Sunday, August 19, 2012

NOT SUITABLE VIEWING FOR MINORS! The Other Originator of the "McElroy List"

Sources with the government entity that turned over Lee Tramel's email to "Napoleon Jack" McElroy informed us that there were two mass emails that were sent to the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. The first one was posted here. Now, I am posting the second one below. The second one is not suitable for viewing by minors. If you are a minor, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!

"Napoleon Jack" with his court jesters Tom Chester (the author and administrative assistant of the 50 Open Records Request) and Scott Barker (the defender of all things Napoleon Jack on the local liberal playground) have said the mass emails were material of a political nature. The first one was a television news story interviewing President Obama's Aunt. This second one is a video of a street crime thug doing street crime in the middle of the day. This video is not of a political nature. Tramel is preparing those of us on the contact list in a manner of  what would you do, if you were sitting in a car in traffic and someone starts beating your car with a baseball bat.

"Napoleon Jack" and his court jesters Chester and Barker need to admit that the emails Lee Tramel sent were not of a political nature. That what he was really attempting to do is target Napoleon Jack's enemies.

Be on the lookout, they will now enter with Reporter Don Jacobs published story today about social media and police. Read the story here. They will change the topic and start calling Tramel's two mass emails, social media. Surely, Jacobs (who has had an ax to grind against former Sheriff Tim Hutchison, Lee Tramel and myself) will not allow "Napoleon Jack" to crown him a court jester as well.

"Napoleon Jack" has an enemies list, I have called it the "McElroy List". I am on it the list along with some pretty good people. I am considering having some Shock And Awe t-shirts made (on the back they would read "I am on the "McElroy List" of enemies and all I got was to buy my own shirt") and selling them here on Shock And Awe. Anybody want to place a pre-order order?


Anonymous said...

I like the t-shirt idea......or maybe a coffee mug

Tired of the lies said...

There is no place in journalistic ethics for an "enemies list" at a newspaper. It is specifically forbidden in news rooms. I have read the Scripps Ethics Policy and there is an ethics hotline. The Scripps Ethics Program Director can be reached at 513-977-3899. Or complaints can be logged at the website

The Knoxville News Sentinel is out of control. They have stopped reporting the news and started to try and control local politics with an enemies list.

The instance of not reporting on John Duncan III for an ethics fine and then running 30 plus stories on Tim Burchett for the same offense is unacceptable. The only way to stop this is to take it to Scripps Corporate.

Anonymous said...

"I am on the fire Jack McElroy!" Sheriff Trammel is a hero. In this video he clearly points out the ramifications of prison overcrowding!

your away pal said...

I have two things to say about the KNS:

1) I hope they get all my emails and print them...the content is all the facts they have refused to print for the last 5 years.

2) ETHICS? Are you kidding me? During the former County Mayor's tenure, when my sister caught him red handed with his co-worker on a date (they are married now) McElroy called me and asked me down to his office to discuss CM for Schools...when I got there they escorted me into his office, closed the door and began badgering me over me posting in their comment section about the event...and they wanted me to go on the record about what all my sister told me...I was lured there under false pretenses...ETHICS? Then when I gave them pictures of the then Mayor on said date they refused to print can you imagine if they had a picture of Burchett on a date with a female staff member who he was reportedly dating while married?

What a joke the KNS has become.

Sandy Loy CCM