Friday, August 17, 2012

What Part of Not Being Part of the Story Does Jack & Pam NOT Understand?

Jack McElroy has been treading some pretty deep water since this time last week. He directed his employee Tom Chester to submit a Open Records Request using Lee Tramel's personal email contact list minus 15 or so of Jack's favorite people. McElroy is smack dab in the middle of his story, making news and not reporting it.

Pam Strickland has now authored a piece in today's newspaper about how she was inspired by the reporting of fellow News Sentinel reporter Mike Donila and frustrated at the talk but the lack of walk by UT Professor and one time failed Congressional Candidate Mark Harmon in submitting a sworn complaint on Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. Allegations made by his estranged and unemployed wife.

What part of not being the story does Jack & Pam not understand?


Anonymous said...

THe part where they are supposed to be reportinf the news objectively and not using the papaer and a website as a public relations tool for their friends.

That's what they don't "get," although I think they "get" it, they just don't care.

Let's put it this way, Burchett shamed the Knoxville unelected elite leadership (ie-the Steenrods, the Edwards, the McIntyres, you get the picture) by not going long with their proposed tax increase (something the Governor said he supported, which may be tought explaining come 2014).

And they used Jack, or he agreed with them, to use the KNS as a pr tool trying to smear Burchett.

Or to put it another way, McElroy needs to quit and JUST start his own pr firm.

He's lost all credibility in this county.

If Jack were a doctor, we'd call him a quack.

Jack the Quack.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second. Is Pam Strickland kin to former Knox Chamber Board Chairman Mike Strickland?