Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Liberal Madeline Endorsed by Backroom Boys & Girls

Liberal Madeline announced on September 21, 2011 about 25 "community leader" endorsements. Of those 25 individuals, 7 have encouraged their employee to skirt the Sunshine law. The source is a Knoxville News Sentinel story written by David Keim on November 5, 1999. The article "Superintendent used private 'diary' to communicate with school board".

The article details that "in an effort to circumvent the state open records law, Superintendent Charles Lindsey used a diary to keep Knox County school board members privately apprised of school business for four months." Lindsey tried "...sending "confidential letters" to the board, but the News Sentinel asked for copies so instead Lindsey started sending "Dear Diary" entries on an almost weekly basis from July 9 to October 29."

Seven of the Endorsers of Liberal Madeline were School Board Members at the time. They are Sam Anderson, Steve Hunley, Diane Jablonski, Paul Kelley, Margaret Maddox, School Board Chairman Jim McClain and Vice Chairman Tom Prince. Paul Kelley defending the closed door initiative as that "The diary entries "have proved valuable" Kelley also said "I don't know that there's anything in them....that was secret, or that there was any effort to influence decisions about school board matters." Another board member D.M. Miller who has not endorsed Liberal Madeline defended the secret diaries by saying "I don't know. I think some things are sort of private."

So, when judging people by who your friends are. Liberal Madeline has 7 that believe in skirting the states open records law. This is an indication of what a Liberal Madeline administration will look like.

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