economic, technological, and entrepreneurial benefits to our entire region, including many who may create global solutions in Oak Ridge, but live right here in Knox County. Zach Wamp has that proven track record over many years. The larger Haslam family has a proven track-record of helping move our hometown past the status-quo and into a much future, which is exactly where many of us would like to see their considerable financial and spiritual wealth concentrated and invested for these most critical years and decades ahead. Knoxville cannot afford a chance of losing current momentum . As for the right man for Gov, these are tough days in Tennessee and tough budget, special interest, and teacher union fights are ahead. Thus, I'm more concerned about a fighting passion to take on the entrenched status-quo in D.C. and Nashville than I am "civility". Zach is a fighter for TN and has delivered proven results in economic development as 1 of 535 legislators in our nation's capitol. What kind of influence will he offer as one of 50 Governors, with a majority of those being fellow Republicans?

Proven results, passion, and a fighting spirit...those are the factors that determined my support for our next Gov, in addition to our needs right here in Knoxville for years to come.

It's not about who we should like better, it's all about who will take on all issues with passion and a will to fight for what is right.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Congratulations to Rand Paul - A GREAT Victory for the GOP through the TEA Party

Zach Wamp - Jobs of the Future

He Is a Fine Man With Many Attributes

In talking with a friend today, a friend that is an avid reader of Brian's Blog in discussing the recent coverage of the TN Republican Gubernatorial Primary and in particular the candidate that is a currently Knoxville Mayor. My friend said you have done an excellent job "pointing out that he is a fine man with many attributes."

Surprise, Surprise NOT!

Ragsdale and Haslam support a Metro Unified Government. Story here.

Republicans Unite

The Halls Republican Club meeting was held last night at the Mandarin House on Maynardville Highway. Dean Rice was the speaker on behalf of Republican candidate for County Mayor Tim Burchett. Bud Armstrong, current Eighth District County Commissioner and former candidate for County Commissioner At Large Seat 11 spoke and congratulated his opponent Ed Shouse on winning the race and encouraged everyone to support all the Republicans in the Knox County General Election.

Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones was present along with County Commissioners Dave Wright of the Eighth District, Mike Hammond of the Fifth District and Robert Lawrence Smith of the Seventh District. Joy McCroskey, Criminal Court Clerk, Knox County Property Assessor Phil Ballard and his lovely wife Cindy, John Duncan, III Republican candidate for Trustee. Brian Hornback, Republican candidate for Republican State Executive Committeeman District Six and his opponent Ted Hatfield.

Phyllis Severence as First Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party and stated that she was "representing Bill Haslam for Governor." 43 individuals were in attendance. Both Sandra Clark and Steve Hunley, Publishers of competing weekly community newspapers were in attendance.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Ready on Day One or Day 365

Unbelievable! He did not know that Planned Parenthood was in the budget for $1.0 million a year! Not ready on Day One or Day 365. It is from his own mouth, not our interpretation.

Another Straight Shooter Like Our Founder and President Brian Hornback

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zig Ziglar - Attitude Makes All The Difference

Arnett Has Lost Alot of Money

This story in today's paper. This is the second time that Arnett has lost thousands of Knox County taxpayer money due to alleged theft. The Knoxville Center Mall satellite office had a bank deposit that was lost or stolen. No investigation on that one? Know this $5,700 theft due to an alleged break in at the Farragut satellite office. Arnett is reported to have said "That's are only office that didn't have an alarm, and I thought it did." So, Arnett didn't confirm it in his 18 months in office? Unbelievable.

Haslam Utilized Handicap For An Advantage

On Friday evening the Anderson County Republican Party held it's annual Reagan Day Dinner. I was not present for the dinner, however, one of the many Brian's Blog team members was present and reported back with photographs. Here is what happened, a couple of Haslam supporters/staffers pulled into the parking lot driving a black Cadillac Escalade. Nothing unusual about that. But when the young driver and his companion wheeled into a handicapped parking spot. It was like Ok, that is odd. Upon furtehr inspection, the Escalade has a handicapped permit which is technically legal. But no handicapped person was transported in the Escalade.
However, the driver and passenger were clearly not handicapped as evidenced from their walk back to the truck Also, as evidenced by the photograph of them loading the 4X8 signs in the Escalade.

Here the driver is holding the door for all the elderly citizens that also had handicapped permits but were required to park out into the parking lot and get into the building from a far distance (in the middle of one of the worst storms of the season, we might add) because the Haslam campaign used a handicapped permit to park close and have easy access to their campaign material. This is the type of arrogance that we do not need in the Governor's Mansion.

Haslam should do the right thing and issue an apology to the Anderson County Republican Party.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Do You Balance Your Budget? How Has Haslam Balanced the City of Knoxville's?

Let's have a civilized discussion about how the Mayor of Knoxville balances the city's budget. Bill Haslam took office as Mayor of Knoxville in 2003. What was his first answer to balancing his first city budget? A property tax increase on the backs of every City of Knoxville property owner.

How else has the Mayor of Knoxville balanced the City of Knoxville's budget? He has taken (stolen) from the county through annexation of residential and commercial property. When he annexes commercial property he takes the majority of sales tax revenue from the county and puts it in the city coffers. With annexation of county residential property, the county property owner has is obligated to pay both county and city property taxes. A doubling of their obligation in order to balance the city books to pay the tab for the past excesses of the city.

How else has the Mayor of Knoxville balanced the City of Knoxville's budget? He contracted with an out of Knoxville company and installed red light cameras. City Judge John Rosson in speaking to a Fountain City group reported that revenue for the previous year was $1.0 million dollars. That is nearly $84,000.00 dollars a month that Haslam has taken out of the local economy. That is fewer icees, beer, tobacco that can be purchased at the local Pilot Travel Center. That is fewer movies being enjoyed at the local theaters and that hurts jobs. That is two teachers in the Knox County School System that serve city students.

So, when you vote in the Republican primary for Governor. Ask yourself, how will Haslam balance the state's budget? The only indicator we can make a valid judgment is from past record. Haslam didn't cut bureaucracy, he didn't reduce the taxpayers burden. He simply raised taxes, added more taxpayers to his tax role and he took money out of the hands of local small businesses.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Knox GOP Chairman Jenkins Eyes Law Director Post

This morning I had three separate sources inform me that Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray Jenkins is eyeing the position of Knox County Law Director. I contacted a fourth source close to the upcoming selection by Knox County Commission. That fourth person confirmed the same as the three previous sources. So, I text messaged Jenkins. In the text I asked, "I have had 4 different sources this a.m. inform me that you are seeking the Knox Co. Law Director position. Want to confirm?" He chose to inform me that he would respond by email as his thumbs were cramping. So, this afternoon the email stated in part, "I have stated that I will not seek an appointment to that position, as it is an elected office... In the event a special election is scheduled to fill the vacancy, I will make a determination at that time..."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Haslam Taps Same Knox County Organizer That Don "State Income Tax" Sundquist Used

Phyllis Severance who served as Knox County Coordinator for Don Sundquist in 1994 has been tapped to serve as Knox County Organizer for Bill Haslam in 2010. Severance went on to serve in the Sundquist administration as something equivalent to Assistant Commissioner of Personnel.

Daddy Finally Lets Bill Speak

According to sources close to the Haslam campaign, they knocked out a third television spot late last night and early this morning after this Brian's Blog post went up last night and Bill finally gets to speak. But the camera is so tight on Bill's face that it blocks out the teleprompter that was required for Bill to utilize. The reason for concern of Bill speaking is his first attempt at speaking to a camera, which is below.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

When Will Daddy Let Bill Speak?

Bill Haslam has spent $1.0 million dollars on the first television commercial buy, that is separate from the creation of the commercial. They have created a second commercial that began last week. In neither of the commercials have the viewers of the commercial been able to hear the Mayor's distinct nasally voice. Why will Daddy not allow him to be heard? Will the Republican voters elect someone that they have never heard? So, a grassroots campaign is beginning and are expected to begin picketing the family business chanting, "let Bill be heard."

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Haslam Panics, Throws a Desperation Pass

Bill Haslam has hit the panic button. He spent $1.0 million dollars in early television buys. He has experienced no rise in polling because of the $1.0 million dollar buy. So, now his daddy calls in Second District Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. to endorse his boy. It is reported that Duncan said, "I am here today to do what I have never done before, make a public endorsement in a primary" Actually his first Republican primary endorsement came in the successful race of State Representative Ryan Haynes. So, daddy's boy hitting the panic button this early gives his opponents time to intercept the pass.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Breaking News: Sisk Closes Five Points Office

Sources from inside the Knox County Trustee office have informed me that Knox County Trustee Fred Sisk has announced the closing of the Five Points satellite office. With the closing of the Five Points office, Former Commissioner Diane Jordan one of the satellite office employees position was eliminated along with four other employees. Sisk indicated that this was a cost cutting measure to return productive results with a tough economy. Sisk, chose not to run for election this year. His term ends August 31, 2010.

John Duncan III was successful in Tuesday's Republican Primary as he was unopposed. He is also unopposed in the August 5, 2010 General Election. So, on September 1, 2010, John Duncan III will become our new Knox County Trustee.

Interesting Looks for a Gubernatorial Candidate

The body language expert on the Brian's Blog Team is off today.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

"How That Money Is Spended"

Last night's Knox County School Board meeting resulted in an incoherent quote. About 98 minutes into the 193 minute meeting, just prior to the School Board's vote on the budget resulted in this quote. "It is important that the Superintendent recommendation that is approved by the board are the people that will determine how that money is spended." Spended? Spended? Really? Yes indeed and individuals criticize the IQ of individuals that serve on County Commission?

Here's For David Cameron Tonight

Our HERO'S of the Day

Yes, it is from across the pond. But we all need to confront and speak truth to the powers. Locally, Kurt Zimmerman is similar to this Dad. He stood and challenged the status quo of the liberal agenda of public education. This Dad from across the pond and Kurt Zimmerman are waking up the sleeping giants.

Here is Kurt Zimmerman from a month ago on Fox News.

The Double Standard of the News Sentinel

So, I blogged (here) earlier today about Jack McElroy and his potty coverage of a situation where Register of Deeds Sherry Witt was an inoccent victim. We are reminded of a situation last week where an elected officials wife committed a crime, her 911 call admitting to the crime was released one week ago today. We are looking into the legality of posting Dottie Arnett's 911 call on youtube.

However, Jack Mclroy and all Scripps owned entities have published NOTHING of Dottie Arnett's confessed illegal activity. Is this because Foster is President of News Sentinel Chartities? Is it because Foster takes his marching orders from Jack McElroy? Or, is it just the double standard that exist at the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill under the direction of Jack McElroy?


This from our pals over at the Walker Johnson's Media Report Team. This news is just unfreaking believable. Citadel sends the ONE guy that built WIVK. I remember meeting Ed Brantley at station remotes 25 years ago when he was an on air talent. I realize that Q93 has taken some market share but I can think of someone else that should have been eliminated before Brantley.

News Sentinel Editor Keeping It Near The Bathroom

This is a non story. However, it demonstrates that Jack McElroy keeps it near the bathroom. This is proof positive that McElroy has now turned his negative personal attacks on Sherry Witt. Two days after the Former Sheriff of Knox County and Commissioner Pinkston are unsuccessful in their election bids, McElroy MUST now turn to someone. He takes a situation that Witt had nothing to do with other than the fact that her friend chose to play a prank on her. The attempted prank backfired because Kirkham was being Kirkham.

You can tell it is a personal negative attack by McElroy because of the photographs that he used of Witt and Kirkham. For McElroy to invade the personal space of Witt and Kirkham is the normal standard for Jack McElroy. But let a blogger point out that he (Jack McElroy) doesn't pay his personal property tax or that he (Jack McElroy) and his fellow Scripps Employee Sandra Clark violate a nepotism policy and he will claim it was an oversight or that he had nothing to do with it.

Roane County Mayor Mike Farmer will ensure that the citizens of Roane County get their 44 cents of postage from Kirkham. The public will be made whole. As for the rest of this story it it typical McElroy potty news coverage. It is a non issue that doesn't warrant space in a regional daily newspaper, much less front page. This story really is more suited for his other Scripps publication, the Shopper News. After all the Shoppers only use is to provide free birdcage liners to the citizens of Knox County.

Lewis Cosby Made The RIGHT Decision

Here is the story from WVLT where it was first reported that Lewis Cosby made the decision to drop out of the Mayor's race.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Brian Hornback's Opponent Spreads Mis-Truths

Sources contacted the Brian's Blog Team this evening stating that Brian Hornback's opponent was stating that Brian was upstairs at the Crowne Plaza during the Republican County Primary Election Return Party. This was a total lie. Brian was in West Knox County attending to business and family matters. While his opponent does not have a family (with the exception of a spouse), Mr. Hornback and his wife of 22 years have three teenagers. So, while Brian has attended nearly every Republican function for the past 28 years (since 1982) it is more important to Brian that he maintains his focus on faith, family and conservative values. We encourage Mr. Hornback's opponent to tone down the personal negative baseless unfounded attacks on Hornback.

56.79% of District Seven Voters Agree

56.79% of County Commission Seventh District voters agree that Robert Lawrence Smith is unworthy of serving as their Representative. Carringer obtained 36.35% of the districts votes, Williams obtained 20.44% of the districts votes. Totaling 56.79%. While Robert Lawrence Smith only received 43.21%.

Seen and Overheard at Gibbs Voting Precinct

Multiple sources have called to inform me that this afternoon at the Gibbs voting precinct a middle aged attractive female approached County Commission candidate Dave Wright. She said, hello Dave. I just want you to know that there is no way in hell that I would ever vote for you. Wright just said well that is ok.

Another source called early this morning and said there were several volunteers wearing tshirts with two candidates names on the same shirt. The candidates were School Board candidate Harvey Boles a known Democrat and Republican County Commission candidate Dave Wright's name.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Transparency, We Want It and We Want It NOW

Zach Wamp - Our Jobs Governor

Message to RickB

The pics are up on the flickr page. If you will email me, here I think I found the pic you are looking for.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Concerned Citizens Debate Last Night

Last night, Former Commissioner Elaine Davis was joined by several citizens in conducting a Concerned Citizens Debate at the Knoxville Expo Center. It was a truly independent debate. A debate not conducted by the establishment's entities. The Hallerin Hilton Hill debate on WNOX is establishment in that Commissioner Mike Hammond is the stations owners representative. The League of Women Voters only had a debate for the Mayoral candidates and it was broadcast on the airwaves of Commissioner Hammond's employer.

The candidates attending were: Republican candidate for County Clerk Debbie Cole; Republican candidate for Trustee John Duncan III; Republican candidate for Sheriff Steve Hart.

The candidates for County Commission that attended were: Republican candidate for the Fourth District Jeff Ownby; Republican candidate in the Eighth District Duane Bias; Republican candidates in the Ninth District Paul Pinkston and Mike Brown; Independent candidate for the at large Eleven seat Brian Moneyhun and a Republican candidate for the at large Eleven seat Richard "Bud" Armstrong.

The candidates for School Board that attended were: in the Seventh District former Principal Charlotte Dorsey; Powell businesswoman and Community Activist Kim Sepesi and Union Firefighter boss Bill Warwick. In the Eighth District Former high school Principal Tommy Everett, Former County Commissioner Mike McMillan and Former Assistant Superintendent Roy Mullins. In the Ninth District only the current School Board Member Robert Bratton attended.

The candidates for County Mayor that attended were: Republican Tim Hutchison; Democrat Ezra Maize and Independent Lewis Cosby.

If you did not vote during the early voting period. Be sure that you vote on Tuesday at your local polling location. The hours of voting will be from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Rod Parsley's Declaration of Independence

How long will it take for hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of Christ followers to declare their independence? Will 2010 be the year of independence? See Pastor Parsley's 1:38 declaration of independence, here.

Justice Was Served, Now Kernell Needs to Serve

The jury did an exceptional job, Justice was served. Now, David Kernell needs to serve. The Prosecutors should request the maximum penalty. Here is the Governor's statement.