Saturday, December 31, 2011

Former Knox County 911 Director Tom Key Passed Away

On Wednesday the second Director of Knox County's Emergency Communication District (E911) passed away. Tom Key, a military veteran (Cpt. in the Army). Key was Knoxville's first undercover narcotics police officer, the first OSHA Director for the City of Knoxville. Key also served as CTO/CIO for U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Jr. He designed and implemented international telemdicine for St. Jude Children's research hospital. He served as Director Executive International for Ireland's children and adult care foundation. he implemented nationwide telemedicine for the Isle of Ireland and was recognized by the national legislature of the Republic of Ireland as one of the top five telemedicine experts in the world.

Please remember his wife of 29 years Sherran Bradford Key; daughter and son in law Jessica Rose and Jose Lomeli; daughters Elizabeth Wildsmith, Susan and Barbara Key; his twin brother Charles Joseph Key and the rest of his family and friends.

Friday, December 30, 2011

What Gives With Print Media's Treatment of Mayor's New Hire?

Yesterday at 11:04 a.m. the Big Metal Shed on the Hill published this story online about the hiring of Patricia Robledo by Madame Mayor Madeline. By Bill Lyons own admission on the local liberal blog, Lyons the #3 guy in the Madame Mayor Madeline administration posted "I monitored the comments from the time the article appeared. Literally within a minute or two a comment appeared that was just plain racist and disgusting. I flagged it for removal. Within a short time 8 more comments appeared. They ran the gamut from sanctuary cities to green cards to more overt racist appeals and references to Mexicans. When I checked again in a few minutes the comments were disabled. I breathed a sign of relief and hoped that Ms. Robledo's children had not read the comments while they were still viewable." Should the individual making $150, 030.00 the second highest salary in the administration and $20,030 more than the Mayor herself have the duty of monitoring and flagging "objectionable" comments?  Is his flagging a comment, his opinion or that of the City administration.

The problem that has been communicated to me by at least three people in the community today. Is the Big Metal Shed on the Hill or it's Editor Jack McElroy's decision yesterday that speech with some public officials off limits. From all indications this was a first for a public official. Don Jacob's story last week detailing the high school rank of former Mayoral candidate Ivan Harmon should have been disabled. However, as an elected official and Senior Citizen Harmon should not have been exposed to such tacky reporting, commenting. As for other public officials, former Mayor Mike Ragsdale, former Sheriff Tim Hutchison were never the recipient of disabling tacky, hurtful comments. Former Mayoral candidate Mark Padgett and his family were the subject of many hurtful comments posted on the website of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill and McElroy did not disable the comments. Even myself as a former School Board Member and Knox County Republican Party Chairman have never received the gift of disabling comment that were tacky, hurtful and just plain low class.

Everyone that becomes a public official understands that all comments are unfortunately fair game unless the "official" can prove malice. Mrs. Robledo should have been informed of this prior to accepting the the job. Obviously, Lyons expected it, when he said last night on the local liberal forum "Unfortunately we expected that this might happen." When he said "we" was it he and the Mayor? he, the Mayor and Mrs. Robledo?

As for the controversy of Mrs. Robledo coming to Knoxville in 1980 and becoming a citizen in 1990. However, authored the press release exposed this controversy to Mrs. Robledo and the Big Metal Shed on the Hill including it. Obviously, with it's inclusion in the press release and article everyone "with hands on deck" should have expected the questions.

Now, as for how comments are handled. I have always advocated that comments be listed by the commenter's name. I began using comment moderation, to keep the ill bred, nasty comments off. In addition to comment moderation it allows me to check ip addresses where the comment is coming from. The Big Metal Shed on the Hill has the ip addresses of all comments. So, they know who it is. I support tight requirements on commenting, however I am against the wholesale disable comments by the paper. It is not right.

Trustee Duncan Corrects A Bad Idea

WBIR reports tonight (here) that Trustee John Duncan is requiring the employees that received a bonus this year that had not earned it a six month grace period ( by June 30, 2012) to complete the requirements or return the money. Duncan states that in 2010CTAS had a computer error and that is why the unearned bonuses were paid. WBIR apparently has not confirmed that with CTAS.

Let's just hope that some media stay on top of this story to ensure the taxpayers are made whole. I am sure our "Conservative Taxpayers Watchdog" County Mayor Tim Burchett will do that. Duncan also stated that he has corrected the paperwork that allowed these unearned bonuses to be paid.

I guess his Collections Attorney Chad Tindell had to do a reversal. I guess the recent hire of Larry Van Guilder by the Trustee paid off. Van Guilder probably advised the Trustee that the best thing to do, is follow the rules and reverse bad opinions of others.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shock And Awe First With Business Liaison Announcement

We were the first to report the business liaison appointment by Madame Mayor Madeline at 10:51 am. Knoxnews was next at 11:04 am and then the local liberal blog was behind us both at 1:06 pm.

Madam Mayor Madeline Names Business Liaison

This morning Madam Mayor Madeline named Patricia Robledo as the City of Knoxville's Business Liaison. Robledo is a small business owner and executive director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of East Tennessee according to the press release.

Robledo will head the Office of Business Support that Rogero promised during the campaign to create if elected.

The Classic - "Wagon Wheel"

Bob Dylan penned the chorus and Old Crow Medicine Show completed the classic song "Wagon Wheel". Below is Jake at the World Famous Tootsies in Nashville singing "Wagon Wheel" as a cover song.

Below is the "official music video" of the Old Crow Medicine Show. You can interrupt any thing you want to from the words and the video of the song. I see that the band had no crowd until the ladies came out. When the band and ladies went inside and came back out, the crowd was even larger. Take what you will from it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where Can You Meet Commissioner Jeff Ownby in 2012

He tells you right here.

Who has the highest paid salary in Knox County?

Some people say that Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of Knox County Schools is the highest paid. Some people say that Dale Smith, the head of the Knoxville/Knox County Public Building Authority is the highest paid. Well, my sources in the Deathstar (aka City County Building) have informed me (and I am attempting to get all the material) that the head of the Knoxville/Knox County Tourism and Sports Corp made over $400,000 last year. That my friends would be the highest paid in Knoxville/Knox County.

Some of that money is from hotel/motel tax. However, I am told that there are also direct contributions from Knox County and Knoxville that fund the KTSC.
Will this become an issue at budget time for either new Knoxville Madame Mayor Madeline Rogero or Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett? Stay tuned,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Postcard Pics from Iowa

A friend of mine was out visiting his in laws in Cedar Rapids, IA for CHRISTmas and sent this cell phone pic of the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Knox County Schools, Please Proceed With Caution

Today's Big Metal Shed on the Hill has a a story about Knox County Schools proceeding with a volunteer data base where community members can search by grade or needs for volunteer opportunities at all the Knox County schools. I am concerned about perverts seeing this as their way into the school with the kids. Read the story here. My advice to  Knox County Schools, proceed with caution.

Robert Lawrence Smith is Attending What?

Mike Donila over at Screams From The Porch posted what the new meeting notices look like. He posted Robert Lawrence Smith's. On Smith's meeting notice it states he will be attending the "Big Orange Zip Off Club" Do What? It is every Monday & Wednesday at Noon in January & February at Calhouns on the River. You can just go ahead and fill in the blank _____________. Here is the notice

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Trustee Duncan Leaned on Attorney Tindell and Fell

According to Trustee John Duncan III it was Attorney Chadwick B. Tindell that authored the salary suit that disguised the "bonuses". It slipped by Mayor Burchett the first year. But not this year, so now the Trustee finds himself at odds with the popularly elected and "the taxpayer's watchdog" County Mayor Tim Burchett.

The public opinion is clearly against the Trustee based on the comments of the Big Metal Shed's investigative story researched and authored by Mike Donila. Tindell went so far as to award himself $3,000 two years in a row for completing his continued education that he is required to complete in order  to maintain his law license. Clearly this is a case of the entitlement mentality gone awry. They should refund the unearned bonuses immediately.

Congressman Duncan & Mayor Burchett, Conservative to the Core

I have been active in local politics since 1982. I always supported the late Congressman Duncan and now his son U.S. Representative John J. (Jimmy) Duncan, Jr. One thing I have always liked about Congressman Jimmy Duncan has been his staunch Conservative principles. One thing that he does personally is that he carries a notebook in his pocket and writes down every cent he spends. If he buys a soft drink out of a machine, he writes it down. That is discipline.

I know from all the years that I have known Mayor Burchett (about as long) that he too is extremely Conservative with his but especially the taxpayers money. So, for the same reason that I like Congressman Duncan, I too like Mayor Burchett.

The latest generation of Duncan, Knox Co Trustee John Duncan is obviously not like his father at all. Pocketing $6,000 in tax payer funded bonuses without completing the necessary class to receive it is not something his father would have done. I am so disappointed that the Trustee would give away the taxpayers money so freely to nearly a dozen employees without the first thought of "what would dad do?"

2011 has been a tough year, it has been filled with disappointment with a couple of our Knox County elected officials. Congressman Jimmy Duncan and Mayor Tim Burchett's Conservative to the core principles are rare. We should be thankful, that we have a few good ones.

As my grandfather use to say, "one bad apple can ruin a whole basket" The perception will be that all Knox County Officials are not following the rules. That is not true and it is sad that they will be judged by the careless actions of one.

Friday, December 23, 2011

"Larry Van Guilder, Make Take This Go Away!" - Trustee John Duncan III

Just a couple of days ago, it was announced that E.W. Scripps writer/reporter Larry Van Guilder had accepted a Senior Accounting and Public Relations job with Trustee John Duncan III. So, needless to say. When today's story by Mike Donila of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill detailing the unearned bonuses going to Duncan and Duncan's top "employees" you just have to figure that like the "calgon, take me away" commercial. That Duncan screamed out, "Larry Van Guilder make this go away!" Larry may be begging E.W. Scripps to take him back. But at $58,000 a year, Van Guilder may be able to spin with the best of them.

No Christmas Break for Cynthia Moxley, She Will be "Occupying"!

After this here Mike Donila story from the Big Metal Shed on the Hill on Trustee Duncan there will be no Christmas break for Cynthia Moxley. She will be "occupying in" over at the Big Metal Shed to get this squashed quickly.

Haslam Administration Targets Mentally ill & Youth

I have blogged about the proposal by the Haslam administratio to close Lakeshore here in Knoxville. It appears by some to be an attack on the mentally ill. Now here in today's Chattanooga Times Free Press the Haslam administration are looking at closing the Taft Youth Development Center. Come on Governor Haslam! Targeting the mentally ill and youth just ain't like you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Breaking News: TN Coordinator of Elections Clears Gina Oster to Run for School Board Third District

This afternoon, TN Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins issued his opinion and Gina Oster may be a candidate for the Third District School Board seat. So, the Knox County Law Director who previously opined that Mrs. Oster can run and now the TN Coordinator of Elections has opined that Mrs. Oster can run. Now let the race begin. There are two other candidates in addition to Mrs. Oster. Bobby Edington and Doug Harris. Mr. Harris is an owner of 6 fast food pizza restaurants in Montgomery, Al; 7 fast food pizza restaurants based out of Augusta, GA and 8 fast food pizza restaurants based out of Columbus, GA. In addition, he owns a Huddle House restaurant in Leesville, LA.  Mr. Eddington works with military recruiting. Mr. Goins opinion is below.

The Reason for the Season Story from First United Methodist Church Morristown, TN

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Taria

One of my favorite Nashville entertainers has a video of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Taria and her drummer, background vocals husband Marty will be releasing Taria's first project shortly after the first of the year. Enjoy this for the holidays and I will be introducing you to a preview in a few days of one of her upcoming tunes.

Really!? Big Metal Shed Trashes Ivan Harmon

So, the Big Metal Shed on the Hill had a front page headline story about former City School Board Member, City Councilman, Republican State Executive Committeeman, County Commissioner and two time Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Ivan Harmon getting a $37,000 a year job with the Knox County Sheriffs Office supervising work release inmates performing community service.

There is multiple intentional slams in the article. Stating where he finished in a high school graduating school over 45 years ago. Listing his $39,000 beginning salary with the City of Knoxville in 2003. But listing his current salary as $3,146.00 a month instead of $37,752 a year.

This is clearly not the type of salary that Big Metal Shed on the Hill employees Jesse Fox Mayshark got when he accepted a job with Madame Mayor Madeline. It also pails in comparison to the $58,000 starting salary of Big Metal Shed on the Hill Larry Van Guilder who has accepted a position with Trustee John Duncan.

The reaction to this story was universal. Comments on the local liberal blog were against the poor writing of the story and the inferences that were being made. Community Activist Walt Wojnar sent a message to Don Jacobs the author of the story. Wojnar's email said. "
Your article about Ivan Harmon disgusts me. This man has served his community for years and to imply that he doesn't deserve the job with KCSO because of his class rank from 45 years ago is nothing more than a cheap shot. Maybe it's you that doesn't deserve the job he has." Jacobs responds with "Mr. Wojnar, Just wanted to acknowledge receipt of your note. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Respectfully, Don Jacobs"

The job Harmon has does not allow him to participate in the uniformed officers pension plan. Also, it should be noted that everytime Harmon ran for any position other than Mayor. The Big Metal Shed endorsed him. Friends like that, Harmon don't need any enemies.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now We Know Why Shopper News Van Guilder Treated Trustee Differently

UPDATE: December 21, 2011 Trustee Duncan when asked said that Larry Van Guilder's salary will be $58,000 a year. I bet thats an increase from a Scripps salary.

So, the reporting style of Larry Van Guilder has now been revealed. While Van Guilder was always critical of Mayor Burchett and his predecessor. While he was critical of School Board Members, County Commissioners and others. He was never critical of Trustee John Duncan. Why was this? Van Guilder who previously held accounting jobs turned news paper writer was holding out for another accounting job. Well, Mike Donila reports this evening (here) that Trustee Duncan has hired Van Guilder. Van Guilder was telling folks on Friday he was going to be hired.

I called Josh Burnett, Chief of Staff of Trustee Duncan late on Friday afternoon and asked him to confirm Van Guilder's hiring. He said they had not interviewed anyone and had several applications. Although he could not give me a definite number of applications. He also said the start date would not be until mid January 2012. When I informed him that Van Guilder was reportedly telling folks about it. Burnett said at 5:31 pm on Friday "Well he seems very sure. Guess we shall see come January." It seems we don't have to wait till January.

Monday, December 19, 2011

But, Robert Lawrence!

So, the folks at the Deathstar are saying that Seventh District Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith has his sights on a County Commission at Large seat in 2014. But, you ask how can he? He has served two terms on County Commission already. Well, it seems that Robert Lawrence is saying that the at large is a NEW seat. Wait a minute! During the election of 2010, Robert Lawrence in his typical he man woman hater fashion said that one of his opponents Commissioner Michelle Carringer had lied when she said that the seats were new and that her previous statement that she would not run was not valid.

Well in the world of Robert Lawrence what was a no before it is yes now. It is how he rolls.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do you need Christmas Gifts for your Dog(s)

Do you need to purchase Christmas gifts for your dog or dogs. I would suggest going to River Dog Bakery. River Dog Bakery is located at 5201 Kingston Pike in Suite #8. It is near Homberg Place. River Dog Bakery makes dog treats in house at their location. They have all the essential dog accessories. They even have a spa room for your dog to visit for that special bath and primp session. River Dog Bakery is owned by Brian & Pam Trainor. Yes, Ninth District School Board Member Pam Trainor. They have a website that you can visit as well. Here is the website.

Election Commission Put A School Employee on the Ballot in 2010

Cliff Rodgers of the Knox County Election Commission is asking questions of Gina Oster's eligibility to be on the ballot for School Board. His Assistant Scott Frith worked as the Assistant to previous Administrator Greg Mackay when in 2010. School Board candidates Mike McMillan and Contract employee of the School District Roy Mullins were on the primary and general election ballots. So, why is Frith and an anonymous emailer asking Rodgers to waste time and county financial resources to get an opinion? Only Frith and the anonymous emailer are stating that Oster can not be a candidate.

I previously pointed out that in 2000 Carter High School Principal Jim Williams at the time was on the ballot and defeated School Board incumbent Steve Hunley. Williams retired before serving as a Board Member.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Knox Co Election Commission, Come On!

In today's "Big Metal Shed on the Hill" publication are reporting that the Knox County Election Commission Administrator Cliff Rodgers is looking into the eligibility of Gina Oster to be a candidate for Knox County School Board in the Third District. Read the story here. Rodgers is questioning her eligibility because she is a current schools employee.

Yes, there is a restriction that you can NOT serve on the School Board and be an employee. Serve and be a candidate are two different roles. The precedent has been set in 2000. Jim Williams was the Principal of Carter High School in February when as a candidate he defeated School Board incumbent Steve Hunley. Williams retired in June of 2000 and took the oath of office and began serving September 1, 2000.

When you are a Successful Businessman, You are a Target!

With all the foreclosures, why the "Big Metal Shed on the Hill" reported this on Wednesday about Harry Sherrod's home foreclosure just didn't seem newsworthy. Mr. Sherrod was up front and honest about his situation. He owns Atlas Electric. Atlas suffered some slow times due to the economy and he has moved the operation to Kosovo. The news paper has detailed Atlas and Mr. Sherrod many times in the past. Mr. Sherrod always an optimistic person will survive and be successful again.  However, when you have been at the top, I guess it's newsworthy when there is a slip.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TN Commissioner of Mental Health Doug Varney Meets with Knox County Officials

After Monday's Knox County Commission Work Session and the vocal support for a resolution asking Governor Haslam to delay the closing of Lakeshore for two additional years. TN Commissioner of Mental Health Doug Varney came to Knox County today to meet with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and members of the Knox County Commission.

The Commissioners present were Jeff Ownby of the fourth district, Second District's Amy Broyles, Eighth District Dave Wright, At Large Commissioner Ed Shouse, Vice Chairman Brad Anders, Fifth District Dr. Richard Briggs and Chairman Mike Hammond. Knox County Law Director Joe Jarrett was present as well.

Commissioner Varney explained the rationale for the closure and the move to replace the state run facility by moving the patients to community run private facilities. Varney indicates that the $20 million in annual state funds will follow the Lakeshore patients to an agreed plan of treatment. Varney also indicated that a reduction of 75 beds was only a savings of $3 million dollars. The only way to capture a big savings is to close a state run facility and move those dollars to private sector providers. He also said that running a state run facility for the purpose of being an employment provider was not being responsible in a tight budget year.

Vice Chairman Brad Anders encouraged Varney to produce and provide a process map for the closure. Anders pointed out the failure several years ago of DRI/DOC and that a process map was necessary for this to be a successful transition. Varney pledged to produce that process map and get it to County Mayor Tim Burchett by the first of the week.

Varney thanked the County Mayor for calling the Governor who called Varney and told him to get over here and meet with the Mayor and Commission. This got a few laughs. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett summed up the situation to Varney by saying, "we trust but will verify"
  It is great having Mayor Burchett!

Monday, December 12, 2011

God Bless Bill Tallent

Former Knox County Republican Party Chairman and Former Prisoner of War Bill Tallent has died. When I was Knox County GOP Chairman, Mr. Tallent gave me a POW/MIA lapel pin that I still wear from time to time. Mr. Tallent was an exceptional person, a man to be respected and revered. God Bless you, Mr. Tallent and Rest In Peace, Kind Sir!

Dan Andrews Has Started a Press Row Fashion Trend

Dan Andrews local print news photographer has consistently worn a "press" fedora for the past 1.5 - 2 years. So, today local news print reporter Betty Bean appeared at County Commission Workshop wearing a fedora as well. I sent Mike Donila of the "Big Metal Shed on the Hill" a tweet during the meeting asking if he would be getting a fedora. He replied back that he might have to get one.
Dan Andrews talking to Commissioner Richard Briggs in his trademark "press" fedora.

Betty Bean sporting a fedora on the press row today. The second journalist with a fedora.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

GO NAVY! Beat Army

Today is the annual classic Army / Navy football game. It will be televised beginning at 2:30 p.m. on CBS. Locally on WVLT VolunteerTV.

Anyway, it is Go Navy for me. You see my "Mammaw Blake's" brother lived in Crownsville, MD and was a farmer. In 1991, Navy borrowed the Army mule and they used my Uncle Weir's expertise, horse trailer and his farm to house the Army mule. The Navy football coach rode into a hotel ballroom on the back of the Army mule. My uncle was still guiding the mule for safe keeping.

Below is the scan of the newspaper article. My uncle is listed as "Tennessee Denton" and is the one on the right of the photograph. So, as my Mammaw and Uncle Weir have both gone on to heaven. I will still be cheering for Navy! Go Navy Beat Army!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas Message in Today's Language

The Debt Generation Speaks!

The Tennessee College Republicans created a youtube video that has already has over 40,000 views. It sums up the reality for the "debt generation".

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Weston Wamp Breaks Third District Fundraising Record

Weston Wamp, Republican candidate for Third District United States Congressman broke a Third District fundraising record. Wamp raised $250,000 in a one night fundraiser. Read the report from here.
Weston Wamp, Republican Third District United States Congressional Candidate and myself at a recent event in Roane County

This Thursday, High Noon

At noon this Thursday is the qualifying deadline for several elected positions in Knox County. The position held by Criminal Court Judge Steve Sword, the Knox County Law Director, Knox County Property Assessor and four seats on the Knox County School Board are up for grabs.

Steve Sword was appointed by Governor Bill Haslam to fill the the Criminal Court Judge position previously held by Richard Baumgartner. A judicial review commmitee accepted applications, interviewed candidates and reccommended three candidates for Governor Haslam's consideration. Steve Sword, an active military veteran spent a majority of his time in the District Attorney General's Office prosecuting crimes on children. He was an excellent selection to fill the Criminal Court vacancy and in the time that he has been filling in, he has been working tirelessly to restore stability and to work through the heavy case load in Criminal Court.

Knox County Law Director: It is anticipated that the Joe Jarrett and Richard "Bud" Armstrong race will come down to Jarrett and Armstrong. While there has been some activity to recruit Court Clerk Cathy Quist and other potential third candidates. It seems we will simply have a Joe and Bud showdown.

Knox County Property Assessor: It appears that the this one is coming down to John Whitehead and Phil Ballard. This one is gonna be fun to watch. Ballard's people don't like Whitehead and they want Ballard to not have an opponent. Whitehead who served eight years and then did not run again is returning due in part to the way Ballard has run or not run the office. If Ballard figures out which job he is running for it would be nice. After three years of being the Property Assessor, in November at the Halls Republican Club while introducing himself Ballard said I am your County Commissioner. County Commissioner is a part time legislative job. Interesting!

Knox County School Board: Four of the Nine seats are up for grabs.

Second District: Two term incumbent and former Chair Indya Kincannon appeared to have an uncontested run for a third term. Until yesterday when longtime community volunteer Michelle Carringer picked up a petition. Carringer, a former first Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party and former County Commissioner was redistricted into the second district by the County Commission. The second district picked up Shannondale and all of Fountain City.

Third District: Board Member Cindy Buttry who County Commission redistricted out of the third has decided to not run for a third term. One reason is she would be out of district, (which the county charter actually does allow) but also out of respect for the term limit provision that the citizens of Knox County approved in 1994. Currently Gina Oster, Elaine Davis and Bobby Edington have picked up petitions. Oster a community volunteer and former host of "House Talk with Gina" a weekly radio talk show on WOKI FM 98.7 that featured discusssions about homeowner issues. Oster is a licensed real estate agent. Davis also a community volunteer and former appointed County Commissioner is a strong advocate as well as her children are school age and Davis would bring a active parent perspective.

Fifth District: Two term incumbent Karen Carson was being challenged by Farragut community activist and youth sports Coach Brian Bruce. Bruce has opted not to run. It would appear that Elaine Davis may instead of going for the third district may challenge Carson. Davis who until about 4 weeks ago (when county commission redistricted the whole county) was in the fifth district. The redistricted fifth now includes all the Town of Farragut along with the two precincts of Concord and Lotts Elementary School. The Town of Farragut within the past couple of years overwhelmingly approved term limits, which coincides with the term limits that the citizens of Knox County approved in 1994. Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill was elected primarily on the term limit issue. How the term limit issue combined with the high school rezoning that took Farragut residents to Hardin Valley combined with the controversial "planned parenthood" and the "creation -v- evolution" curriculm will play in this election certainly will be worth watching.

Eighth District: Former County Commissioner Mike McMillan who won a special election against longtime schools administrator Roy Mullins about a year and a half ago following an untimely resignation from the board. It appears that McMillan will be challenged by "Carter guy" Conley Underwood. Underwood got the "Carter guy" title because he has been the out front leader on getting the new Carter Elementary School. In spite of School Board Members coming and going, in spite of budgetary issues. Underwood took a Winston Churchill attitude "Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up" and now the NEW Carter Elementary School will be rising from the ground on Strawplains Pike very soon.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Herman used the "Bless Their Heart"

I loved when Herman Cain in his speech today announcing the next step in his involvement in leading the people back to taking back their government. He referred to his grandmother and when people were dead wrong she would say "bless their heart". So, now all those whackos on the "blab" along with Sandra Clark and Betty Bean know why I consistently say "bless your heart"

The Politcians, The Media Won the Battle! They will NOT Win The War

The politicians and the media won the battle in causing Herman Cain to suspend his campaign for President. What they meant to do force him back to the plantation. While back on the plantation they intended for him to stay out of sight and keeping his mouth shut. Well, that didn't and that ain't going to happen. Visit the website here for "We The People" to take our country back.

Congratulations to CAK Warriors

The CAK Warriors rolled to a 49-14 win over the Milan Bulldogs for a State Championship in high school football yesterday.

Honorable mention to the Powell Panthers in their 17-14 loss to Henry County for a State Championship last night. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it to a playoff game. Good work Powell!