Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haslam Utilized Handicap For An Advantage

On Friday evening the Anderson County Republican Party held it's annual Reagan Day Dinner. I was not present for the dinner, however, one of the many Brian's Blog team members was present and reported back with photographs. Here is what happened, a couple of Haslam supporters/staffers pulled into the parking lot driving a black Cadillac Escalade. Nothing unusual about that. But when the young driver and his companion wheeled into a handicapped parking spot. It was like Ok, that is odd. Upon furtehr inspection, the Escalade has a handicapped permit which is technically legal. But no handicapped person was transported in the Escalade.
However, the driver and passenger were clearly not handicapped as evidenced from their walk back to the truck Also, as evidenced by the photograph of them loading the 4X8 signs in the Escalade.

Here the driver is holding the door for all the elderly citizens that also had handicapped permits but were required to park out into the parking lot and get into the building from a far distance (in the middle of one of the worst storms of the season, we might add) because the Haslam campaign used a handicapped permit to park close and have easy access to their campaign material. This is the type of arrogance that we do not need in the Governor's Mansion.

Haslam should do the right thing and issue an apology to the Anderson County Republican Party.

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AndersonGOP said...

If this had been Wamp or Ramsey it would be in the News Sentinel. The Haslam campaign will likely say that these are young supporters that Haslam has no control over. Not a good defense. Because Haslam has so many people on payroll, these could be paid staffers. In addition, he should have known and told them to move.