Sunday, January 31, 2010

Television Media Shake-Ups

WATE weekend anchor Whitney Holmes who joined WATE in September 2007 is gone after today. WBIR Weekend Anchor and Reporter Yvette Martinez, a Knoxville/Karns resident since 2000 is rumored to be leaving soon. Also, word is that WVLT's Director of Weather Operations Jim Freeman will be gone in 30-45 days.

WVLT Job Postings here. In the News department, Meteorologist, Multiplatform Producer, Multimedia Video Journalist, Multimedia Producer.

WBIR Job Posting here. Position is Multimedia Journalist.

No job posting for WATE have been discovered at this time.

Additional sources indicate that Holmes is headed to UT and that Martinez in going to TDOT to replace Travis Brickey. No word on where Brickey is headed.

KNS Lies! Brian's Blog aka Truth Squad Calls Foul.

Today with this article Josh Flory, business reporter; Jack McElroy, Editor and Patrick Birmingham, Publisher have printed a slanderous lie about former County Commissioner and private citizen Scott Moore. Underneath a photograph that was taken of Moore on Thursday the reporter authored, the editor approved and the publisher printed the following verbiage.

Scott Moore, during a meeting Thursday of the Board of Zoning Appeals at the City County Building, was involved in SHE Group, LLC, an oak ridge auto company that filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in August.

Mr. Moore was not involved in SHE Group, LLC. The paper has documented his involvement in the Cabbage Road property that was purchased and ultimately placed as collateral. However, when the property was purchased Moore had no other involvement. The paper detailed yesterday that Moore had obtained property at a county surplus sale that was then sold to a major stakeholder in SHE Group, LLC. Flory obviously has all the corporate records of SHE Group, LLC (especially the ones filed in accordance with the bankruptcy) and our sources indicate that Moore is not listed as an owner, stakeholder, officer or has any official involvement with SHE Group, LLC.

The position of Brian's Blog is that if the information is accurate then report it. But, for the little boys club at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill to fabricate information in an effort to slander Moore is not an adherence to the Scripps motto "Give light and the people will find their way." With McElroy it is about turning the lights out and making the people believe the odor of good ole little boy club.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Run Paul Run!

It seems that people are lobbying Commissioner Paul Pinkston to run for Knox County Commission. Although, Pinkston is eligible to run for another full term as he has only served one full term, 2006-2010. The half term he served from 2004-2006 was the remainder of his brother Howard's term. Michael Hammond has served one and a half terms and is eligible to run and has announced his candidacy for a countywide commission seat. Sources close to Pinkston indicate that Pinkston's phone has been ringing off the hook for the last 48 hours as he has been answering calls asking almost begging him to reconsider his previous position that he would not run in 2010. The citizens want Pinkston to run for the Ninth District County Commission seat.

At the bi-monthly Friday breakfast at Shoney's on Chapman Highway the first sign attempting to recruit Pinkston's run was unveiled.

Run Paul Run!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Truth Squad Speaks In High Places

First it was Congressman Joe Wilson and last night it was Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito. The Truth Squad speaks truth even to the President of the United States. Wilson and Alito are the "lie detectors." Not many people have the DNA to speak truth to people in perceived positions of power. We are happy to highlight other Truth Squad members. Way to go, Justice Alito.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fifth District Commissioners Fail To Do The Job They Are Elected To Do

This evening the Knox County Commission had a rezoning request for the Choto Road and Northshore Drive interchange. A proposed Weigels fuel and food center. After a lengthy debate, South Knox County Commissioner Paul Pinkston said "if no one from the fifth district will make a motion, I will." Another commissioner made the second and the rezoning passed 17-0-1. Fifth District Commissioner Craig Leuthold recused himself. Commissioner Richard Briggs and Commissioner Michael Hammond who are seeking re-election to the Fifth District and a Countywide at large position respectively were too afraid to make the group of citizens in support upset or the group in opposition upset. The good news is they ticked off both groups. So, the net gain is that both sides will vote for their opponents. Good job there fraidy-cats Briggs and Hammond.

WBIR Gains Exclusive Bill Phillips Interview After His Resignation Announcement

BREAKING NEWS: Countywide Candidate Meet and Greet

Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray H. Jenkins has informed Brian's Blog that Tim Graham owner of the Knoxville Expo Center will host another Countywide Candidate Meet & Greet on March 25, 2010 at the Knoxville Expo Center. The Expo Center is located at the corner of Merchants Road and Clinton Highway. The Meet & Greet will allow all candidates (Republican, Democrat and Independent) for office on the May 4, 2010 ballot to set up a booth and present their qualifications to all voters that attend. The first and only meet in greet that was held in 2008 was very successful. More details as the are finalized.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is the Junior Tabloid Bully Girl Dumb, Lazy or All The Above?

The Junior Tabloid Bully Girl that has been sponsored by the Senior Tabloid Bully Girl made this posting on the local liberal blog supposedly about Brian's Blog. She demonstrated why she has been terminated by the Knoxville Journal, Sentinel and Metro Pulse over the years. She falsely alleges that a post was deleted. The problem is that the Junior Tabloid Bully Girl is too old to understand that had it been deleted it is still discoverable. The blog post she believes in her alleged mind has been deleted has NOT been deleted, it is still up and will REMAIN up. So as usual she is too ignorant to perform a simple search function on Brian's Blog. It is laughable and proves she is too lazy to find real work, relying on her gal pal for a steady income.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pray for the Admiral Nation & One of Our Coaches

Admiral Head Basketball Coach has taken a leave. Pray for him and his team. link to News Sentinel story here. Here Coach Dodgen is photographed with a Harlem Globetrotter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Powell Republican Club last night

Last night the Powell Republican Club met. The following candidates were present and introdced themselves. Fred Sisk, Knox County Trustee said "I have opposition from little Duncan. These offices are earned, I have been the Chief Deputy Trustee before becoming the Trustee and the little Duncan has never managed anyone"

Tim Hutchison, candidate for Knox County Mayor said "I am running and will have opposition as I always do. The Knoxville News Sentinel and I am sure they will start tomorrow. I am pro-county. I am for consolidated government not metropolitan government."

Michele Carringer, candidate for 7th district County Commissioner. Sherry Witt, Register of Deeds. After some encouragement from club members John Whitehead, former Knox County Property Assessor stood and introduced himself and said "the election is a couple years away, However, I will be a candidate for Property Assessor in 2012.

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog introduced himself and said that he is a candidate for Republican State Executive Committeman District 6. "I have been standing and serving with you in the trenches since 1982. I would like to continue serving you and our party and would appreciate your support, if you do not live in Distric 6 I ask you to call your friends in District 6 and ask them to vote for me on August 5, 2010."

Lillian Williams, candidate for County Commission District 7 was present. Treasurer Herman Meredith said that "he would run for the county line if you will help me." Irene McCrary, Past Knox County Republican Party Chair was present. Club member and local business executive Kim Sepesi announced that she would be a candidate for Knox County School Board District 7 in Powell.

Local business executive Sandy Loy of Construction Plus, Inc. spoke about some legislation that will be introduced into the TN General Assembly that will address the Public Building Authorities and will save the state $50 million a year. Had this legislation been on the books when Hardin Valley Academy was built, it would have reduced the cost to the Knox County taxpayers by $10 million.

Phyllis Severance, the first Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party swore in the new officers. The new officers are: Gary Morris, President; John Van Dyke, Vice President; Herman Meredith, Treasurer and David Clapp, Secretary.

A discussion ensued concerning the County Commissions discussion about the reduction of required signatures for the voter approved recall provision. The best line came from club member Bruce Williams. "Look what happened when school board became non partisan, we got a bunch of yankee idiots."

2010 Lincoln Day Dinner

Phyllis Severance the First Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party has been attending Republican club meetings announcing that the 2010 Lincoln Day Dinner will be held on February 27, 2010 at Rothchilds Catering and Conference Center at 6:00 p.m. Senator John Thune, Republican from South Dakota will be the speaker. Senator Thune was the candidate that the people of South Dakota elected and sent Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle HOME.

Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey and Knox County Property Assessor Phil Ballard are the dinner Chairs.

Halls Republican Club Meeting on Monday Night

On Monday night the Halls Republican Club met and the three speakers were Commission candidates 7th District Michele Carringer, Larry Smith and Lillian Williams. Andrew Graybeal who has appointed a Treasurer for a possible 7th district Commission run has indicated that he will not be a candidate. The Republican club did not invite and would not allow Independent candidates Scott Moore and Steve M. Rogers to speak.

Scott Moore was in attendance at the meeting. He did not attempt to make an introduction or ask any questions. The speaking order was determined prior to the beginning of the meeting. Lillian Williams went first because she is the challenger to Carringer and Smith. Carringer went second because she is the "junior" Commissioner and Smith went last because he is the "senior" Commissioner. Each candidate was given 10 minutes and NO questions were allowed to be asked.

Williams went first and made a very good impression. Carringer went second and she too had a good presentation. Smith went last and he gave the worst presentation he has ever made. He appeared very nervous, with his hands and voice shaking. He did not put together a coherent sentence. Smith did take extensive notes of Williams and Carringer. Several Smith supporters were seen going up to both Williams and Carringer informing them what a great job they did and informing them that effective Monday night they were supporting them and not Smith.

Monday night was not a good night to be Larry Smith.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: The People's Seat Returns To The PEOPLE

The people of Massachusetts awards the U.S. Senate seat to Republican Scott Brown. It is now the peoples seat. This BIG, liberal socialist agenda ship is now being turned Right and is on the RED course. 2010 will be a good, good, good year.

The Future is TODAY

The future of our country rest in the hands of the voters of Mass. The election of Scott Brown will set the course of the ship in the right direction. The election of Martha Coakleyor Independent Joseph Kennedy not so much.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hutchison for Mayor - It is Official

Tim Hutchison for Mayor is official. The campaign website is here. The campaign platform. Sheriff Hutchison's background, experience and leadership are detailed. Opportunities to sign up as a volunteer are on the website. Hutchison is on Facebook and Twitter. It appears that the Knox County election season just opened.

Tuesday January 19, 2010 - Let's Return It To The Peoples Seat

Zach Wamp Earns a HUGE Win at the Debate

The first statewide televised debate among the candidates for Governor was held this past week. Nashville's News Channel 5 held an online poll immediately following the debate and asked who won the debate. Here are the results. Zach Wamp 51% Bill Haslam 18% Mike McWherter 11% Kim McMillan 10% Jim Kyle 5% Ron Ramsey 4% and Bill Gibbons 1%.

Republican Candidates:

Zach Wamp 51%
Bill Haslam 18%
Ron Ramsey 4%
Bill Gibbons 1%

Democrat Candidates:

Mike McWherter 11%
Kim McMillan 10%
Jim Kyle 5%

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Knox County Commission 2010

To be a candidate for Knox County Commission you must pick up a petition from the Knox County Election Commission and gain 25 Registered Voters signatures. The filing deadline to submit your petition to the Election Commission is 2/18/2010. On May 4, 2010 you can only vote for candidates in which partisan party you select. So, if you declare when you vote that you are a Republican you can only vote for one Republican in your district. Same with Democrat. Independents automatically advance to the August 5, 2010 General Election ballot. So, in August you vote for one, whether they are Republican, Democrat or Independent.

District One: Anthony Brown (D) -vs- Sam McKenzie (D)

We do not know Anthony Brown but a primary party challenge will make either candidate a stronger political servant.

District Two: Amy Broyles (D) -vs- Don Daugherty (D)

Amy Broyles will garner the support of the far left wing extremists of the local Democrat Party. Mark Harmon's wife serves as Broyles Treasurer. While former Democrat Chairman Daugherty will have the support of the local everyday Democrats that work with the Republicans. If a Republican does not surface in the Second District, the Republicans should support Daugherty as he is most likely to represent both Republicans and Democrats.

District Three: Tony Norman (R)

Tony Norman is in serious need of an opponent. He should have to defend his anti-Sheriffs Department positions.

District Four: Elaine Davis (R) -vs- Jeff Ownby (R) Finbarr Saunders (D)

Davis versus Ownby will be an interesting race. Davis a former appointed County Commissioner and Ownby a Republican grassroots volunteer. In August the Republican primary winner will challenge liberal Democrat Saunders.

Davis picked up of her petition on Wednesday January 13, 2010 the day after the former UT Coach announced his move west. The only reason we make that connection is that Mike Arms, Chief of Staff to Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale contacted Brian's Blog on January 13, 2010 concerning the Elaine Davis candidacy and said. "It is ironic that Elaine Davis and Lane Kiffin make their move in the same 24 hour period. University of Tennessee gave Lane Kiffin every chance and every opportunity and all the support it could to grow a strong program. The Democratic Party did the same thing for Elaine Davis. She took money from the state Democrat party she gave money to the local Democrat party she took money from the biggest democrat donors and ran as a Democrat in the last election and was soundly beating now suddenly without ever supporting any Republican candidates or giving any money to Republican causes she wants to be a Republican. Let her go to Los Angeles to run for elected office because that's where people with no loyalty need to end up."

Elaine Davis in response to Arms comment "It was Franklin D. Roosevelt that once said "judge me by my enemies" The same could be said in this case."

District Five: Richard Briggs (R)

Briggs like Norman would best be served in having an opponent and defending some of his controversial positions and explain some of his double speak.

District Six: Brad Anders (R)

A solid Commissioner that doesn't pick unnecessary fights but has the backbone to stand up to the extremist left wing liberal wackoes that sit on the other side of Commission. When Anders makes a point it makes sense and is reasonable.

District Seven: Michelle M. Carringer (R) -vs- Andrew Graybeal (R) -vs- Larry Smith (R) -vs- Lillian Williams (R) Scott Moore (I) Steve M. Rogers (I)

Oh, where do we start? Carringer and Smith will aggressively challenge each other and Smith will lose it by snapping at Carringer like he did to his wife at the Halls Republican Club as noted here. When he does it to Carringer, she will likely file charges and involve local law enforcement. Williams and Graybeal will run as a professional businesspeople and let Carringer and Smith beat each other up. Who ever the Republican voters select between will then select between the Republican nomine and either Moore or Rogers. With three defeated Republicans and all their supporters jumping ship to either Moore or Rogers. Knox County Commission could eventually see an Independent as a colleague.

District Eight: Duane Bias (R) -vs- Andrew Graybeal (R) -vs- Dave Wright (R)

This race pits Duane Bias, a husband and father and Gibbs High School band booster President against Dave Wright. Wright in his time on Commission has filed two lawsuits challenging Knox County voters decision. One lawsuit is still currently in the court system. The high cost to the citizens of Knox County in defending the voters decision is not a favorable position to run for elective office.

District Nine: Mike Brown (R) -vs- Chuck Ward (R) Donald Land (I)

Mike Brown against Chuck Ward will be a tight race. Ward ran a good race in 2008. With two years of planning and cultivation of his name id will be to Ward's favor. Plus, to those of us that listen to Sports Talk there is that line, "I am Chuck Ward and I want to buy your house" On a sad note, Victoria DeFreese who served as an interim Commissioner has declined for personal family commitments to be a candidate. As for the August election the likelihood of an Independent beating either Brown or Ward is highly unlikely in the Ninth district.

Countywide At-Large District Ten: Michael L. Daugherty (I) Eddie Evans (D) Michael Hammond (R)

This race could use a Republican primary candidate to challenge "soundbite Mike" however an August General election with Michael L. Daugherty a well known long time Bearden High School teacher and football coach against Hammond (the former Bearden High School public address announcer) will be interesting. We will research Democrat Evans as of this posting we know nothing of him.

Countywide At-Large District Eleven: Richard Armstrong (R) -vs- Ed Shouse (R) Franklyn Moneyhan (I)

This is the saddest contest of the whole lot. Armstrong versus Shouse. Two great guys. As of this posting we know nothing of Moneyhan.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet Our New Coach Derek Dooley

From the LA Tech website. He is married to Dr. Allison Jeffers Dooley, a practicing OBGYN at the Woman's Clinic at Ruston. The couple have two sons John Taylor (10) Peyton (7) and a daughter, Julianna (5) Allison spearheaded and organized "Bulldogs Tackling Breast Cancer" an annual fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Dooley practiced law with a private law firm in Atlanta for two years prior to entering the coaching profession. In 2003 as the recruiting coordinator at LSU his class was ranked as No. 1 in the country. In four seasons at LA Tech his record is 20-30. He and His wife bring substance, something that UT lacked in the Coach/Spouse team the past 14 months.

So, come on Dooley. Let's get this party started.

The Beverly Lane-Billies

Coach Dooley, Welcome to Knoxville!

Wish you well. However, we hope your boss is replaced soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harmon for Mayor of Knoxville

Sources close to the Harmon for Mayor campaign has submitted a possible yard sign that an insider to the Harmon campaign has designed and presented to the campaign team as a possible yard sign to be used in a Harmon for Mayor campaign in 2011. The position of Mayor of the City of Knoxville will be on the ballot in 2011. Mayor Haslam is ineligible to run as he is term limited. Check out the proposed yard sign and make your comments for improving the sign.

America Rising November 2, 1010

Monday, January 11, 2010

We The People by Ray Stevens

Hat tip to Andrew "BigPoppa" Blansett for alerting me to this video.

Brian Hornback's Campaign Makes the Big Shed on the Hill's Publication

Here in Georgiana Vines column she writes about the campaign of Brian Hornback to become the next Republican State Executive Committeeman District 6. The actual verbiage pertaining to Chairman Hornback's campaign; A race is shaping up for the 6th district committeeman Tennessee Republican Executive Committee between Robert Huddleston and Brian Hornback, former Knox County GOP Chairman. The position is presently vacant. Huddleston's wife is currently he committeewoman representing the district. Whether the position is vacant or not has not been confirmed, John Dance was elected in 2006 to serve in the position has indicated that he will not run for the position in 2010 and he has signed Hornback's petition. Kirk Huddleston who served from 1998-2006 has also signed Hornback's petition.

Knox Business Leaders Host Breakfast for Robin Smith

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ford County by John Grisham

My wife gave me a copy of Ford County by John Grisham for Christmas. As a regular readers of Brian's Blog realize that I am a fan of John Grisham. I always get the latest Grisham as quickly as I can when a new one is released. I even read the Painted House originally by purchasing the Oxford American magazines for a year. As the book was published in several editions of the magazine.

Ford County is a collection of short stories. They are all in typical Grisham excellence style. But the last story Funny Boy takes on the ignorant stereotype of the mid to late 1990's and is an excellent story of a controversial subject matter. At the conclusion of the several short stories you may rethink your thoughts and beliefs.

Wonderdog by Inman Majors

Between Christmas and New Years I read Wonderdog by Inman Majors. It is an interesting work of fiction. The story is based on the son of the Alabama Governor. As with Majors first book Swimming In Sky it has a unique fictional style that makes Majors books one of a kind in a sea of fictional authors.

Friday, January 08, 2010

The NS Can Not Get Anything Right These Days

Today, on the front page the News Sentinel tried to tie in some memories of Elvis in Knoxville to an Associated Press story. They got the dates of his Knoxville appearances wrong. Elvis appeared at Stokley Athletic Center on April 8, 1972 and May 20, 1977.

In addition in this article on Wednesday the paper identified Former Knox County Commissioner Scott Moore as a Realtor. In order to be a Realtor, you must attend classes, pass an exam and join the local Board of Realtors. Mr. Moore is not listed as a Realtor with the State of Tennessee, which means he does not hold a license as a Realtor and he is not listed as a member of the local Board of Realtors. Mr. Moore does own rental properties. However, on January 6, 2010 he was not a Realtor as the newspaper said that he was.

The News Sentinel under the direction of Editor Jack McElroy appears to continue to fabricate, mislead or carelessly author stories with errors on a daily basis. When will E.W. Scripps restore integrity to the Editorial/News department at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill?

Hubert Smith Calls Bill Haslam Out

In this letter to the Editor of the Metro Pulse local activist Hubert Smith calls on Bill Haslam to resign. Smith cites substantive reasons for his request and clarifies his call by responding to the first probable response from the Mayor's people. "I realize you don't take a salary from Knoxville, but you did take an oath."

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Personal Message from Brian Hornback

I have decided to seek the position of Republican State Executive Committeeman District Six in the Republican Primary on August 5, 2010. Any Republican voter in State Senator Jamie Woodson's district can vote for me. I will file the nominating petition next week.

Today, I met with Kirk Huddleston that served in this position for eight years, he signed my petition. I also met with John Dance who served in this position for the last four years and he and his beautiful wife Julie signed my petition. I am humbled and honored by their support.

I have been active in grassroots Republican politics since 1982. I have been honored to serve as the Knox County Republican Party Chairman 2005-2007, this was a critical time in the life of our party and together we did well.

As our state and our country are at a critical crossroads it is important that our Republican party meet the challenge and defend the Ronald Reagan principles of the Republican party. I look forward to assisting my party at this another crossroads in our path toward Conservative dominance.

Knox County Schools Closed Tommorrow Friday January 8, 2010

Election Adminstrator Can Be Re-Visited Anytime Election Commission Desires

Brian's Blog has continued to hear rumblings from grass root Republicans frustration how a Democrat is serving as Administrator of Elections in Knox County. It has been noted that the three Republicans that serve on the five member Knox County Election Commission can at anytime advertise and employ an Administrator of Elections. Republican Scott Frith has been in as Deputy Administrator of Elections long enough to understand the role of Administrator. A replaced Administrator that is a bona fide Republican would invigorate the grass root Republicans leading up to the 2010 elections.

Will Alapo Ever Get a Story Right?

In this story Lola Alapo identifies Greg Mackay as Knox County Election Commissioner. He is actually an employee of the five Knox County Election Commissioners. His correct title is Knox County Administrator of Elections.

UPDATE: In a record 10 minutes after the twitter link of this blog post went out the story was corrected online. To the NS staffer that called and thanked us for noting the error. You are welcome.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Robin Smith Will Be In Knoxville With Business Leaders

Area Business leaders will meet and greet with Third District Congressional candidate Robin Smith in a breakfast gathering on Thursday February 4, 2010 at 7:45 a.m. at Fox Den Country Club in Farragut, TN. Smith is the only candidate that has spent any time in Oak Ridge and East TN. In her time here she has spent a considerable amount of time in understanding the value and importance of the economic engine of Y12 and the Oak Ridge National Lab. Smith understands technology and nuclear industry and what it can mean to our ongoing future regional economic growth. Smith is seeking to replace Third District Congressman Zach Wamp, who is running for the Republican nomination for Governor of Tennessee. Wamp's shoes will be very hard to fill as he utilized his role as an appropriator of federal funds for the continual operation and expansion of Y12 and the lab. It is critical that the district replace Wamp with someone equally as capable to handle the job. Smith is that candidate.

NS Gets The Facts Wrong

In this article the NS in its first paragraph reported "KNOXVILLE - Former Knox County Commissioner Scott Moore, who was ousted for perjury last year, today picked up a petition to run as an Independent for his former 7th district seat. " Moore was not removed by Judge Kerrey Blackwood in 2009, it was 2008. Why is it that the facts allude Jack McElroy and crew? O.k. now the NS will correct the story, they should credit Brian's Blog, their truth squad as helping their crack investigative team.

All the NS had to do was read the verbage under the picture that they used of Scott Moore today to see that they are factual wrong. "In this October 14, 2008 photo, former Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore talks to the press outside Chancery Court moments after a special judge ousted him for perjury,"

Alapo Leaves Out Facts

In this article in today's paper, Lola Alapo writes about all the contested School Board races. She left out the Fourth district race where the incumbent is not running for re-election and Lynn L. Fugate is the only announced candidate. In the Seventh district Alapo left out Matthew Jones, a father with public school age children. On a positive note Alapo finally reported that Pam Maroney Trainer has been a candidate for public office in the ninth district before. A point that Brian's Blog reported several weeks ago.

Monday, January 04, 2010

School Board Races in 2010

The incumbent in the First and Fourth district are NOT running for re-election. Their hand picked candidates are not being opposed as of this date. First district candidate is Gloria Deathridge. Fourth district candidate is Lynne L. Fugate. The Sixth district incumbent Thomas A. Deakins is seeking re-election and is unopposed. In the Seventh district incumbent Rex Stooksbury, who had considered running for re-election has announced he will not be a candidate. The elderly Diane Dozier, an employee of Foster Arnett, Knox County Clerk is planning to oppose Powell resident Matthew Jones, a young father of two public school age children. In the Ninth district incumbent School Board Member Robert Bratton, a father of three public school age children is set to be opposed by Pam Maroney Trainer, a former candidate in the Ninth district. She generated less than 33% of the total vote and Tammy Sommers.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Shopper, Clark and Van Guilder are Bias Against the Truth

E.W. Scripps owned Shopper News through it's reporter Larry Van Gallder and Editor Sandra Clark have published at least 5 stories about the Recall Bill Phillips effort in the months of November and December 2009. In all of those 5 articles the reporter NEVER contacted School Board Member Bill Phillips or his wife Karen Phillips for comment on any of his "news stories".

However, the deadline for turning in the petition was December 26, 2009. That means that the Shopper could have reported in their paper last Monday or even in tomorrows edition the failed outcome of the effort. No article last week or this week that the Recall Bill Phillips group failed to Recall Board Member Phillips. Sources within the Recall group have informed us that Van Guilder was informed well in advance that their effort failed. So, why would Van Guilder not report the groups failure? Is it because he would have to report his own failure?