Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Really!? Big Metal Shed Trashes Ivan Harmon

So, the Big Metal Shed on the Hill had a front page headline story about former City School Board Member, City Councilman, Republican State Executive Committeeman, County Commissioner and two time Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Ivan Harmon getting a $37,000 a year job with the Knox County Sheriffs Office supervising work release inmates performing community service.

There is multiple intentional slams in the article. Stating where he finished in a high school graduating school over 45 years ago. Listing his $39,000 beginning salary with the City of Knoxville in 2003. But listing his current salary as $3,146.00 a month instead of $37,752 a year.

This is clearly not the type of salary that Big Metal Shed on the Hill employees Jesse Fox Mayshark got when he accepted a job with Madame Mayor Madeline. It also pails in comparison to the $58,000 starting salary of Big Metal Shed on the Hill Larry Van Guilder who has accepted a position with Trustee John Duncan.

The reaction to this story was universal. Comments on the local liberal blog were against the poor writing of the story and the inferences that were being made. Community Activist Walt Wojnar sent a message to Don Jacobs the author of the story. Wojnar's email said. "
Your article about Ivan Harmon disgusts me. This man has served his community for years and to imply that he doesn't deserve the job with KCSO because of his class rank from 45 years ago is nothing more than a cheap shot. Maybe it's you that doesn't deserve the job he has." Jacobs responds with "Mr. Wojnar, Just wanted to acknowledge receipt of your note. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Respectfully, Don Jacobs"

The job Harmon has does not allow him to participate in the uniformed officers pension plan. Also, it should be noted that everytime Harmon ran for any position other than Mayor. The Big Metal Shed endorsed him. Friends like that, Harmon don't need any enemies.

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