Monday, August 27, 2012

As Knox County Commission Chair Tony Norman Will Use It as a Bully Pulpit for His Personal Agenda

Knox County Vice Chairman Brad Anders and Commissioner Tony Norman were on Gene Patterson's Tennessee This Week yesterday.

Norman was asked about his controversial position on personal property rights that was the Hillside and Ridgetop Plan along with his bitter angst toward the Knox County School System during the recent budget process.

Norman said that he would like to be Chairman to help advance the discussions on those issues. When Patterson asked a question to understand what Norman said, he would use the Chairmanship as a bully pulpit for his pet positions.


Anonymous said...

I know this isn't the appropriate thread for my comment, but I knew this was the best way to send you my email that was sent to commission. Thanks, Elaine Davis
*(Thought I might save the county a few dollars in regards to FOI request
by Jack Mc and send him a copy on the front end.) Elaine*

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elaine Davis
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 10:39 AM
Subject: Ordinance 12-8-102 & T.C.A. 5-1-111 Districts
To:,, Joe Jarret <>, Armstrong ,
Cc:,,, Gene
Patterson , "Becker, John" ,

Dear Commission Members,

I am writing in response to Ordinance O-12-8-102 sponsored by
Commissioner Wright. This ordinance corrects a flaw that currently exists
in our Charter. T.C.A. 5-1-111 clearly states that county legislative
bodies when creating or reapportioning districts shall create districts
that are reasonably compact, contiguous and "shall not overlap." Knox
County Commission Districts 10 & 11 overlap all other nine districts.

I strongly urge Commission to follow Commissioner Wright in
correcting our Charter to create districts that are equal in representation
and create parity, as well as follow the Constitution of the United States
and the Constitution of the State of Tennessee.

As a commissioner an oath of office is taken upon swearing in which one
vows to "support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the united States of
America, the Constitution of the State of Tennessee, and the Charter of
Knox County, Tennessee." When there is conflict the prevailing document
takes precedence. Our local Charter does not supersede state law nor
federal law is this instance.

*Regardless of preference of the number of commissioners that make up
the size of commission, the law is clear that equal representation is not
only the spirit of the law but the letter of the law.*

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find a way to send you a tip on the blog (at least easily).

Rumors in the CCB: Duncan III, Chad have been told to either resign or be charged. Chad's secretary was seen crying running out of the trustees office yesterday after he apparently broke the news to her.

Anonymous said...

More info - -

The people who received the $3k bonuses, repaid that money to the County.

However, within the last two weeks, each of those people received a $3k payraise.

Anonymous said...

Can you confirm the rumor that Josh Brurnett will be assuming the role as Trustee until county commission appoints Craig Leuthold next week? Also hearing that Josh has a hit list and will be firing 4-5 people he believes are the source of the leak which started the fraud investigation and/or cooporated with the investigation.