Friday, August 31, 2012

KnoxViews Gets It Wrong

Yesterday KnoxViews the local liberal playground predicted and reported on "Little Jimmy Duncan's Deal" referring to Trustee Duncan.

Today, has passed and guess what the local liberals got it wrong again! No surprise there.

Funny When Two Scripps Weakly Writers Fight

Yesterday at 1:27 pm over at the liberal local playground aka knoxviews posted a story entitled "Little Jimmy Duncan's Deal". The best laugh comes from reading the comments. Especially when two weekly published E.W. Scrips writers get into a she (Pam Strickland said she (Sandra Clark) said.

Strickland is published with a column on Friday's in the product Knoxville News Sentinel. Sandra Clark is published weekly in the E.W. Scripps publication Shopper News every Monday.

Bad Night at Big Metal Shed on the Hill

At 7:30 am this morning the twitter account of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill posted "Delivery of printed News Sentinel's is running late until 8:30 this morning due to mechanical problems overnight."

Sadly for the shed no one noticed!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buuck Sends Email to "McElroy List" of Enemies

The individual email addresses that were included on the first and resubmitted "McElroy List" of enemies were sent an email from Knox County Law Department's Chief Deputy David Buuck.

In the email, he stated what the process that Knox County would go through in removing information not to be included in the Open Records Request.

Early in the email Buuck identified the requesting parties as Jack McElroy and Tom Chester. At the end of Buuck's email, Buuck said if we have any questions please contact the requesting parties.

I tried that before I blogged the first blog post. The day after the Open Records Request was sent. Napoleon Jack said "Brian, you are one of several and I don't want to discuss it with you." Maybe I will try again, but then again, he may be busy answering the other 60 or so phone calls.

Monday, August 27, 2012

As Knox County Commission Chair Tony Norman Will Use It as a Bully Pulpit for His Personal Agenda

Knox County Vice Chairman Brad Anders and Commissioner Tony Norman were on Gene Patterson's Tennessee This Week yesterday.

Norman was asked about his controversial position on personal property rights that was the Hillside and Ridgetop Plan along with his bitter angst toward the Knox County School System during the recent budget process.

Norman said that he would like to be Chairman to help advance the discussions on those issues. When Patterson asked a question to understand what Norman said, he would use the Chairmanship as a bully pulpit for his pet positions.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

WBIR Loses Another to be a Knox Schools Media Support Person

According to one of my sources, Sean Dreher of WBIR Weekend News Staff announced that he is leaving WBIR to take a PR position with Knox County Schools.

I contacted Melissa Copelan, the head media go to person for Schools. She informed me that Erik Hudson had left earlier this summer to accept another job out of state. Dreher will be a multi media specialist.

No new job created and I am sure there is no increase of dollars in the Schools PR Department. Let's certainly hope not, cause Property Assessor Phil Ballard will try and match any increase the schools would have.

Admiral Dave Beats Chickfla Cow in Paper, Rock, Scissors

from the Farragut/Oak Ridge game in Beautiful Downtown Farragut on Friday night.

Knox County Prepares to Release the Ambulance Contract

Those of us at the Farragut / Oak Ridge football game in Beautiful Downtown Farragut on Friday night were reminded that the ambulance contract for Knox County IS about to be put out to bid. Rural Metro the current holder of the contract and prime example of a sucky provider along with AMR and a third company Lifeguard have indicated that they plan to bid.

How do we know the time is drawing near? Because Rural Metro had an ambulance at the game. Because you see on October 9, 2010 Farragut student athlete Robby Leonard suffered an injury. The medical trainers immediately started an IV on the field, No ambulance. A spectator was on call with the Knox County Rescue Squad and had one of their trucks with a body board, they had to load Leonard on a golf cart and go over and wait an incredibly long time for transportation to the hospital.

Search this blog for October 9, 2010 and you can read and see the whole story. The headline of that story almost two years is the same as today Rural/Metro SUCKS!

Two pics from Friday night

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tim Newlon Makes Public his 2013 Candidacy

Last night, I posted about Ruthie Kuhlman announcing her candidacy for Knox County GOP Chair. She announced that Tim Newlon will be her running mate. That would be First Vice Chair.

I sent Newlon a message wanting to meet to get his bio and his core philosophies. We call that background on people & stories.

Within about an hour he posted the following statement on his Facebook page.

"Well I guess I should make this official, now. I was asked by the former Knox County GOP Chairman and now I am running for Vice Chairman of the GOP. I would appreciate everyone's support in this endeavor."

Interesting, he says he was asked by the former Knox County GOP Chairman. The immediate past chair is Irene McCrary, then yours truly (I didn't ask him to run) then the others are Chadwick B Tindell, Sue Methvin, Mike Prince, Robert Lawrence Smith, Lynn Tarpy, Billy Stokes, Mike McClamyoch, Gerald Turner.

But Newlon said he is running for Vice Chairman. There are like 30 Vice Chairs. If he wants to be the second to the Chair, he should be announcing for Knox County GOP First Vice Chairman of the county party, not what he actually announced for.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CPI (Construction Plus Inc) 49 Days From Design to Move In

Kuhlman & Newlon Out Early!

Hubert Smith of the Hubert Smith Radio Show and One on One with Hubert Smith called me following his attendance at a Phil Ballard money gathering reception and then Smith immediately posted on his Hubert Smith Radio Show Facebook page that Ruthie Kuhlman will be a candidate for Knox County Republican Party Chairman.

The Knox County Republican Party will reorganize in March 2013. Apparently. Ray Jenkins and Phyllis Severance are folding up their tent and going away.

Kuhlman is no stranger to the selection process. After an unsuccessful campaign for County Commission in the Fourth District. She immediately challenged Phyllis Severance three and a half years ago to be the Party's First Vice Chair. Kuhlman was rejected for Severance.

As a former Knox County Republican Party Chairman elected in March of 2005, I announced in January of 2005 and was elected unanimously in March!

Kuhlman's early entrance can only be an effort to scare competition or intimidate others from considering it.

I called Kuhlman tonight. She confirmed that she announced at Ballard's reception that she is a candidate. She confirmed that she intends to partner with former Phil Ballard and Roger Kane campaign consultant, Tim Newland.

I asked how her service would be different than Jenkins and Severance. She said, "I am not ready to talk to you about this." I asked why, she said "because you are going to put this on the blog." I said well yes, I have to beat Georgiana Vines and Sandra Clark.

She went on to say "Tim and I are going to work this out on Saturday." "After Saturday I will be happy to discuss this." She went on to say "that she was urged to run, get out early and is getting tremendous support."

I asked about Tim Newland and would she work with whoever the party selected. In the same way, that she challenged Severance and was unsuccessful would she work with someone else selected by the party?

She said, "I would." She went on to say about Newland, "he ran Phil Ballard & Roger kane's campaigns. He wants to eventually run for office himself."

Kuhlman indicated that there is talk that Former West Knox Republican Club President John Gabriel is considering running for Chairman. Gabriel who is currently the finance chairman for Republican State Representative Candidate Gary Loe's campaign is all Republican, all the time. He has organized county wide fundraisers (golf tournament), several West Knox Republican Club fundraisers that have assisted many Republican candidates. He is not a faction player meaning that he is not part of any faction or group of the Republican party.

In an effort to be open and transparent as I am sure Kuhlman will be in her candidacy. Her daughter is an employee of Property Assessor Phil Ballard's office.

As we were hanging up, she said I know you dislike the Ballard's. I corrected Kuhlman on the falsehood. Saying I am sure Phil has lied to you about me, he does that often. I love my fifth cousin Cindy Ballard. I am not a fan of Phil because I know his past.

Pictured below is a photograph of Kuhlman when she ran in the 2010 Republican Primary for County Commission before losing in the General Election to Democrat Finbarr Saunders. Also pictured is Tim Newland during an event with Roger Kane.

Wednesday Willy

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


If you are in Nashville on Wednesday or Thursday almost any week. You need to find yourself at "The Stage" on lower Broadway. JohnnyT and the JohnnyT Band are on stage beginning about 10:30-10:45 pm and deliver Country Rock until about 2:00 a.m.

I have been following JohnnyT for about 4 years. He and his band make appearances periodically in Knoxville. As a matter of fact, September 15 with the venue yet to be annouced and my wife and I will be there.

I downloaded his first couple of downloads andEP's (Extended Plays) off itunes. I have the latest CD that was recorded under the Average Joe Ent label. So, I have the entire JohnnyT library.

Here is an official video of his song "Everything About You"

You can check out JohnnyT website here, his twitter here, his facebook here or his youtube page here.

Here is JohnnyT and the band performing the original "Country Girl"

Below are pics of JohnnyT & the band performing back in June of this year. My wife and I attended two concerts back to back. On my desk is a cracked drum stick from the Thursday night show. Enjoy the sights of their high energy concert. They perform all types of music and is a high energy show.

Go download off itunes or go purchase music off the website. It will keep you moving.

Self Explanatory!

Come on Blackwood!

Time to Promote My Friends

I will be posting individual posts about several entertainers and musicians (primarily from Nashville, TN) I encourage you to check each one of them out.

The first post will be later this evening and will feature JohnnyT. Here are a couple of pics of JohnnyT in action.

Leland Price for Knox County District Attorney General 2014


Monday, August 20, 2012

Property Assessor Ballard Can't Handle The Work

On today's County Commission agenda an item was placed on the Consent Agenda. Being placed on the Consent Agenda means no discussion, no question and is expected to pass at next weeks Commission meeting.

Here is the item, R-12-8-801 Consideration of a Resolution of the Commission of Knox County, Tennessee approving contracts with Kaley & Tuck Real Estate Appraisers, Donald White & Associates, LLC, Butler Appraisal Group, LLC and the Miller Company for real estate appraisals on an as needed basis.

While Ballard talks about all these "certified" appraisers and the Assessor in waiting Jim Weaver being on staff. Obviously this group can't appraise or they wouldn't need these appraisers on an as needed basis. If Knox County Government needs appraisals, then Ballard's team should do it, since he has supposedly placed certified people.

Ballard's team of his personal assistant Betty Lane, the Assessor in Waiting Jim Weaver and Ballard sat through two hours of the Commission Work Session while being paid by the taxpayers doing absolutely nothing. Evidently, Ballard must be escorted and baby sat in order to appear at a meeting two floors below the Assessors office.

School Board Member Cindy Buttry's Term Comes To An End

School Board Member Cindy Buttry tonight finished her 8 year service on the Knox County School Board. She will still be on the Board until 12:00 a.m. on September 1, 2012 Buttry will be replaced by Doug Harris.

Buttry was respectful of the voters wishes that elected officials serve two terms and not a third. In respect of the voters wishes, Buttry did not seek a third term. She didn't have to have the salary, benefits or the ego to maintain an elected official status. Buttry moves into a volunteer position in serving her community. She has recently become the PTA Chair of the Karns Elementary School PTA.

At the first meeting this month Buttry was recognized for her 8 years by the board. Here are 4 photographs of her recognition.

Carter Community May Have Messed UP

Earlier this year, Businessman, Husband, Father and Community Leader Conley Underwood lost a narrow election to longtime education bureaucrat Mike McMillan for a four year term on the Knox County School Board.

During the campaign period, Retired School Principal Alvin Taylor was circulating a rumor that if Underwood were elected the Carter Elementary School would be scrapped. Lies are hard to overcome in a campaign especially when you are a first time candidate like Underwood.

Tonight at the School Board meeting the Board voted to defer the building of a NEW Carter Middle School Gymnasium. The Elementary School is under construction. But now it appears McMillan is the one that can not deliver and can not deliver a NEW Middle School Gymnasium.

So, Taylor's line was partially true. The problem is his guy is the one that can't deliver.

Stay Tuned, I will be blogging more about McMillan's style. His style keeps the Eighth District in the dark ages.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sandra Clark Is Back To Her Old Tricks & Style

In tomorrow's Mini Sentinel (Shopper News) you will see Sandra Clark's column. She is so all over the field. In writing about the race for County Commission Chairman between Vice Chairman Brad Anders and Tony Norman. Clark wrote, "Vice chair Brad Anders wants to step up, but others are pushing Tony Norman" The others are her publishing pal Steve Hunley, her friend Robert Lawrence Smith (who defeated Mary Lou Horner in 2006, a campaign that Clark managed for Horner) and Commissioner David Wright.

Clark authored, “You know where I stand,” said Norman, “and I think my views represent the majority of Knox County. Others, well, may represent special interests.” Norman's views do not represent special interests? The MPC and the Hillside/Ridgetop Plan was all about special interests. The Hillside/Ridgetop Plan was all about a minority faction setting rules for the majority (actually every property owner in Knox County) will do with their own personal property.

Clark attempts to taint Anders with "Anders told me he’s running. And he sunshined a dinner meeting with Sam McKenzie to discuss the Beck Center. Hmmm" Really Sandra?

In typical Clark fashion, she ignores the apparent "quid pro quo, back room shenanigans of Norman and Smith in authoring a get out of trouble free letter for Commissioner Jeff Ownby. In the column she addresses it rather passively with "Norman and Larry Smith recently spoke fondly of Jeff Ownby while others were silent. If Norman adds Smith and Ownby to his own vote," Clark leaves the condescending arrogant "Hmmm" out of this one. She obviously missed it, Norman and Smith did not speak fondly, they authored letters that are now court records for Ownby.

Can you say Exhibit 1 for a Sunshine Lawsuit? Oh wait, Norman, Smith and Ownby are not on the "McElroy List" of enemies. You know McElroy, "Napoleon Jack" the big shot at E.W. Scripps Big Metal Shed on the Hill, while Clark has an unused phone booth in Halls and one near the West Knox Convenience Center aka trash dump.

In addition, Clark makes public a rumor (in Gossip & Lies) that has been common knowledge for at least 12 weeks. "Richard Briggs may run against state Sen. Stacey Campfield in 2014, and the retired Army colonel, heart surgeon and county commissioner could win." She went on to write "His candidacy will certainly boost the real estate market out west as sane citizens move into the district to oust Campfield."

What Clark missed is that Dr. Briggs himself will have to move into Campfield's district. The home where he and his wife live and are registered to vote are in the district of State Senator Becky Duncan Massey. While Briggs owns property in Hardin Valley for some bee keeping activity. He is not currently registered to vote at that property.

I know Clark has been doing this journalism thing a long time. Much longer than me, but a simple KGIS internet search would have let her know, he ain't a resident or voter in Campfield's district. While one on one a Briggs / Campfield race may be tight. We all know, Campofield generates more than one Republican opponent and it seems the residency issue gives Campfield a little bit more credibility. Let the games begin.

My Senator Becky Duncan Massey will be re-elected in November. So, 2014 I will not have a voting interest in a Briggs / Campfield race.

If I were a man that recruits candidates for office. If I were recruiting a candidate in Farragut for Senator Campfield's seat. I would be going after School Board Chairman Thomas Deakins. Which I ain't!

NOT SUITABLE VIEWING FOR MINORS! The Other Originator of the "McElroy List"

Sources with the government entity that turned over Lee Tramel's email to "Napoleon Jack" McElroy informed us that there were two mass emails that were sent to the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. The first one was posted here. Now, I am posting the second one below. The second one is not suitable for viewing by minors. If you are a minor, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!

"Napoleon Jack" with his court jesters Tom Chester (the author and administrative assistant of the 50 Open Records Request) and Scott Barker (the defender of all things Napoleon Jack on the local liberal playground) have said the mass emails were material of a political nature. The first one was a television news story interviewing President Obama's Aunt. This second one is a video of a street crime thug doing street crime in the middle of the day. This video is not of a political nature. Tramel is preparing those of us on the contact list in a manner of  what would you do, if you were sitting in a car in traffic and someone starts beating your car with a baseball bat.

"Napoleon Jack" and his court jesters Chester and Barker need to admit that the emails Lee Tramel sent were not of a political nature. That what he was really attempting to do is target Napoleon Jack's enemies.

Be on the lookout, they will now enter with Reporter Don Jacobs published story today about social media and police. Read the story here. They will change the topic and start calling Tramel's two mass emails, social media. Surely, Jacobs (who has had an ax to grind against former Sheriff Tim Hutchison, Lee Tramel and myself) will not allow "Napoleon Jack" to crown him a court jester as well.

"Napoleon Jack" has an enemies list, I have called it the "McElroy List". I am on it the list along with some pretty good people. I am considering having some Shock And Awe t-shirts made (on the back they would read "I am on the "McElroy List" of enemies and all I got was to buy my own shirt") and selling them here on Shock And Awe. Anybody want to place a pre-order order?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Should You Have Known About Trustee Duncan and Why Did McElroy Cover It Up?

You know a lot about the allegations of Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's estranged and unemployed wife concerning the campaign funds of his 2010 Mayoral campaign. You have been subjected to these details because the Mayor's estranged & unemployed wife's chief supporter and cheerleader "Napoleon Jack" of E.W. Scripps owned Knoxville News Sentinel Editorial department.

What you also know is that "Napoleon Jack's" favorite weakly columnist Pam Strickland has filed a complaint with the District Attorney General & is headed to the State Election Authority.

Here is a story on campaign irregularity that "Napoleon Jack" has kept from you.

Our Knox County Trustee John Duncan (who took office on September 1, 2010, the same day as Mayor Burchett) was assessed a $10,000 civil penalty fine by the State of Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance's Ethics Committee.

According to the October 20, 2011 agenda of the Tennessee Ethics Commission they met at 9 a.m. The second item was 2 Reconsiderations. One of the two reconsiderations was a Request of Reconsideration on John Duncan case 2010-142.

According to the minutes of the October 20, 2011 meeting of the Tennessee Ethics Commission.

John Duncan - 2010-142 (candidate for Trustee - Knox County) Mr. Duncan filed his Statement of Interest and also submitted a statement to the Commission. Mr. Jaynes moved to waive the assessed civil penalty of $10,000 and Mr. Hardeman seconded. The motion passed 4-0

The four members present were Greg Hardeman, George Jaynes, Jim Stranch and Tammy White. Apparently members R. Larry Brown and Pamela B. Martin were not present.

As our Trustee, Duncan is the individual that collects our taxes and ensures our tax dollars are cared for. Does the public have a right to know that he is/was assessed a civil penalty of $10,000? If the issue of the CTAS exams and awarding of unearned bonuses had come to light in December 2011 on the heels of reporting the assessed civil penalty of $10,000 fine surely E.W. Scripps owned News Sentinel would have encouraged a filing of an ouster suit like their "Napoleon Jack" did against Commissioners Paul Pinkston and Scott Moore.

For some reason, "Napoleon Jack" covered this one up.

Here are photographs of the 2 pages of minutes from the October 20, 2011 meeting, the Agenda from the October 20, 2011 meeting and a close up photograph of the John Duncan, Trustee minute recording.

Why does Publisher Patrick Birmingham allow this newspaper to play favorites for one official and use the power of the ink against another.

By the way, Duncan has gotten divorced and engaged since September 1, 2010. But that has barely been mentioned in the News Sentinel. However, a lot of ink has been used in the News Sentinel on the allegations of Mayor Burchett's estranged and unemployed wife's allegations.

Poor Ole Pam

I have been told that poor ole Pam Strickland has gone on over at the local liberal playground and moaning and meowing on a post about me reportedly posting 'I assure, he makes up 99% of what he is supposedly reporting'

I can assure all my readers that everything posted in regard to the "McElroy List" is NOT made up. I can also assure you that I have two stories in the works. One is a major incident involving one of Knox Counties elected officials that has gone unreported or should I say "covered up" by the "hackster" "Napoleon Jack" McElroy.

Stay tuned folks! There will be more cat treats handed out soon. Although, I am really a fan of dogs and not cats.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What Stories From The City County Building Is Jack McElroy Missing?

Cliff Rodgers, Administrator of Elections in Knox County spoke to the West Knoxville Kiwanis Club this week, he said that he reads "Brian Hornback for the right and Randy Neal for the left" I appreciate his acknowledgement, not sure how much Randy appreciates it.

Separately (not Rodgers) sources in the City County Building report that Property Assessor Phil Ballard has welcomed former employee Roger Ownby back to employment in the assessors office. Ownby was one of about 5 that were laid off almost immediately after Ballard won the Republican nomination for Property Assessor. Ownby apparently sued. Ballard hired former Knox County Law Department Attorney Mary Ann Stackhouse (with our dollars, no doubt) Stackhouse being the professional that she is, listened to Ballard and then talked with employees of the property assessors office who had a different view of Ownby than the current Assessor. Stackhouse apparently advised Ballard to bring him back to work in the office. Ballard did just that, saying Come on in ole buddy! But them other employees better hope Ballard doesn't figure out who Stackhouse talked to.

What Part of Not Being Part of the Story Does Jack & Pam NOT Understand?

Jack McElroy has been treading some pretty deep water since this time last week. He directed his employee Tom Chester to submit a Open Records Request using Lee Tramel's personal email contact list minus 15 or so of Jack's favorite people. McElroy is smack dab in the middle of his story, making news and not reporting it.

Pam Strickland has now authored a piece in today's newspaper about how she was inspired by the reporting of fellow News Sentinel reporter Mike Donila and frustrated at the talk but the lack of walk by UT Professor and one time failed Congressional Candidate Mark Harmon in submitting a sworn complaint on Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. Allegations made by his estranged and unemployed wife.

What part of not being the story does Jack & Pam not understand?

The Originator of the "McElroy List"

The mass email that Jack McElroy says Lee Tramel sent to his personal address list that included one City of Knoxville government address to an employee that had retired 6 months before the email was sent, is a youtube tv news story. This is the "cover-up" that the "hackster" Jack McElroy is attempting to use, a tv news story about President Obama's aunt. 

The video is more news worthy than anything that McElroy has/is doing as the unofficial spokesman and chief supporter of Tim Burchett's estranged wife. 

Here is the video news story. I post, You decide.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

McElroy List: Names Left Off & Motive

Jack McElroy said on his blog that he got Lee Tramel's personal contact list through a routine Open Records Request and that Tramel had sent a mass email "of a political nature".

As a name on the mass email, I went back and found it. It was a mass email sent on September 14, 2011. The political nature of the mass email was a tv news story about Obama's Aunt.

Interesting that the only government address on the mass email was the city of knoxville email address of former Knoxville Mayor Candidate Ivan Harmon.

Let's travel back to September 2011. On September 27, 2011 the City of Knoxville Primary Election was held. Eventual Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero missed winning the election out right in the September 27 primary, short a few votes or hundred.

It appears that 13 days before the primary election, Jack McElroy was doing some fishing in an effort to catch Ivan Harmon doing something wrong politically in his campaign for Mayor.

Of that mass email distribution list 15 names were dropped off the Jack McElroy "McElroy List".

Let's see who they are. Jimmy Haslam, brother to TN Governor, new owner of the Cleveland Browns, son of Big Jim Haslam, CEO of Pilot Flying J and purchaser of thousands of News Sentinels every Friday. Big Metal Shed on the Hill (KNS) employees Ansley Haman and Michael Patrick, Mike Cohen, then with Ackermann PR (now owner of Cohen Communicaions), Tracy McBroom with SRW Associates (SRW being Susan Richardson Williams, which Jack sits beside on a weekly talking heads tv show on WBIR), Randy & Robin Brown, Monica Chrysandreas, Kevin Desmond, Angela Hatcher, Kevin Lusby, Brad Mayes, Knox County Sheriffs Office employees Melinda Lynch, Kelvin Moxley and Les Mullins and April Tomlin with Knox County.

The question is since the only government address on the mass email address was a City of Knoxville email address, what right does Jack have to open record request of the county regarding personal email addresses.

McElroy will likely rely on the opinion of Frank Gibson. Last time I checked Gibson's opinion carries no case law. His opinion is no better than the opinion of anyone else.

In addition, the private citizens have fourth amendment right protection.

More About The McElroy List

Sources at the City County Building wonder about Jack McElroy's explanation about the McElroy List. You see if he got the email addresses off a mass email as he says. Why has Jimmy Haslam's personal email address dropped off from the Open Records Request? Could it be Friday newspaper sales?

The Thursday Thriller

The headline in yesterday's The State newspaper in South Carolina had people from East TN thinking that the TBI investigation into the operation of the Knox County Trustees Office had concluded and made the paper in South Carolina.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

McElroy Responds to Shock And Awe!

Jack McElroy responded today on his blog to the investigation that has begun on how Lee Tramel's computer was hacked. Of course you all have been reading about it for days here. But now McElroy writes about this blog (my blog).

So, in the past McElroy has ignored I have a blog. But today he admits to reading it.

The scrutiny that this Tom Chester Open Records Request has generated is putting fear into many people who are not on the list. What should scare them more is that McElroy now says this is a routine request that Chester and he have done more than 50 times. So, McElroy may already know about your neighbors yapping dog. Or about that pot hole on your street.

Isn't that a third world tactic by the way a socialist government runs and controls the media. It seems however here in Knoxville Jack McElroy believes as the entity reporting the news that he is the one monitoring the moves of citizens and government and he is making news instead of reporting it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Halls Middle! Do They Have Female Students

A source from the Halls community called me today to inform me that Halls Middle School has two male health teachers for this school year. No female students in Halls? Seems a tough job for a male teacher teaching reproduction to a class of middle school female students. But maybe I am just old school and that is ok with me.

Ownby Can Receive Diversion

I asked a question about a new state law that passed this legislative session and went into effect on July 1, 2012 concerning elected officials.

I have since reviewed the law and your crime had to be committed in your official capacity as an elected official. Clearly, Ownby's misdemeanor did not occur while he was in his official capacity as a County Commissioner.

Nothing else to see here, move along.

"McElroy List" thrown away & resubmitted

Just around 1 pm today Tom Chester on behalf of Jack McElroy asked that the Open Records Request of 8/7/2012 be thorn out and replaced with today's Open Records Request.

From the initial request they took out 43 emails and added 10 Of the 10, 4 of them belong to three members of Mayor Burchetts staff. Also, Knox Focus writer and staffer Ray Hill and former FOP Lodge president Stan McCroskey, the Mayor's longtime friend and local lawyer Chris Heagerty. Also Insurance Rep Scott Smith has 2 addresses listed and the former Knox County Finance Director Finalist Burton Webb.

Of the 41 that remain from the earlier list. Prominent people included are.
Knoxville Attorney Al Harb, Community Activist JB & Mike Mitchell. Knoxville Developer Alex Schubert, Wife of Knox County Property Assessor Cindy Ballard, former Commissioner Elaine Davis, WATE Political Analyst George Korda, Knox Sheriff JJ Jones, Knoxville Developer John Turley, Knoxville Construction Manager Sandy Loy, Knoxville restaurateur Mike Chase, State Rep. Chad Faulkner & Ryan Haynes, Former Commissioner Richard Cate, Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison, Former Sheriff Administrator Tom Spangler, Mayor Tim Burchett and Knoxville Businessman Wayne Sellers.

In addition, the request was amended in this way. "To expedite this request and to avoid the time and expense of reviewing every email, this superseding request is only for the following information from the "header field" of each email: "From:," "To:," "Sent:," "Cc:," "Subject:" and the names of any attached files. We are NOT requesting the bodies of the emails or the contents of any attached files."

Shock And Awe Removes Entirety of McElroy List

Just a few moments ago, I removed the individual email addresses from the blog post that I published on Friday 8/10 from the KNS FOI request filed on Wednesday 8/8.

I received a call from Knox County Deputy Chief Lee Tramel. He believes this list is his personal contact list. Tramel returned this morning from a two week vacation to find that KNS had taken what he believes to be his personal contact list and submitted it as an FOI and in turn published here on Shock And Awe.

While I can delete the addresses and as I have apologized to Tramel for publishing it. Jack McElroy can not remove his FOI.

Tramel is in the midst of determining who has HACKED into his computer to give McElroy the list.

Details to follow as I learn them.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"McElroy List" Set to be Reduced

The "McElroy List" began at 70-75. It is rumored that tomorrow they will amend the list to 40 or so. The thought is that names like Mike Chase, owner of Cooper Cellar corporation, Sam Furrow of Furrow Auction and Mercedes of Knoxville, John Turley the Turkey Creek Developer and other prominent advertisers will be dropped while yours truly and other politically active folks will remain.

I have asked Mayor Tim Burchett and Law Director Joe Jarret to send me the modified list ASAP after receiving it.

If McElroy is Tweeting & Blogging Truth, Then Why?

Jack McEloy blogged and then tweeted that Pam Strickland was and is acting on her own in the sworn statement to the District Attorney General concerning Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett campaign finance questions made by his estranged wife.

If McElroy's assertion is correct, why has he posted here an unsigned, not notarized copy of the complaint. If he had no knowledge, no input and no involvement shouldn't his copy be a copy of the actual filing?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shock And Awe (aka Brian's Blog) Gets Positive Story on KnoxViews

Yesterday on KnoxViews (the local liberal wingnut turf) linked to my McElroy List story.

A commenter wrongly identified the number of hits that I receive daily and especially on Friday.

It seems that Property Assessor Phil Ballard has been trying to decipher the numbers. He is as ineffective in web traffic as he is as at property appraising.

You know what they say you can teach illiterate, you can medicate behavior, but you can't fix stupid.

Today's Activity Marked a BHornback First

Before this morning I had never participated in a 5k race/walk. This morning a buddy of mine and I went to Victor Ashe Park to walk in the American Cancer Society of Knoxville's Hotter Than Hell 5k.

You see two friends have battled cancer recently. Michael Holtz an employee of the ACS of Knoxville and my friend David Foulk, a veteran newsman. Foulk is currently at NewsTalk 98.3 FM.

I waked in honor of Holtz. Below are two photos during the singing of the National Anthem. Just before the race began.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Is Ownby Eligible For Diversion?

UPDATE: Ownby was arrested on May 24. The law did not go into effect until July 1. Ownby is charged with a misdemeanor and not a felony. In addition, the law states violating the law in their official capacity. Ownby was not on Commission business at the time of his arrest.

Today's bird cage liner of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill reported that Attorney Greg Issacs in representing Knox County Commissioner Jeff Ownby is seeking diversion for Ownby's June arrest on Knoxville's Sharp's Ridge.

This legislative session in Nashville State Senator Ken Yager of Roane County and State Representative Ryan Haynes of Knox County introduced legislation that prohibits any elected official from receiving diversion.

Senator Yager introduced the legislation after Retired Judge John Kerry Blackwood granted Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner diversion on his prescription drug abuse crimes.

The State Attorney General has reviewed the legislation and has issued an opinion that it is Constitutional. Ownby's case will be the first since the law has gone into effect.

Ownby may or may not qualify for diversion. We will see.

Strickland Mucks It Up

A commenter just posted a comment that Pam Strickland missed the deadline for her sworn complaint to the District Attorney General on Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. The allegation is campaign finance irregularities of hisMayoral race. His estranged seeking a divorce wife has made the allegations, taking bank statements to the Big Metal Shed on te Hill.

"McElroy List" Published Here at Shock And Awe

This morning I contacted the Knox County Law Director and asked for the FOI (Freedom OF Information) request. I primarily wanted the list of email addresses.

I am insulted that Jack listed me as #7 and JB was ahead of me. Really!? Here are the people on the "McElroy List".

The detailed Email list was eradicated from this blog on 8/13/2012 at 11:30 am. A blog post posted on 8/13/2012 explains why it was eradicated.

Here is the verbiage by Tom Chester (the poor dude Jack delegated the dirty deed too)

SUBJECT: Public records request for emails

Dear Mr. Jarret:

The Knoxville News Sentinel is making a public records request for any emails to, from or otherwise distributed between Sept. 1, 2010, to present from the attached list of addresses.

The Tennessee Public Records Act, specifically T.C.A. 10-7-503(a)(1)(A), provides "public record or records" or "state record or records" means all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, photographs, microfilms, electronic data processing files and output, films, sound recordings or other material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by any government agency.

The Knoxville News Sentinel, pursuant to the above provision of the Act, is requesting copies of these emails contained in any file, electronic data compilation, whether on computer, in a storage medium or otherwise, or other system or records, file, records retention storage facility, system or otherwise, whether written or electronic, in any form whatsoever related to this request.

The Knoxville News Sentinel is willing to pay a reasonable cost for the material -- preferably copied on CD -- and ask that it be notified in advance if the cost will exceed $200.

Please email the response to me at or contact me at 865-342-6344 when the information is available.

I would like to thank my friends Ed Brantley, Bob Thomas, Mike Howard and the Newstalk WNOX 100.3 FM station for having me on this morning discussing the list.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

HOT BREAKING NEWS: McElroy Targets Political, Civic and Development Leaders with a "McElory List"

I have Hot Breaking News with quotes from Big Metal Shed on the Hill's Editor Jack McElroy.

My sources near the Knox County Law Directors office informed me yesterday about a FOI (Freedom of Information) request that the Big Metal Shed on the Hill has filed on Knox County asking for all emails between certain persons email addresses to any and all emails both receiving and sending since September 1, 2010. I was informed that my name was one of 50.

Then today, additional sources indicated that the list was actually close to 75 persons. The persons targeted on "McElroy's List" are media persons, political and civic leaders and developers.

I contacted Jack by phone about an hour ago. I introduced myself to him. I explained that sources near the law directors office indicated that he filed an FOI asking for emails sent and received by myself. I asked if there was any information that I could provide to him.

Jack replied Brian you are one of several and I really don't want to have a discussion with you about it.

I then said, Well Jack you have my cell phone number, obviously my email address and if I can be of any assistance to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me. At that point both phones went dead.

So, are you as popular in Knox County and East Tennessee as 49-74 of my closest friends? After all, if you are independent, deign to think for yourself and do not subscribe to the kool-aid thoughts of the Big Metal Shed and it's Editor. You too could make "McElroy's List"

Time will tell before they start coming to take us away.

Maybe it is time for me to file an FOI seeking emails from Jack McElroy, Patrick Birmingham and all their friends to and from KnoxCounty, KnoxCountySchools and ChamberPartnership?

Breaking News: Pam Strickland Does the Deed for Jack McElroy

Sources at the City County Building have informed me that Pam Strickland filed her sworn affidavit to the District Attorney General against Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.

Earlier in the week I reported here that Strickland had agreed to and was preparing her filing. Apparently, she agreed do it because McElroy can not do to pressure from his superiors at the Shed and Cincinnati.

My sources indicate that Strickland has copied and pasted newspaper articles as evidence in her filing. Does she not understand the paper is yellow journalism at it's best and worst. My sources indicate that the misspellings and grammar are worse than Stacey Campfield and myself combined.

Sources also indicate that on the front page of tomorrows paper the Big Metal Shed on the Hill will report about Strickland's filing. Is that 4 days after Shock And Awe reported it first?

Strickland will be so proud of herself tomorrow, front page and her regular weakly column all on the bird cage liner.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Caption This!

On Election Day, Republican Candidate Roger Kane was waiting for the voters and was shielding himself from the bright sun.

Later that evening, Kane was photographed in the News Sentinel in an embrace with weakly newspaper Publisher Steve Hunley.

A little caption contest, submit our caption idea and let's name it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Breaking News: Big Metal Shed Finds One

Sources near the Big Metal Shed on the Hill have told me that Editor jack McElroy has convinced once a week column writer Pam Strickland to go to the District Attorney General's office and swear out a complaint on Mayor Tim Burchett in the fallout from his estranged wife Allison's accusations.

It seems that since McElroy's superiors were upset over his mocking the incident in a skit at the Front Page Follies, McElroy wasn't cleared to swear out the accusation. He is tied up like a pig on slaughter day.

So, enter Pam Strickland. She is the columnist that hasn't had a kind word to print in her weakly columns. She is continually attacking Burchett. She even went so far as to accuse him of being in a ladies restroom because a Burchett bumper sticker was on the wall. Heck, that could have been Allison that put the bumper sticker there. I mean in the 48 months she allowed the Mayor to live at his home, she put on a stand by your man pose.

I wonder if it has occurred to Sttickland that if her sworn complaint is determined to have no value, that she will be responsible for the legal fees incurred by the Mayor. I am confident that Al Harb is no Ogle, Elrod and Barile. You know the ones that only get paid, if you do.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Restoration - A Prayer Event for Men

This afternoon men in Knoxville gathered in Thompson Boling Arena (I fondly refer to it as TommyBowl, I stole it from Tony Basilio).

Praise and Worship Music led by First Baptist Concord Worship Pastor Jeff Lawrence and the a praise and worship team from First Baptist Concord and Nashville based David Wise.

Several area pastors led the assembled men. The UT Chaplain, Grace Baptist Pastor Ron Stewart, Shoreline Church Pastor Jason Hayes, First Baptist Concord Senior Pastor Doug Sager.

Alex Kendrick of the blockbuster movies Fireproof and most recently Courageous then spoke with a message calling the men to clean up the sin in their personal lives in order to be contributors in the corporate (church) lives and then ultimately contribute to the healing of the kingdom (nation).

It was a moving experience that lasted a little more than two hours. A love offering was taken for Mission of Hope and the ministry of the Western Heights Baptist Center.

Chick-fil-a Explained

Friday, August 03, 2012

What Will SClark do?

The last time the Big Metal Shed on the Hill published a picture of a winning candidate and a political operative hugging. SClark of the Shopper News ran the picture with a gay themed caption, a couple of years later.

Today the Big Metal Shed on the Hill ran a picture of successful Republican State Rep candidate Roger Kane in an embrace with a weekly newspaper publisher (a competitor of SClark). Certainly not a friend or colleague of SClark.

Will she hold the photo and publish it at a later date? Maybe when that publishers paper becomes part of the Scripps family?

I Am Thankful

for ip address tracking software in the back door of my blog for identifying the anonymous posters who attempt comments that are NEVER posted.

Tune in at 7:30 pm Tonight on CTV

Tune in to One on One with Hubert Smith tonight at 7:30 pm on Community Television of Knoxville. Comcast 12 and ATT Uverse 99.

Hubert and I taped the show this morning and we talk about all the election races that we could squeeze into a 30 minute time slot.

It is must see tv.

Dennis Ferguson Wins in Roane County! Kirkham Replaced

In Roane County, Dennis Ferguson won the position of Road Superintendent. Ferguson was successful over Jim Beason and third place finisher Brian Mullins.

Ferguson will do good.

Longtime Roane County Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham lost her re-election bid to challenger David Morgan. Other candidates in the race were Steve Robinette and J.T. Floyd. Mr. Floyd suffered an untimely death during the election period.

Was a Kane Win Orchestrated by Rep. Dunn?

In the story from the Big Metal Shed on the Hill Republican nominee for State Representative in District 89 Roger Kane credits the endorsement of TN Right to Life.

Knoxville legislator Rep. Bill Dunn has long been associated with the TN Right to Life and the Knoxville Right to Life. Did he influence the endorsement of Roger Kane?

Kane was recently questioned at a local TEA Party meeting about his contradictory statements on his published material. He had printed in his campaign material that he is pro-life and pro-woman certainly a perceived contradiction in terms by most political active and astute individuals.

Kent Calfee Wins Republican Nomination BIG

Republican State Representative candidate Kent Calfee won his parties nomination yesterday.

He fended off a challenge by Julia Cheyenne Hurley.

Calfee now faces Democrat Jack McNew and Independent Alan Cole in November.

This blogger is very happy for the citizens take back of their seat in District 32.