Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liberal Madeline Has Washington!

Yesterday morning Liberal Madeline appeared on The Ed and Bob Show on WNOX 100.3 FM. The first call was a followup from an interview she had on Sunday while a guest on The Hubert Smith Radio Show. Last Wednesday when Liberal Madeline had her press conference where she angrily attempted to slap businessman Mark Padgett for garnering every primary opponents endorsement. She had a "new" advisor that stepped up to the microphone and directed orchestrated the press conference.

On Sunday, Hubert asked Liberal Madeline who her new director was? She simply avoided answering the question. The first caller on Monday stated that they had heard the question on a previous day and realized that she did not answer the question.

On the Ed and Bob Show, Liberal Madeline said his name is "Walter" and he is with "Team Blue" and all the information is on her financial disclosures. On Liberal Madline's October 7, 2011 financial disclosure it list that she has made 6 different  payments all totalling $134,608.11 to "Team Blue". On the financial disclosure it states the address for "Team Blue" is at "1629 K Street, Suite 300 Washington, D.C. 20006" an Internet search for that address shows a shared office space environment,
here is the website.

A couple of interesting things also occurred on the Ed and Bob Show. She was first asked about the primary results on September 27. She said "16 more votes and we would not be talking today, I would be Mayor Elect" So, she will not be making herself available as Mayor? She will not be an open and transparent Mayor that presents themselves to the media?

She was asked about her photograph with 1980's Country Music singer Con Hunley in the Knoxville Focus (a paper owned by Hunley's brother) and had she offered him a job. She said "absolutely, Con can have any job he wants. He gets better looking every day." Why is she offering any job to someone simply because she views them as eye candy? Is there not a vetting process for employees in a potential Liberal Madeline administration?

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Anonymous said...

First off, hats off to Hubert for not only being super observant but for being a member of the media that "presses" for answers. He asked the question twice, politely and moved on.
As for the Con comment. Brian, anyone listening to the show could presume she was saying it in jest and you are completely taking it out of context.

That being said, both candidates are spending tens of thousands of dollars on outside Washington insiders to try to win this thing.
That scares me. Why does Madeline and Mark have to ask someone in Washington what the issues in Knoxville are? It makes no sense.
Plus with the exception of Chip Barry and Laura Braden, I think these candidates wasted about a cool half a million.
Look, Ivan ran a shoe string budget and had about a 1 to 1 door knocking to vote getting ratio. WAY TO GO BEN FARMER! you can't ask for a better ratio.
Mark knocked on 20,000 doors and got 3,741 votes....spent $400,000.00 and got 1 in 6 ratio. That means he couldn't sell his product 5 out of 6 times and invested $100.00 on each vote.
That is a atrocious number.

Rogero, as we now see is taking advice from DC...oh no! This makes no sense. She too has a crazy burn ratio. She paid her "spy" $927 to go video record Padgett press conferences which are available unedited free on the web...huh?
She it appears paid for that "Roger" guy to advise her and that press conference has back fired. Whoops.

OK end result final analysis right now it is 50-40 Rogero's to lose. If she takes the right advice she will coast through and win.
If she takes and continues to takes "Team Blues" advice...come election night they will all be feeling blue. She also needs to attack the Macro Economic plan of Padgett. Her press conference should have been an attack on the week spots in Padgett Plan, not the endorsements.

For Padgett to win he gotta stop what he is doing. Analytically speaking it took him 1 year, 20k door knocks, and $400k for a distant second. He got 5 weeks to turn it all around.
1) Hire Ben Farmer....Farmer got the nearly exact same output with 1/4th of the money
2) Mailings, duh! You need at least 3 mailing mailings to houses to be effective.
3) Did you see how Red Light Roddy got her butt kicked...red light ain't right
4)stop spending money on data mining and start spending it on advertising....

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