Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steve Hunley's Focus Hates The Sheriff!

Steve Hunley's Focus this week reads like a Sandra Clark/Mary Lou Horner Shopper from days gone by. In a story discussing Liberal Madeline's endorsement by Knoxville FOP. Hunley's Focus sets a laser beam on Sheriff Jones by trying to draw him into the "Black Wednesday" fiasco with Ivan Harmon and Scott Moore. What Hunley's Focus leaves out is that his best bud and frequent dinner guest Jack Huddleston was appointed by Huddleston's vacation pal County Commissioner Phil Ballard.

Hunley's Focus calls the endorsement of Jack McEloy and the Big Metal Shed on the Hill as a jewel. What Hunley's Focus doesn't say is it is a gum ball machine jewel, not a legitimate jewel. But we are talking about Hunley. Hunley's Focus uses rumor to report the vote total but is quick to say there is no way to verify is information. That is negative tabloid journalism!

Hunley's Focus tries to spread the rumor that Sheriff Jones wants to be Knoxville Chief of Police. That would be like the President of the United States becoming Speaker of the House. The Sheriff has jurisdiction in the City, the City does not have jurisdiction in the county.

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