Tuesday, January 05, 2010

NS Gets The Facts Wrong

In this article the NS in its first paragraph reported "KNOXVILLE - Former Knox County Commissioner Scott Moore, who was ousted for perjury last year, today picked up a petition to run as an Independent for his former 7th district seat. " Moore was not removed by Judge Kerrey Blackwood in 2009, it was 2008. Why is it that the facts allude Jack McElroy and crew? O.k. now the NS will correct the story, they should credit Brian's Blog, their truth squad as helping their crack investigative team.

All the NS had to do was read the verbage under the picture that they used of Scott Moore today to see that they are factual wrong. "In this October 14, 2008 photo, former Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore talks to the press outside Chancery Court moments after a special judge ousted him for perjury,"

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