Tuesday, August 21, 2012


If you are in Nashville on Wednesday or Thursday almost any week. You need to find yourself at "The Stage" on lower Broadway. JohnnyT and the JohnnyT Band are on stage beginning about 10:30-10:45 pm and deliver Country Rock until about 2:00 a.m.

I have been following JohnnyT for about 4 years. He and his band make appearances periodically in Knoxville. As a matter of fact, September 15 with the venue yet to be annouced and my wife and I will be there.

I downloaded his first couple of downloads andEP's (Extended Plays) off itunes. I have the latest CD that was recorded under the Average Joe Ent label. So, I have the entire JohnnyT library.

Here is an official video of his song "Everything About You"

You can check out JohnnyT website here, his twitter here, his facebook here or his youtube page here.

Here is JohnnyT and the band performing the original "Country Girl"

Below are pics of JohnnyT & the band performing back in June of this year. My wife and I attended two concerts back to back. On my desk is a cracked drum stick from the Thursday night show. Enjoy the sights of their high energy concert. They perform all types of music and is a high energy show.

Go download off itunes or go purchase music off the website. It will keep you moving.

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