Friday, August 24, 2012

Corporate Welfare Arrives in Knoxville! This is WRONG

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this is a handout to the developer putting this deal togather. Urban Outfitters is a publicly held corporation (URBN) and has revenue in excess of a billion dollars a year and a quarterly profit of several million dollars, thus they should be able to pay their own way if this location is a destination that they actually desire.

Mast General is propped up on a sweetheart bond deal as is the Regal downtown cinema, with the former mayor's family holding the bonds to such, and now this all while paying Kimberly Clark incentives of approximately $250,000 not to leave the City of Knoxville.

Perhaps 4 full time jobs and 30 part time jobs. If the city of Knoxville is going to prop up a downtown retail business, they need to do it for closely held family businesses, not some publicly held corporate conglomerate with more than 400 stores around the world and an online business which continues to thrive.

Shame on Rojero. Shame on Dewhirst, shame on the City of Knoxville for this waste of taxpayer dollars.