Monday, August 13, 2012

Halls Middle! Do They Have Female Students

A source from the Halls community called me today to inform me that Halls Middle School has two male health teachers for this school year. No female students in Halls? Seems a tough job for a male teacher teaching reproduction to a class of middle school female students. But maybe I am just old school and that is ok with me.


Anonymous said...

Is this the "next level" BOE promised when the hired McIntyre?

I heard this was a Central Office move.

They all are now.

Anonymous said...

my daughter attends HMS and this is correct, there are 2 male "Health and Wellness" teachers... I was both surprised and bothered by my daughter telling me that her health teacher weighed her in front of the class and she then told me she was overweight... she is 5'4" and is a tall girl for her age. I do not need a "HEALTH AND WELLNESS TEACHER" giving my daughter a complex...