Thursday, August 09, 2012

HOT BREAKING NEWS: McElroy Targets Political, Civic and Development Leaders with a "McElory List"

I have Hot Breaking News with quotes from Big Metal Shed on the Hill's Editor Jack McElroy.

My sources near the Knox County Law Directors office informed me yesterday about a FOI (Freedom of Information) request that the Big Metal Shed on the Hill has filed on Knox County asking for all emails between certain persons email addresses to any and all emails both receiving and sending since September 1, 2010. I was informed that my name was one of 50.

Then today, additional sources indicated that the list was actually close to 75 persons. The persons targeted on "McElroy's List" are media persons, political and civic leaders and developers.

I contacted Jack by phone about an hour ago. I introduced myself to him. I explained that sources near the law directors office indicated that he filed an FOI asking for emails sent and received by myself. I asked if there was any information that I could provide to him.

Jack replied Brian you are one of several and I really don't want to have a discussion with you about it.

I then said, Well Jack you have my cell phone number, obviously my email address and if I can be of any assistance to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me. At that point both phones went dead.

So, are you as popular in Knox County and East Tennessee as 49-74 of my closest friends? After all, if you are independent, deign to think for yourself and do not subscribe to the kool-aid thoughts of the Big Metal Shed and it's Editor. You too could make "McElroy's List"

Time will tell before they start coming to take us away.

Maybe it is time for me to file an FOI seeking emails from Jack McElroy, Patrick Birmingham and all their friends to and from KnoxCounty, KnoxCountySchools and ChamberPartnership?


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! What kind of power grab is McElroy up to?

Does he hope to intimidate people into going along with him in his smear campaign against Burchett?

McEltroy you're going to get yourself in trouble, if you keep these power plays going.

Either run for office, or leave town, before all this stuff comes back around.

Payback is hell.

Anonymous said...

You should get a FOI request on the FOI request. It would be interesting legal ground, but you should have a right to see who is requesting what. It's a government document in a government office, so it should be free to examine. And publish on the internet once you get it.

Anonymous said...

As someone said on KNS comments, it would seem McElroy may be putting together an enemies list.

Who's going to stop McElroy? He's more out of control with each passing day.