Friday, December 30, 2011

Trustee Duncan Corrects A Bad Idea

WBIR reports tonight (here) that Trustee John Duncan is requiring the employees that received a bonus this year that had not earned it a six month grace period ( by June 30, 2012) to complete the requirements or return the money. Duncan states that in 2010CTAS had a computer error and that is why the unearned bonuses were paid. WBIR apparently has not confirmed that with CTAS.

Let's just hope that some media stay on top of this story to ensure the taxpayers are made whole. I am sure our "Conservative Taxpayers Watchdog" County Mayor Tim Burchett will do that. Duncan also stated that he has corrected the paperwork that allowed these unearned bonuses to be paid.

I guess his Collections Attorney Chad Tindell had to do a reversal. I guess the recent hire of Larry Van Guilder by the Trustee paid off. Van Guilder probably advised the Trustee that the best thing to do, is follow the rules and reverse bad opinions of others.


Keeping Them Honest said...

The local media has failed to give this story the attention taxpayers deserve.....possibly because of the last name of the Trustee. CTAS offers a "Certified Public Official" curriculum that requires 160 hours of course work. The State of Tennessee allows County officials the option of up to a $3000 bonus when the certification is attained.Surely the Trustee cannot blame the bonuses on a CTAS computer error. Common sense tells you that 160 hours of course cannot be obtained in less than a year.Political "insiders" believe the Trustee ongoing actions and errors may result in an opponent in 2 years.Giving himself the bonus when other County workers have not gotten a raise in 4 years has created a stir in the City-County building where workers know the short workday schedule of certain Trustee officials...more to come about Mr Tindell(the architect of these bonuses!)....Keeping Them Honest

Keeping Them Honest said...

I understand that Commissioner Larry Smith has concerns about the unearned $3000 bonuses. The Commissioner should start by asking Chad Tindell what he did to earn his bonus check. It seems his training was the "continuing education units" that all attorneys in the State of Tennessee are required to have. Tindell was supposedly the architect of the Trustee's "salary suit" sent to Mayor Burchett for approval. The "salary suit" is a budgetary document presenting proposed salaries and manpower of a fee office. The Mayor can approve or return unapproved at which time the fee office (Trustee in this case) can appeal to the courts.Mr Tindell slid these bonuses thru last year but now his and the Trustee's actions have the Mayor's full attention. This is the same Tindell that finished third in a countywide judges race a few years ago then sought a County Commission appontment and could not get one Commissioners vote. The Citizens On Knox County and the previous County Commission apparently know more about Mr Tindell than the current Trustee. A word of advice to the current County Commision.."Watch-out for this guy" Keeping Them Honest PS--Does Tindell still work on the side as an attorney for a local law firm?