Thursday, January 07, 2010

Personal Message from Brian Hornback

I have decided to seek the position of Republican State Executive Committeeman District Six in the Republican Primary on August 5, 2010. Any Republican voter in State Senator Jamie Woodson's district can vote for me. I will file the nominating petition next week.

Today, I met with Kirk Huddleston that served in this position for eight years, he signed my petition. I also met with John Dance who served in this position for the last four years and he and his beautiful wife Julie signed my petition. I am humbled and honored by their support.

I have been active in grassroots Republican politics since 1982. I have been honored to serve as the Knox County Republican Party Chairman 2005-2007, this was a critical time in the life of our party and together we did well.

As our state and our country are at a critical crossroads it is important that our Republican party meet the challenge and defend the Ronald Reagan principles of the Republican party. I look forward to assisting my party at this another crossroads in our path toward Conservative dominance.

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Anonymous said...

Please let us know how we can vote for you. YOU keep it real and go after CORRUPTION, no matter which person or party. Go man, go!!!