Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dr. McIntyre is on the Right Track

When I was a member of the School Board (almost a decade ago) the discussion of closing 4 schools was on the radar. But 5 board members didn't have courage to close them. At the time it was Corryton, Gap Creek, South Knox and Maynard.

Here was the deal then. Corryton could be absorbed into Ritta and Gibbs. That was before Gibbs received a brand new larger school.

It would be easier to accomplish that today, with Gibbs having a new expanded facility. Gap Creek and South Knox are both in the ninth district. At the time of the discussion, the board member for that area was the Board Chairman. The same member that housed the Superintendent and his wife at is home until the could buy a house after their move here from South Carolina. It has also been rumored that the Superintendent and his wife used the Board Chairman's wife as their realtor on the purchase of their home.

However, Gap Creek can be absorbed into New Hopewell and South Knox can be absorbed into Sarah Moore Greene. Maynard Elementary can be easily absorbed into Beaumont and probably West View. West View is an interesting school, they received a visit from then President George W. Bush on the anniversary of NCLB - No Child Left Behind. It was one of several occasions where I got to see and speak with the President. I will have to review the Superintendent's information about Vine Middle. Obviously, South Doyle Middle and Carter Middle are closest with the possibility of utilizing Gresham.

I am doing this by memory. So, I may be missing one. But bottom line, in my opinion, Dr. McIntyre is on the right check and 4 elementary schools need to be closed and sold to the private sector.

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