Thursday, October 13, 2011

Metro Pulse Is Pea Green With Envy!

Here Metro Pulse (Knoxville's weekly advertisement circular) attacked a local newspaper.It appears that Jack Neely got his jealousy meter turned up to "pea green with envy". It would be good if he got his facts straight. He states, "No one knew..." this is not true. The Knoxville Journal News staff did the week before their visit when Journal reporter Martha Woodward got the call asking her for an interview. Neely also states the CSPAN crew were headed back to Washington, D.C. Wrong again, they were on the way to Birmingham then onto Baton Rouge. Neely says Woodward was wearing a skirt when in fact it was a dress. Neely states that the photojournalists stayed in by day and came out by night, intimating that they were barely working. The truth is they worked steadily long hours each day and night. Neely says it was a non event, then why did his cronies have a quick party so they could feel like they were involved? Sources indicate the staff at the Journal are pleased that Neely always reads the Journal. By the way, the Knoxville Journal was not the only newspaper to report about CSPAN and Mrs. Woodward. An article also appeared in the Fountain City Focus.

Jack Neely sent an email apologizing to Mrs. Woodward. His defense is that Knoxville's weekly advertisement circular always makes fun of Knoxville's oldest newspaper.

Sorry, Ms. Woodward, I did not consider it an attack on you at all, and I’m sorry I wrote it in such a way it that way it could have been taken that way. We just made fun of the Journal’s making such a big deal of it. We’ve been making fun of their front-page treatments for years.

Their headline suggests they were interviewing you as a “Journal Writer,” as if that status was their main attraction to you—maybe it was just clumsy placement and wording, but I had the impression the KJ is trying to catch a ride on your coattails, suggesting they have some national credibility. My impression is that your WF book was CSPAN’s main attraction to you; as I recall the KJ article doesn’t even mention your book by name.

We also made fun of it because they made it seem such a big deal, as if it was one of the top stories of the week. They interviewed me, too, but we didn’t consider it newsworthy enough to mention in MP.

FYI, I talked to them last on Friday, and they said they were flying directly back to DC the next day, and that it was the end of a loop of driving the vans in a big arc around Charlotte. They did tell me they were headed to Baton Rouge later.

Again, though I didn’t say anything bad about you or your book, I apologize.

Jack Neely

Also in the Ear to the Ground this week the last item is entitled "Momentary Truce" They reprint a tweet from Mark Padgett's twitter account. While tweets are limited to 140 characters, evidently Knoxville's weekly advertisement circular is limited to less than 140 characters due to their pea green envy of bias journalism. The actual tweet said "Thanks @metropulse, @brianhornback, @madelinerogero & everyone for their best wishes. Katie & I couldn't be happier that he's finally here!"
  Obviously, the Pulse staff just couldn't stand the idea that I had higher billing then Mr. Padgett's opponent, the Community Organizer Liberal Madeline


cwg said...


I edited both your name and our name from the tweet, because I didn't have room to include both of our congratulatory tweets too, as neither one of us is running for mayor. Thus, the "..." - that is what ellipsis's in quote makes usually signify - that something has been omitted.


Brian Hornback said...

Thank you for the reply. Why the informal "Hornback"? It is BHornback. Anyhoo. I know the significance in the ...., I was doing what Jack Neely says you all do at the Metro Puke to Knoxville's Oldest Newspaper, The Knoxville Journal. I had stepped down to your alls level of making fun of your weekly advertisement circular.

cwg said...

agh. "quote marks," not "makes," that is. also, i apologize for not spelling out your full name - was rushing out the door when i typed the comment.

the point was, i meant nothing personal or political by editing your (and @metropulse's) name from the tweet.


Brian Hornback said...

It's all good. As long as I not get called all those names that they call me on the blab. LOL