Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Halls Republican Club Meeting on Monday Night

On Monday night the Halls Republican Club met and the three speakers were Commission candidates 7th District Michele Carringer, Larry Smith and Lillian Williams. Andrew Graybeal who has appointed a Treasurer for a possible 7th district Commission run has indicated that he will not be a candidate. The Republican club did not invite and would not allow Independent candidates Scott Moore and Steve M. Rogers to speak.

Scott Moore was in attendance at the meeting. He did not attempt to make an introduction or ask any questions. The speaking order was determined prior to the beginning of the meeting. Lillian Williams went first because she is the challenger to Carringer and Smith. Carringer went second because she is the "junior" Commissioner and Smith went last because he is the "senior" Commissioner. Each candidate was given 10 minutes and NO questions were allowed to be asked.

Williams went first and made a very good impression. Carringer went second and she too had a good presentation. Smith went last and he gave the worst presentation he has ever made. He appeared very nervous, with his hands and voice shaking. He did not put together a coherent sentence. Smith did take extensive notes of Williams and Carringer. Several Smith supporters were seen going up to both Williams and Carringer informing them what a great job they did and informing them that effective Monday night they were supporting them and not Smith.

Monday night was not a good night to be Larry Smith.


Anonymous said...

When is it a good time to be R. Larry Smith?

Anonymous said...

When he beats the other candidates- Michele "bless her heart" Carringer and Lillian "she'd be alright except for her husband" Williams, and now we don't have to worry about Andrew "can't hack it in one party-just try another" Graybeal. Not a fan of "I beat my wife" either--but someone has to win. God bless the republican party.