Thursday, December 29, 2011

Madam Mayor Madeline Names Business Liaison

This morning Madam Mayor Madeline named Patricia Robledo as the City of Knoxville's Business Liaison. Robledo is a small business owner and executive director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of East Tennessee according to the press release.

Robledo will head the Office of Business Support that Rogero promised during the campaign to create if elected.


Anonymous said...

Not sure this says alot good about Rogero's ambition to attract PRIVATE industry to K-Town.

Rogero already commented that she would try to attract business, if it met "her approval."

Don't know exactly what that means, but I'm assuming it means green jobs only or the welfare industrial jobs or government contractors.

Not what we need.

And if Robledo ran a translation service then they rely EXTENSIVELY on government agencies that serves a non-English speaking clientele.

Government welfare agencies.

Not a good pick. Doesn't send a good message. I'll put my faith in county leadership to bring in the jobs.

Brian Hornback said...

I am not sure about all that. I just hope based on the Obamaconmy that both Mayor Burchett & Madame Mayor Madeline are successful

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, I think the office is unnecessary.

We have a Chamber of Commerce.

And while it's apparently ok to have an Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, would it be ok to have a Caucasian Chamber of Commerce?

I think that this is a choice where Rogero's liberal leanings are clearly evident.

It's a multicultural politically correct choice, but I'm not sure what her track record is or how it even pertains to the recruitment of businesses.

From what I learned on Knoxnews, she has no experience in the field of economic development.

If you look at the website it shows she probably does well mining the public sector for lucrative contracts as a favored a "Minority Business Enterprise and certified as a woman-owned company."

She has provided a service that is needed in government and consumer driven businesses because our government has allowed an open southern border.

But this area needs to be less dependent on ORNL, UT,TVA, and the likes. I'm not sure she has the experience to deal with things other than government entities.