Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steve Hunley's Focus Hates The Sheriff II

Not only has Steve Hunley's Focus morphed into a former version of the Shopper once this week. It has done it twice. In a story spewing the vile nasty tabloid rhetoric of Liberal Madeline's campaign. Hunley's Focus sets another laser beam on Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones in particular.

First, the individuals in the Deathstar are wondering who has taken over Hunley's Focus. A paper that it's founder once boasted would NEVER write anything negative. Who once used the mantra, all the positive news that is fit to print. One who told his writers, however, you write a story is fine just end it in a positive light. So, it is really odd to see Hunley's Focus become misguided and so typical.

Let's launch into this. First Author Alex Haley and then now Senator Lamar Alexander have used the line. "Find the good and praise it". It is difficult to do with this article but I will start with finding what I agree with and then deal with the others after that. I agree with Hunley's Focus Staff with "Madeline Rogero who failed" Rogero did fail, Hunley's best bud and frequent dinner guest Jack Huddleston was boasting at the TVA&I Fair kick-off lunch that Madeline was gonna take this thing and win it all on September 27, so yes she failed.

Hunley's Focus set out to further denigrate Ivan Harmon by publishing "who is known for mangling the English language". This from a guy (Hunley) that in phone conversations will say, "doot, to doot, to doot!" Hunley's Focus goes on to act like Harmon praising Padgett for being a fiscal conservative is hypocritical because Padgett has raised $400,000.00 and is still raising it. That is an indication of his grassroots support. You telling me that if Liberal Madeline could have gotten $400,000.00 that she wouldn't have taken it? Yes, she would and her campaign is still begging for cash.

Hunley's Focus then goes on to blast Joe Hultquist and attempts to impugn his integrity because he is "unemployed". Hey, there by the grace of God go all of us. With Obama, Pelosi and Reid there are allot of people unemployed by no fault of their own. So, do you really want Liberal Madeline aka NancyPelosi2.0 running the city so that more people will be unemployed. And the major knock on Hultquist is that he and Liberal Madeline share the same type of supporters. So Hultquist should have endorsed Liberal Madeline. Well, that mentality is what got 909 of the "Peoples Temple Agricultural Project" in Guyana killed on November 18, 1978 when they all drank the same kool-aid, that is what got all the David Koresh followers killed in Waco, TX. Just go with the crowd. Well, sometimes it is best when the crowd is jumping off the cliff, to stand alone.

Hunley's Focus then goes on attack of Bo Bennett. It reports that Bennett asked individuals at a South Knox breakfast to vote for Ivan Harmon. I was at the breakfast, that is not what Bennett said. So, chalk that up to bad Intel and tabloid journalism on Hunley's Focus.

Hunley's Focus then sets it's laser beam on Sheriff Jones. Hunley's Focus then attempts to lump Jones in with former Commissioner Greg Lambert and Black Wednesday. Again they leave their best buds Jack Huddleston and Phil Ballard out of the Black Wednesday report.

Hunley's Focus goes on to say that Knox County GOP Chair Ray Jenkins was induced to support Harmon. Really?! Why would a Republican Party Chairman have to be induced to support a former Republican Officeholder? Other than the fact that Former School Board Member Hunley was inducing him NOT to do so. I have been a criticiser of Jenkins in the past but on this one he did the job he was selected to do. Oh and by the way, Hunley was always a close confident of Jenkins until this Mayor election. After all, Hunley was Secretary of the Party during Jenkins first term.

Hunley's Focus goes on to again report how Ivan Harmon had challenged Former Mayor Victor Ashe and was then employed by the City. That is the same situation with Liberal Madeline. She ran against Bill Haslam in 2003 and was hired as Community Development Director in a rumored move to keep her happy during Mayor Haslam's reelection of 2007. That would allow him to be a more viable candidate for Governor in 2010. Padgett is now messing up "the plan" so all we can do is take a deep breath and repeat a Hunleyism, "doot, to doot, to doot"

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Anonymous said...

The honeymoon for Hunley and Rogero will be a short one. Hunley got played.