Monday, January 04, 2010

School Board Races in 2010

The incumbent in the First and Fourth district are NOT running for re-election. Their hand picked candidates are not being opposed as of this date. First district candidate is Gloria Deathridge. Fourth district candidate is Lynne L. Fugate. The Sixth district incumbent Thomas A. Deakins is seeking re-election and is unopposed. In the Seventh district incumbent Rex Stooksbury, who had considered running for re-election has announced he will not be a candidate. The elderly Diane Dozier, an employee of Foster Arnett, Knox County Clerk is planning to oppose Powell resident Matthew Jones, a young father of two public school age children. In the Ninth district incumbent School Board Member Robert Bratton, a father of three public school age children is set to be opposed by Pam Maroney Trainer, a former candidate in the Ninth district. She generated less than 33% of the total vote and Tammy Sommers.

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statesman said...

It is good to see someone handicap a school board race, even if it is Knox County. I don't think these offices get the kind of looks they should from conservatives. I myself am running for a vacated school board seat in Putnam County, Tenn. Conservatives need to start looking seriously at bidding for the future of our education system!