Sunday, October 30, 2011

Padgett Takes A Saturday Break with West Hills Community

Mayoral Candidate and Businessman Mark Padgett takes a break from campaigning to visit with West Hills residents on Saturday.

West Hills Residents Bobbi Christenberry and former City Councilwoman Jean Teague visit with each other at the Padgett visit.

Campaign volunteer for Mayoral Candidate and Businessman Mark Padgett visits with West Hills resident Mr. Christenberry.

Here West Hills residents Jayme Ownby, Bobbi Christenberry and former City Councilwoman Jena Teague visit with each other.

Bosch Calls Names on Inside TN Regarding the "rain tax"

On WBIR's Inside TN that was taped on Thursday night and aired this morning. City Council candidate John Stancil brought up the "rain tax". Panelist Liberal Madeline's $1,000 donor Don Bosch reacted rather strongly saying that this was an issue discussed among "political operatives" and "political ne'er-do-wells" Why would Bosch cast such aspersions on Rachel Craig, Rikki Hall and Steve Drevik? All three of these persons have been defending Liberal Madeline on twitter and a couple of liberal blog forums and even here at Shock And Awe saying that she has not proposed this tax or stated publicly about this tax.

Although, it is clear from numerous sources in the Deathstar (aka City County Building) that she has discussed it behind closed doors. So much for Liberal Madeline being open and transparent. She has been endorsed by 7 of 9 former School Board Members that supported the Superintendent of Schools in 1999 to communicate with them via "secret" documents. A clear violation of TN Open Records Law (KNS "Superintendent Used Private "diary" to communicate with school board" November 5, 1999) In addition, she was seen meeting with a Black Wednesday Appointed Commissioner on Friday.

City Council Candidate George Wallace also disclosed that Alcoa a neighboring city municipality to Knox County has this "rain tax" on all commercial property. Both Stancil and Wallace are opposed to the "rain tax". Liberal Madeline has not publicly stated that she will NOT seek a "rain tax". She only takes a past tense, "I have not proposed that."

Friday, October 28, 2011

Phil Ballard Is Skeered (aka scared) to Debate or Take Questions

The Halls Republican Club would like to have Phil Ballard and John Whitehead to debate or at least answer questions from the individuals that attend the November 14th meeting. Sources from the Deathstar have informed us that Ballard has been pressuring the officers of the club to NOT conduct a debate or even to allow for questions. Ballard's ideal situation is that he and Whitehead be given 5-10 minutes to make a speech and then that is all. Ballard has even resorted to having an employee of another fee office contact the club's leadership to put the hammer down on not allowing the candidates to interact with the people.
Phil Ballard, Candidate for Knox County Property Assessor during a July 4th Town of Farragut Parade.

John Whitehead, Candidate for Property Assessor talking with Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray H. Jenkins to the left and Republican State Senate Candidate Becky Duncan Massey and a recent Eighth District Republican Club meeting.

I left a message for Ballard on Thursday afternoon and he has not returned the call. I contacted John Whitehead and he did return my call. Whitehead said that he is in support of a debate. He would even like to take questions from those in attendance. "Just because you can give a speech only demonstrates that you can memorize a few words and sentences." He went on to say, "Answering questions demonstrates that you understand the operation of the office and the duties assigned to the next Property Assessor"

Liberal Madeline Met With Black Wednesday Character Today

Brian's Blog sources were traveling down Sutherland Avenue and nearly wrecked their car when they saw Liberal Madeline talking to weekly community newspaper publisher and former Knox GOP Secretary Steve Hunley and former Black Wednesday County Commissioner Jack Huddleston.

What could they have been talking about. Could it have been about this weeks hate mail letter? Could it have been about the "rain tax" that Liberal Madeline did not deny in the WOKI debate on Thursday? She said she had not proposed it. That is not a No and not a Yes! Could it have been about school board activity on Carter Elementary School or the outsourcing of custodians? Could it be a major "Focus Staff" front page story blasting Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones or Knoxville Mayoral Candidate and Businessman Mark Padgett?

Last Night's Knox County Schools Budget Town Hall

Last night about 250-300 people attended the Knox County Schools Budget town hall meeting at Fulton High School. Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre has placed 5 items before the school board for budget cuts. They are
  • examine the policy on community use of facilities. Currently the school system may not be collecting the real cost when a community organization uses a schools facilities.
  • a three tier school start time. Currently the Knox County Schools have two school starts. Elementary at 7:45 a.m. and Middle School/High School at 8:30 a.m. If the school system began school at some schools at 9:30 a.m. they could save money by utilizing fewer buses and spreading the current transportation longer.
  • adjust the staffing formula for schools. Currently high schools are on a 4x4 block scheduling. which is a 4 90 minute classes in one semester (half a year). Some schools are having success with 45 minute classes that go all year.
  • close the small Elementary Schools below 200 students. They are Gap Creek, South Knox, Corryton and Maynard. Close the small Middle School below 300 students, Vine.
  • Outsource Custodial Services. Use a private company to staff the janitors in all schools. 
The first citizen to speak was a parent and a custodian. She indicated that the health insurance provided by Service Solutions Company is not comparable to Knox County's health insurance. She indicated that the deductible would triple. Dr. McIntyre said, yes that the health insurance premiums of Service Solutions is same or lower. However, the deductible is $1,500. The current Knox County deductible is $300.

A parent from the Corryton Elementary School asked where the children would be absorbed into at Gibbs Elementary School. There are 9 classrooms available, however four are from pre-k so that leaves 5 classrooms for the Corryton students at Gibbs.

A Halls Middle School student asked if any in school or out of school activities could be affected by the budget cuts. Dr. McIntyre said that if the school district were to change the use of facilities for organizations. Some organizations may not be able to afford an increase in use of facilities.

A Maynard Elementary parent asked where the Maynard students would go. The answer was Green School.

An out of zone 6th grader at Vine Middle. (Out of zone means that she lives in another Middle School zone but attends the Magnet program at Vine). She said we can't stand for our school to be closed. It is small but it is superior.

A gentleman discussed that yes enrollment and test scores are down. But it is not unfixable. The myth that our community (center city) does not value education  is not accurate.

A pastor of a Lonsdale church said I know you have the money to fix the center city schools. Because "you had the money for the STEM school. I know you have the money because you had the money for Hardin Valley High School." Dr. McIntyre wants the board to discuss and examine the magnet schools and see how to restructure them.

A South Knox Elementary parent spoke about the students being absorbed into Dogwood. Dogwood is on the bad list, while South Knox is passing. Any high school could have been used as the STEM high school. So why go to the L&N? Dr. McIntyre said that STEM is an investment. The City's investment in the lease and federal Race to the Top dollars versus the return is a better investment.

A 4th grade student at Corryton said "you are not just shutting down our school, you are shutting down a community."

A parent of a West High School student said he was against outsourcing custodial services. "the atmosphere is cut, cut, cut and should be thinking is people, people, people."

A 7 year teacher at Maynard stated that Maynard has consistently made AYP over the years.

Another citizen stated that all schools that have been closed are in the east city. "Eastport, Fair Garden and Holston High, they were all African American. If kids can learn in the west, they can learn in the east."

A citizen asked what happens to the building if Corryton is closed. Dr. McIntyre explained that the school board turns the building over to County Commission. They sell it and the proceeds go to the school board.

A parent of a Fulton High School student and employee of UT discussed how UT had outsourced to a private custodial service and that they were now in the process of ending that contract and correcting the action. He also discussed that a previous speaker had made reference to a student being raped by an outsourced custodial employee in Putnam County. he said that the offender was a sex offender but was still hired and placed in the school. He went on to ask Dr. McIntyre. "don't outsource my family"

Liberal Madeline - She Can't Answer a Simple Question

Yesterday morning in the WOKI FM Mayoral Debate Madeline Rogero was asked if she would create a new Rain Tax if she became Mayor. A simple yes or no would have been nice. Madeline said:

What is Madeline Rogero hiding? She answered the question in the past tense. The question was about the future if she became Mayor. Why can’t she answer a simple question?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More on the "rain tax"

Sources in the Deathstar aka City County Building on the city side indicate that Liberal Madeline has already been having discussions with city officials for implementing the "rain tax".

Here is some additional information on Charlotte, NC Storm Water Commercial Property fee. It is $138.00 per Acre of impervious covering. So a Church with 20 acres of Property may have 15 acres of Impervious covering, so their charge would be 15 x $138.00 = $2,070.00 per month. For commercial properties, the calculation is acres of impervious cover. Look at the Fee grid (
here) for the City of Charlotte, it states the charge is per acre.  And this means per acre of impervious covering, not of total land. If Liberal Madeline institutes this kind of fee, it creates a huge new revenue stream that will never go away.

Liberal Madeline Wants a Rain Tax

Here in the City of Knoxville Stormwater Report is information on the possibility of a "rain tax" A good summation was posted over on the website of the "Big Metal Shed on the Hill". The Tennessee State Legislature recently passed Stormwater Management Legislation (Senate Bill No. 68 and House Bill No. 56) which provides the City of Knoxville with sufficient enabling authority to implement the required NPDES stormwater management programs. This legislation also provides the City with the option to finance the stormwater management program with a stormwater utility. The City is currently considering a stormwater utility study which would determine billing rates for property owners who discharge stormwater to the municipal storm sewer system. Typically, stormwater utility rates are based on the percentage of impervious area on a property. The City has considered applying the Stormwater Utility Fee through the Knoxville Utility Board (KUB) existing billing system. If the City chooses to implement a Stormwater Utility, the fee system would be devised to provide sufficient funding for all of the proposed NPDES stormwater management programs.

Charlotte, NC has a "rain tax" that generates almost $10 a month from homeowners and $136 a month from commercial properties. All property owners are subjected to such taxes. Schools and Churches are not exempt. A caller on the ed and bob show this morning said that in Houston, TX it has raised over $400 million a year.

Rep. Jimmy Matlock Running Again

Rumors have been circulating that State Representative Jimmy Matlock may not be running for re-election. That decision could have impacted re-districting. You see Lenoir City and Roane County are in one district and represented by Rep. Julia Hurley. Rep. Matlock represents Loudon County and parts of Monroe County.

Sources close to Rep. Matlock indicate that he is running for re-election next year.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Congressman Fleischmann Uses Campaign Funds to Pay Staffers Legal Bills

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann has used his campaign funds to defend His Current Chief of Staff and former Campaign advisor in a lawsuit. So says the Chattanooga Times Free Press here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Liberal Madeline Doesn't "Foresee" but Doesn't Rule it Out

Businessman Mark Padgett and Candidate for Mayor appeared on WATE's Tennessee This Week with his opponent Liberal Madeline. The question of her two arrest was raised. Moderator Gene Patterson asked her if as Mayor she would picket as she had in the past. She said that she did not "foresee" that. However, she refrained from stating defintively that she would not.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nasty Political Mail

I was talking to an elected official yesterday. She told me about a nasty mailer that made reference to "national blogger Brian Hornback". I have continued to receive numerous phone calls about the letter. I haven't seen the letter, but the attack on a good corporate citizen of Knoxville is uncalled for. In addition, if it is exactly as it was read to me it is malicious and I hope the identity of the originator is discovered. I talked with Lloyd Daugherty, Chairman of the Tennessee Conservative Union today. About 14 members of the TCU's have called him about the letter. Of the ones he has talked to, it seems that the members in the Fountain City area of Knoxville were a target.

West Knoxville Opens Padgett HQ

4th District County Commissioner Jeff Ownby decked out in his West High Rebels "Pink Out" t-shirt greets early visitors to the West Knox Hq of Mayoral Candidate Mark Padgett.

The entrance to the Hq is appropriately handicapped accesible, allowing all citizens to become active Padgett People.

The crowd was large and supportive for their Mayoral Candidate. Even City Council Candiate Sharon Welch came by to meet and greet the Padgett People.

Mayoral Candidate Businessman Mark Padgett was busy meeting with everyone as the yard signs, t-shirts went out of the building and Little Caesars pizza, fresh veggies, cookies and drinks were consumed.

Friday, October 21, 2011

WBIR Inside TN Stacks a Biased Panel Against Padgett

Sources at WBIR TV report that immediately prior to Wednesday's one hour taping of Inside TN for a debate between Businessman Mark Padgett and Liberal Madeline that as the panel took their seats after attaching the microphones that Attorney Don Bosch placed his hand over the microphone and said I must declare that I am committed to Madeline for Mayor.

The Inside TN producer stated that Knoxville is a small town. Bias is ugly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Liberal Madeline Endorsed by Backroom Boys & Girls

Liberal Madeline announced on September 21, 2011 about 25 "community leader" endorsements. Of those 25 individuals, 7 have encouraged their employee to skirt the Sunshine law. The source is a Knoxville News Sentinel story written by David Keim on November 5, 1999. The article "Superintendent used private 'diary' to communicate with school board".

The article details that "in an effort to circumvent the state open records law, Superintendent Charles Lindsey used a diary to keep Knox County school board members privately apprised of school business for four months." Lindsey tried "...sending "confidential letters" to the board, but the News Sentinel asked for copies so instead Lindsey started sending "Dear Diary" entries on an almost weekly basis from July 9 to October 29."

Seven of the Endorsers of Liberal Madeline were School Board Members at the time. They are Sam Anderson, Steve Hunley, Diane Jablonski, Paul Kelley, Margaret Maddox, School Board Chairman Jim McClain and Vice Chairman Tom Prince. Paul Kelley defending the closed door initiative as that "The diary entries "have proved valuable" Kelley also said "I don't know that there's anything in them....that was secret, or that there was any effort to influence decisions about school board matters." Another board member D.M. Miller who has not endorsed Liberal Madeline defended the secret diaries by saying "I don't know. I think some things are sort of private."

So, when judging people by who your friends are. Liberal Madeline has 7 that believe in skirting the states open records law. This is an indication of what a Liberal Madeline administration will look like.

Insider Trading at the School Board?

Last night the Knox County School Board held it's workshop. On the agenda were about 5 possible budget busters. Items that the board could alter in order to save money. One item is the outsourcing of custodial services. This is an actionable item, because Superintendent Dr. James McIntyre would like for the board to vote on this in November and implement the change during the winter holidays. With the new provider taking over in January.

The recommended vendor is SSC of Knoxville. President Don Williams of Oak Ridge and Marketing guy Matt Cooter of Elizabethton were there representing SSC. Apparently, Mark Isom of Jefferson City of Premiere Business Services will be a sub contractor with SSC. Isom was also present to answer questions.

The school board asked some really hard questions of SSC/Premiere. However, heads were raised when the question about the custodial contract in Metro Nashville was asked. A board member asked if they proposed on the Metro Nashville contract. They said that Mark Isom had proposed and that SSC was his sub on that proposal. A board member asked why do you feel you didn't get that contract. Isom said it was "political" and then he said that he believes "insider trading" was involved. That's a way to perk up a sleepy school board meeting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Padgett Bologna Cutting at Powell Realty and Auction

Yes, I attended the Powel Realty and Auction Bologna Cutting for Mike Padgett. Howard and Kenny Phillips are good friends and they always invite me. Plus the Padgett campaign invited me. Sandra Clark, the E.W. Scripps writer, mentioned me in her follow-up. Prior to mentioning Michelle Carringer and myself, Clark apologized if she got a quote wrong. She said because it is tough eating a bologna sandwich and taking note. It seems from this picture that she was taking notes quite well.
The actual event on Thursday went rather well. William Pierce Padgett made an appearance in order to support his daddy. What I enjoyed most was seeing his "grandpa" being the proud grandpa and guard of young Mr. Pierce. Of course, Katie (Pierce's mom) was right there too.

Also, Sandra Clark reported about former County Commissioner Michelle Carringer and I attending. Well, here we are with good friends, Mark Hancock and City Council Member Brenda Palmer.
And of course, my friend Bo Bennett with Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Mark Padgett following the speech.

Of course, a Howard Phillips bologna cutting would not be properly covered without a photograph of the candidate and Howard Phillips together.

Is Hunley's Focus Staff Actually Betty Bean of E.W. Scripps?

This evening on the blab, Betty Bean posted the same example from 1991 that is found in tomorrow's Political Analysis that is ghost written by "Focus Staff" Is that coincidence? Did Bean read Hunley's focus for her pointers? Or is she moonlighting with Hunley's Focus? Of course it isn't moonlighting as she is a contract writer. She can probably write for any or all that would take her writing.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hunley's Focus & Liberal Madeline

Sources close to members of the Knox County School Board indicate that Steve Hunley has indicated that he and Liberal Madeline swapped his Focus endorsement for her convincing School Board Member Indya Kincannon to vote for the New Carter Elementary School. I attempted to call Hunley twice on Thursday October 13th, he was not available for comment.

Friday, October 14, 2011

First Ever Admiral Walk

A couple of days ago, a few Farragut Admiral fans came up with the idea of an Admiral walk. The team always eats it's pre-game meal and walks back to the school. So, the idea was to line up along the entrance road from Campbell Station Road to the high school. Surprisingly, in just a few days a lot of Admiral fans lined one and a half side of the road. A new tradition may be born. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. the Admirals host Maryville at Bill Clabo Field in Beautiful Downtown Farragut.
Admiral Dave was one of the first and has a sign that reads "I Believe"

Pretty Good crowd lining at least one side of the road.

Here come the Admirals!

Here is our Admiral leader, My Hero Coach Courtney as he leads the Admiral Walk.

The Admirals Focused!

More Admirals Experiencing the first ever Admiral Walk.

The Big Admiral Guys!

The rest of the Admirals! Now, Let's Go Get the Rebels!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Metro Pulse Is Pea Green With Envy!

Here Metro Pulse (Knoxville's weekly advertisement circular) attacked a local newspaper.It appears that Jack Neely got his jealousy meter turned up to "pea green with envy". It would be good if he got his facts straight. He states, "No one knew..." this is not true. The Knoxville Journal News staff did the week before their visit when Journal reporter Martha Woodward got the call asking her for an interview. Neely also states the CSPAN crew were headed back to Washington, D.C. Wrong again, they were on the way to Birmingham then onto Baton Rouge. Neely says Woodward was wearing a skirt when in fact it was a dress. Neely states that the photojournalists stayed in by day and came out by night, intimating that they were barely working. The truth is they worked steadily long hours each day and night. Neely says it was a non event, then why did his cronies have a quick party so they could feel like they were involved? Sources indicate the staff at the Journal are pleased that Neely always reads the Journal. By the way, the Knoxville Journal was not the only newspaper to report about CSPAN and Mrs. Woodward. An article also appeared in the Fountain City Focus.

Jack Neely sent an email apologizing to Mrs. Woodward. His defense is that Knoxville's weekly advertisement circular always makes fun of Knoxville's oldest newspaper.

Sorry, Ms. Woodward, I did not consider it an attack on you at all, and I’m sorry I wrote it in such a way it that way it could have been taken that way. We just made fun of the Journal’s making such a big deal of it. We’ve been making fun of their front-page treatments for years.

Their headline suggests they were interviewing you as a “Journal Writer,” as if that status was their main attraction to you—maybe it was just clumsy placement and wording, but I had the impression the KJ is trying to catch a ride on your coattails, suggesting they have some national credibility. My impression is that your WF book was CSPAN’s main attraction to you; as I recall the KJ article doesn’t even mention your book by name.

We also made fun of it because they made it seem such a big deal, as if it was one of the top stories of the week. They interviewed me, too, but we didn’t consider it newsworthy enough to mention in MP.

FYI, I talked to them last on Friday, and they said they were flying directly back to DC the next day, and that it was the end of a loop of driving the vans in a big arc around Charlotte. They did tell me they were headed to Baton Rouge later.

Again, though I didn’t say anything bad about you or your book, I apologize.

Jack Neely

Also in the Ear to the Ground this week the last item is entitled "Momentary Truce" They reprint a tweet from Mark Padgett's twitter account. While tweets are limited to 140 characters, evidently Knoxville's weekly advertisement circular is limited to less than 140 characters due to their pea green envy of bias journalism. The actual tweet said "Thanks @metropulse, @brianhornback, @madelinerogero & everyone for their best wishes. Katie & I couldn't be happier that he's finally here!"
  Obviously, the Pulse staff just couldn't stand the idea that I had higher billing then Mr. Padgett's opponent, the Community Organizer Liberal Madeline

Steve Hunley's Focus Hates The Sheriff II

Not only has Steve Hunley's Focus morphed into a former version of the Shopper once this week. It has done it twice. In a story spewing the vile nasty tabloid rhetoric of Liberal Madeline's campaign. Hunley's Focus sets another laser beam on Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones in particular.

First, the individuals in the Deathstar are wondering who has taken over Hunley's Focus. A paper that it's founder once boasted would NEVER write anything negative. Who once used the mantra, all the positive news that is fit to print. One who told his writers, however, you write a story is fine just end it in a positive light. So, it is really odd to see Hunley's Focus become misguided and so typical.

Let's launch into this. First Author Alex Haley and then now Senator Lamar Alexander have used the line. "Find the good and praise it". It is difficult to do with this article but I will start with finding what I agree with and then deal with the others after that. I agree with Hunley's Focus Staff with "Madeline Rogero who failed" Rogero did fail, Hunley's best bud and frequent dinner guest Jack Huddleston was boasting at the TVA&I Fair kick-off lunch that Madeline was gonna take this thing and win it all on September 27, so yes she failed.

Hunley's Focus set out to further denigrate Ivan Harmon by publishing "who is known for mangling the English language". This from a guy (Hunley) that in phone conversations will say, "doot, to doot, to doot!" Hunley's Focus goes on to act like Harmon praising Padgett for being a fiscal conservative is hypocritical because Padgett has raised $400,000.00 and is still raising it. That is an indication of his grassroots support. You telling me that if Liberal Madeline could have gotten $400,000.00 that she wouldn't have taken it? Yes, she would and her campaign is still begging for cash.

Hunley's Focus then goes on to blast Joe Hultquist and attempts to impugn his integrity because he is "unemployed". Hey, there by the grace of God go all of us. With Obama, Pelosi and Reid there are allot of people unemployed by no fault of their own. So, do you really want Liberal Madeline aka NancyPelosi2.0 running the city so that more people will be unemployed. And the major knock on Hultquist is that he and Liberal Madeline share the same type of supporters. So Hultquist should have endorsed Liberal Madeline. Well, that mentality is what got 909 of the "Peoples Temple Agricultural Project" in Guyana killed on November 18, 1978 when they all drank the same kool-aid, that is what got all the David Koresh followers killed in Waco, TX. Just go with the crowd. Well, sometimes it is best when the crowd is jumping off the cliff, to stand alone.

Hunley's Focus then goes on attack of Bo Bennett. It reports that Bennett asked individuals at a South Knox breakfast to vote for Ivan Harmon. I was at the breakfast, that is not what Bennett said. So, chalk that up to bad Intel and tabloid journalism on Hunley's Focus.

Hunley's Focus then sets it's laser beam on Sheriff Jones. Hunley's Focus then attempts to lump Jones in with former Commissioner Greg Lambert and Black Wednesday. Again they leave their best buds Jack Huddleston and Phil Ballard out of the Black Wednesday report.

Hunley's Focus goes on to say that Knox County GOP Chair Ray Jenkins was induced to support Harmon. Really?! Why would a Republican Party Chairman have to be induced to support a former Republican Officeholder? Other than the fact that Former School Board Member Hunley was inducing him NOT to do so. I have been a criticiser of Jenkins in the past but on this one he did the job he was selected to do. Oh and by the way, Hunley was always a close confident of Jenkins until this Mayor election. After all, Hunley was Secretary of the Party during Jenkins first term.

Hunley's Focus goes on to again report how Ivan Harmon had challenged Former Mayor Victor Ashe and was then employed by the City. That is the same situation with Liberal Madeline. She ran against Bill Haslam in 2003 and was hired as Community Development Director in a rumored move to keep her happy during Mayor Haslam's reelection of 2007. That would allow him to be a more viable candidate for Governor in 2010. Padgett is now messing up "the plan" so all we can do is take a deep breath and repeat a Hunleyism, "doot, to doot, to doot"

Steve Hunley's Focus Hates The Sheriff!

Steve Hunley's Focus this week reads like a Sandra Clark/Mary Lou Horner Shopper from days gone by. In a story discussing Liberal Madeline's endorsement by Knoxville FOP. Hunley's Focus sets a laser beam on Sheriff Jones by trying to draw him into the "Black Wednesday" fiasco with Ivan Harmon and Scott Moore. What Hunley's Focus leaves out is that his best bud and frequent dinner guest Jack Huddleston was appointed by Huddleston's vacation pal County Commissioner Phil Ballard.

Hunley's Focus calls the endorsement of Jack McEloy and the Big Metal Shed on the Hill as a jewel. What Hunley's Focus doesn't say is it is a gum ball machine jewel, not a legitimate jewel. But we are talking about Hunley. Hunley's Focus uses rumor to report the vote total but is quick to say there is no way to verify is information. That is negative tabloid journalism!

Hunley's Focus tries to spread the rumor that Sheriff Jones wants to be Knoxville Chief of Police. That would be like the President of the United States becoming Speaker of the House. The Sheriff has jurisdiction in the City, the City does not have jurisdiction in the county.

Dr. McIntyre is on the Right Track

When I was a member of the School Board (almost a decade ago) the discussion of closing 4 schools was on the radar. But 5 board members didn't have courage to close them. At the time it was Corryton, Gap Creek, South Knox and Maynard.

Here was the deal then. Corryton could be absorbed into Ritta and Gibbs. That was before Gibbs received a brand new larger school.

It would be easier to accomplish that today, with Gibbs having a new expanded facility. Gap Creek and South Knox are both in the ninth district. At the time of the discussion, the board member for that area was the Board Chairman. The same member that housed the Superintendent and his wife at is home until the could buy a house after their move here from South Carolina. It has also been rumored that the Superintendent and his wife used the Board Chairman's wife as their realtor on the purchase of their home.

However, Gap Creek can be absorbed into New Hopewell and South Knox can be absorbed into Sarah Moore Greene. Maynard Elementary can be easily absorbed into Beaumont and probably West View. West View is an interesting school, they received a visit from then President George W. Bush on the anniversary of NCLB - No Child Left Behind. It was one of several occasions where I got to see and speak with the President. I will have to review the Superintendent's information about Vine Middle. Obviously, South Doyle Middle and Carter Middle are closest with the possibility of utilizing Gresham.

I am doing this by memory. So, I may be missing one. But bottom line, in my opinion, Dr. McIntyre is on the right check and 4 elementary schools need to be closed and sold to the private sector.

Why Does Rep. Todd Have To Talk to Speaker Harwell? Man Up and Resign Your Leadership Spot!

So The Tennessean has this followup to the story from yesterday about TN House Representative and Committee Chirman Curry Todd's DUI and loaded gun charge. Todd says he will wait to talk to Speaker Harwell about the need to resign as Committee Chirman. What! Grow a set, be responsible and resign as Committee Chirman on your own!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jeez! Really?!

West TN State Representative Curry Todd (R) arrested for driving under the influence and possessing a loaded firearm. jeez! Come on! Read the report from the Tennessean, here.

Purse Snatcher Snatched! Mug Shot is Must See

A dude decides to snatch a purse out of a car in Kingsport. The boyfriend of the purse owner runs him down to drain him. The snatcher bites him, but he is still detained by the boyfriend till the police arrive to arrest the snatcher. Read the story here, the mugshot is priceless.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tonight's Council / Mayor Forum in South Knoxville

The attendees of the City Council / City Mayor debate hosted by South Nieghborhood and Business Association and held at the beautiful Woodlawn Christian Church.

WVLT Local 8 Anchor Alan Williams served as Moderator. Here Council Candidates for the At Large Seat A position John Stancil and George Wallace.

City Council At Large Seat B candidates Bill Owen and Marshall Stair. Stair said that a proper balance is that the citizens should elect someone beginning their professional career. A comment was made, should City Council be a position with on the job training?

City Council At Large Seat C candidates Finbarr Saunders and Sharon Welch.

Knoxville Mayoral Candidates Liberal Madeline Rogero and businessman Mark Padgett.

As Mayoral candidate and businessman Mark Padgett concludes his television interviews. Liberal Madeline  staffer Amy Hubbard is on the spot.

Knoxville's Me Too Pedestrian Bridge

There is a proposal for Knoxville to have a Me Too (like Nashville) Pedestrian Bridge. Read about it here from Mike Blackerby with the Sentinel. My friend Lewis Cosby summed up it like this,

"It is going to cost $ 17 million dollars to build. I came up with idea to make it a toll Pedestrian Bridge. The first one in the nation. We can promote it and maybe extend it to the Sunsphere where we could charge a dollar to go to the top.

Here is the math. Charge $ 5.00 a head to walk across round trip. If everyone in the city did it just once a year, It would be paid for in just 34 years. Well not counting interest or personnel cost to sell the tickets. That can be made up by building a parking lot on the south end of the bridge and charge a flat fee of $ 20.00 for parking.

Oh I forgot in 34 years the bridge has to be rebuilt at the cost of $ 50 million.  Oh what the heck take the $ 17 million dollars and build a school in Carter. That is a better use of the money and bike across the the New Henley Street Bridge a few hundred feet away that has Bike and pedestrian lane built in."

Them liberals love talking about me, but can't handle some fair & balanced

The liberals over on the local liberal bog love to infer my name, but they can't handle allowing me to interact with their idiocy. Heck, last week the local liberal blog's owner infers my name. I would have responded but he has blocked my BHornback username. I refuse to post under an assumed or anonymous names. So, if you would like to read the latest, here it is.

Dr. McIntyre Challenges West Knox County Parents

Last night the Bluegrass and Lotts Elementary School parent organizations joined together at the Westlake campus of First Baptist Church Concord for a presentation from Dr. Jim McIntyre, Knox County Schools Superintendent entitled "Change and Progress".

Each schools parent organizations held separate parent meetings. Then as those meetings ended, the children went downstairs where Tennessee Tech University students had volunteered their time to work with them on math stations. The students were also able to decorate pumpkins donated by Kroger. First Baptist Concord donated the use of their Westlake campus for the joint meetings.

Adam Parker, Lotts Elementary School discussed the new Teacher Evaluation Process.

Reggie Mosley, Bluegrass Elementary School gave some examples for how he and the administration of Bluegrass have been preparing teachers for the teacher evaluations. They have even had some mock evaluation sessions.

Dr. Jim McIntyre, Knox County School Superintendent not only presented the new process and the changes of academic standards. He also shared what progress has been made with ACT scores, Graduation rate and proficiency. He also outlined what challenges still remain.

The gentleman in the blue shirt asked a good question about the change in the teacher tenure law. The law does not allow tenure for new teachers, but teachers that have tenure (even if they are bad teachers) still retain their tenure and are protected.

Liberal Madeline Has Washington!

Yesterday morning Liberal Madeline appeared on The Ed and Bob Show on WNOX 100.3 FM. The first call was a followup from an interview she had on Sunday while a guest on The Hubert Smith Radio Show. Last Wednesday when Liberal Madeline had her press conference where she angrily attempted to slap businessman Mark Padgett for garnering every primary opponents endorsement. She had a "new" advisor that stepped up to the microphone and directed orchestrated the press conference.

On Sunday, Hubert asked Liberal Madeline who her new director was? She simply avoided answering the question. The first caller on Monday stated that they had heard the question on a previous day and realized that she did not answer the question.

On the Ed and Bob Show, Liberal Madeline said his name is "Walter" and he is with "Team Blue" and all the information is on her financial disclosures. On Liberal Madline's October 7, 2011 financial disclosure it list that she has made 6 different  payments all totalling $134,608.11 to "Team Blue". On the financial disclosure it states the address for "Team Blue" is at "1629 K Street, Suite 300 Washington, D.C. 20006" an Internet search for that address shows a shared office space environment,
here is the website.

A couple of interesting things also occurred on the Ed and Bob Show. She was first asked about the primary results on September 27. She said "16 more votes and we would not be talking today, I would be Mayor Elect" So, she will not be making herself available as Mayor? She will not be an open and transparent Mayor that presents themselves to the media?

She was asked about her photograph with 1980's Country Music singer Con Hunley in the Knoxville Focus (a paper owned by Hunley's brother) and had she offered him a job. She said "absolutely, Con can have any job he wants. He gets better looking every day." Why is she offering any job to someone simply because she views them as eye candy? Is there not a vetting process for employees in a potential Liberal Madeline administration?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Commission To Discuss Issue Raised by Shock And Awe

Knox County Commission Rules Committee will discuss at it's October 17 meeting implementing a rule that will set forth a standard for public notices when Commissioners meet. This came to the Commission attention after this Shock And Awe blog post concerning Commissioner Amy Broyles issuing a notice without adequate notice, without the Commission office and after hours on a weekend. Read the News Sentinel story here about the Rules Committee actions.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Breaking News: Crap!

The Chattanooga Times Free Press has the word, here. Tyler Bray out for 6 weeks with broken hand. Crap!

Weston Wamp Can Handle It!

Here is a story from today's Chattanooga Times Free Press about next generation political leaders. Weston Wamp is one that can handle it and will not embarrass the family name or the party. Check out Weston's website, here.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

How long have I been doing this journalist thing?

In August, I turned 45. I have always remembered that my first campaign as a volunteer was in 1982 when I was a Sophomore in high school for Robin Beard for US Senate. Congressman Beard challenged Senator Jim Sasser.

Last weekend I opened the filing cabinet that has housed a copy of every article in which I was interviewed or authored and began placing them in a 3 ring binder (s). So, here are the dates, on March 1, 1988 I was interviewed by Knoxville's The Christian Newspaper as the campaign leader for Presidential candidate Bob Dole's campaign. It was a round table interview in which Jen Schroeder participated as the leader for the George Herbert Walker Bush campaign and Harry Grothjahn participated for the Pat Robertson campaign.

On February 1 and March 1, 1989 I was published in The Chronicle with articles concerning the proposed mass burn incinerator sited for East Knox County. on April 17, 1989 through 1992 I was published frequently in the East Knox News. An article published on October 2, 1989 entitled "The War on Drugs" generated the first letter to the editor that disagreed with my article.

Of course between 1992 - 2000 I sent periodic letters to the editor that were published in various newspaper. I received a few awards from the TN PTA that were reported in various local newspapers between 1996 - 2000.

In 2000 I was elected to serve on the Knox County School Board and served until August 31, 2004. I began this blog in August 2004. I was then elected to serve as Knox County Republican Party Chairman from March 2005 - March 2007. I did not seek re-election to a second term as Chairman.

In April 2010, I was asked to participate as a columnist for Knoxville's oldest newspaper The Knoxville Journal. I did that until mid summer 2010.

In 23 years as a part time journalist, I have seen a lot of good and a lot of bad. Of course, in the years as a school board member and party chairman I have irritated a lot of loony liberals that do not have the courage to sign their hate filled verbal vomit. But I keep doing what I am doing. Cause as Winston Churchill said, "you have had made enemies, that is good. That means you have actually stood for something"

CBT is hedging his bet!

CBT authored a letter to the editor and on knoxnews the are referring to it as a guest column. It seems CBT is hedging his bet in the event Mark Padgett is elected Mayor. Prior to the Sept. 27 primary he was observed boasting in the Deathstar (aka City County Building) that city employees would be calling Liberal Madeline "Madam Mayor" If you care to read what county resident and county trustee bureaucrat opines on a city election, you can read it here. Just remember he writes from both sides of his mouth.

The Orgin of Knox County's femi-Nazi sexism Crowd

When Betty Bean asked Mayoral Candidate Mark Padgett this week about endorsements by four white guys. Now, remember it was Ivan Harmon, Joe Hultquist and Bo Bennet all runners up in the Mayor's race. Also Sheriff Jimmy "J.J' Jones who is a man.

It took some of us back 21 years. Let me set the stage for you. May 1990, three females were on County Commission, Wanda Moody in the third district seat a, Bee Deselm in the fourth District seat a and Mary Lou Horner in the seventh district seat a.

Sandra Clark along with Betty Bean and the three female Commissioners recruited three other females to run for office. They recruited a liberal Democrat in Madeline Rogero for the second district seat a position. The incumbent was a Republican Jesse Cawood. In the fifth district seat b seat they recruited a Republican in Sandy Brown to challenge Incumbent Frank Luethold. It was a three way race as businessman Bill Slayden also was a candidate. In the eighth district seat a 23 year Republican incumbent Joe McMillian was targeted with a green farmer Connie Whitehead. Also in the race was 23 year old businessman Brian Hornback.

So what happened? In the second district, Incumbent Cawood received 847 votes in besting Challenger Bob Whetsel who received 630 votes. Liberal Madeline received 606 votes to Democrat candidate Red Williams 136. In August Liberal Madeline went on to beat the Incumbent Cawood in the General election.

In the fifth district seat b race, Republican Incumbent Frank Luethold received 1910 votes, businessman Bill Slayden received 930 votes and the female ticket candidate Sandy Brown came in a distant third with 701 votes.

In the eighth district seat a race 23 year incumbent Joe McMillian won the primary with 942 votes, 23 year old businessman Brian Hornback received 841 votes and the female ticket candidate Connie Whitehead received 708 votes. McMillian went on to win in August defeating Democrat Challenger Vince Neeley.

Interesting to note that the 1990 election also brought Sheriff Tim Hutchison to the Courthouse in defeating 8 year incumbent Democrat Joe Fowler. Mike Padgett was re-elected to the position of Knox County Clerk. Also, Mike Ragsdale was elected to the County Commission fifth district seat a seat in defeating Incumbent Hassell Evans. Making Ragsdale and Rogero rookie classmates in the 1990 class on first term Commissioners.

So Liberal Madeline is the only success the female ticket had back 20 plus years ago and they are still holding on to her. As far as Sandy Brown and Connie Whitehead as soon as they came in third in their respective races, they were discarded never to be heard from again.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Resemblance or Coincidence?

Liberal Madeline at a Caesar Chavez Reunion

Liberal Nancy

Every Boy or Man Needs A Mama That Has His Back! Love Me Some Barbara Dooley

Check out (here) what Derek Dooley's Mama (Mrs. Barbara Dooley) did this week on WAGU 1340 AM radio in Athens, GA. Knoxville's Dave Hooker and Andrew Grible, you better check your rear view mirrors.

George Korda Is Spot On!

Yesterday George Korda in his regular column on authored an analysis on the attack by Liberal Madeline toward Businessman Mark Padgett. George Korda was spot on! If you haven't read it yet. Please do so, here.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Liberal Madeline Has Black Wednesday Endorsements!

Liberal Madeline has endorsements from individuals that participated in Black Wednesday. Commissioners Tank Strickland, Tony Norman, Mark Harmon and John Schmid. In addition, a Black Wednesday candidate Amy Broyles has endorsed Liberal Madeline. So, as Liberal Madeline threw a pebble at the Padgett campaign. It seems she may want to consider her own glass campaign.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mark Padgett Scores Key Endorsements!

Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Mark Padgett holds a Press Conference with all the Mayoral Candidates that finished behind his showing from the September 27 Primary.

Former Mayoral Candidate, County Commissioner, City Council Member and School Board Member Ivan Harmon speaking to reporters about his endorsement of Mark Padgett.

Former City Councilman Joe Hultquist shaking Padgett's hand after having endorsed Mark Padgett for Mayor.

Bo Bennett, former Mayoral Candidate for Knoxville speaking of his endorsement of Mark Padgett.
In a surprising move, Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones endorsing Mark Padgett.

Fourth District County Commissioner Jeff Ownby was also at the Padgett endorsement press conference.

Community Activist Chuck Williams was also on hand today for the endorsement press conference.

Liberal Madeline's Amy Leigh Hubbard Obviously Loves Padgett

Liberal Madeline's campaign staffer Amy Leigh Hubbard must love to see Mark Padgett. You see the day after her candidate failed to sustain a 53.5% early vote percentage. The staffer came to Padgett's 11 am news conference where he detailed and released the 28 page "Padgett Plan."

Today, at 1 p.m. she appeared again at the news conference where all three of the candidates that finished 3rd, 4th and 5th endorsed Padgett. Hubbard showed up and video taped today's Padgett news conference. Rogero reportedly held a 3 pm news conference today. I asked Laura Braden, the Communications Director for the Padgett campaign if the Padgett staff planned to begin attending the news conference of their opponent. Her answer was no.

Amy Leigh Hubbard of the Liberal Madeline campaign taping the Padgett Endorsement Press Conference

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

If Not Now, When Will (We)? Let's Go Weston Wamp

Check out Weston Wamp's webiste here. "Don't you feel like something's missing here? Don't you dare. I've waited all my life If not now, when will I? Stand up and face the bright light Don't hide your eyes It's Time." - Lyrics from the song If Not Now, When? by Incubus.

FP @ UT Launches This Sunday! Today Paint the Rock

Faith Promise launches at UT this Sunday! The Rock at UT announces the launch. Read Dr. Chris Stephens blog about the launch, here.

Herman Cain on Fox and Friends

Padgett Will Pick Up Key Endorsements Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 1 p.m. on the steps of the old Courthouse, Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Mark Padgett will announce several endorsements. Reliable sources informed Shock And Awe that Padgett will be endorsed by Former Mayoral Candidates Ivan Harmon, Joe Hultquist and Bo Bennett. In addition Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones is rumored to be endorsing Padgett as well tomorrow.

An additional reliable source informed us that Ivan Harmon and Madeline Rogero met for breakfast this morning where he informed her that he has decided to endorse Businessman Padgett.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Commenters Beware!

If you are going to submit a comment on Shock And Awe and you post using a recognizable name like Jimmy Haslam. Please know that I ave a verification process in place. First, I will check the ip address. If your ip address does not match for say a Jimmy Haslam then it will not be published. Additionally should it become neccesary I would be happy to alert someone like say Jimmy Haslam that someone is attempting to impersonate or assume his identity.

Have the Celebrity Pumpers Intentionally Snubbed Farragut?

Back in May Shock And Awe posted about Pilot finally complying with the Town of Farragut sign law, six years late. Read it here.  The Farragut Press had an article in October last year. Read it here. Remember, this past year, Pilot increased the number of Pilot stores in Farragut when they purchased a c-store at Kingston Pike and Watt Road. Also, the Flying J on Watt Road. So, they have three truck stops / fueling centers in Farragut.

So, when the list for the Celebrity Pumpers at Pilot were released yesterday for the next three days. There is only ONE celebrity pumper at 701 Campbell Station Road. It is tomorrow October 4, 2011 from 1-2 p.m. In past years, the County Mayor, a couple of County Commissioners and State Representative Ryan Haynes have pumped at the Campbell Station Road. There are no celebrity pumpers scheduled at the new Farragut Pilot at 13061 Kingston Pike (Kingston Pike and Watt Road)

In addition there are no Town of Farragut elected official "celebrity pumpers" and this year NO Knox County School Board Members were selected. Is this an intentional snub of the Town of Farragut and Knox County Schools?