Friday, August 17, 2012

What Stories From The City County Building Is Jack McElroy Missing?

Cliff Rodgers, Administrator of Elections in Knox County spoke to the West Knoxville Kiwanis Club this week, he said that he reads "Brian Hornback for the right and Randy Neal for the left" I appreciate his acknowledgement, not sure how much Randy appreciates it.

Separately (not Rodgers) sources in the City County Building report that Property Assessor Phil Ballard has welcomed former employee Roger Ownby back to employment in the assessors office. Ownby was one of about 5 that were laid off almost immediately after Ballard won the Republican nomination for Property Assessor. Ownby apparently sued. Ballard hired former Knox County Law Department Attorney Mary Ann Stackhouse (with our dollars, no doubt) Stackhouse being the professional that she is, listened to Ballard and then talked with employees of the property assessors office who had a different view of Ownby than the current Assessor. Stackhouse apparently advised Ballard to bring him back to work in the office. Ballard did just that, saying Come on in ole buddy! But them other employees better hope Ballard doesn't figure out who Stackhouse talked to.

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Brian--I know for a fact you are making the Metal Shed very nervous.....don't let up!