Monday, August 20, 2012

Carter Community May Have Messed UP

Earlier this year, Businessman, Husband, Father and Community Leader Conley Underwood lost a narrow election to longtime education bureaucrat Mike McMillan for a four year term on the Knox County School Board.

During the campaign period, Retired School Principal Alvin Taylor was circulating a rumor that if Underwood were elected the Carter Elementary School would be scrapped. Lies are hard to overcome in a campaign especially when you are a first time candidate like Underwood.

Tonight at the School Board meeting the Board voted to defer the building of a NEW Carter Middle School Gymnasium. The Elementary School is under construction. But now it appears McMillan is the one that can not deliver and can not deliver a NEW Middle School Gymnasium.

So, Taylor's line was partially true. The problem is his guy is the one that can't deliver.

Stay Tuned, I will be blogging more about McMillan's style. His style keeps the Eighth District in the dark ages.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't Carter that messed up, but Gibbs and Corryton. How far along in the design process is that new middle school in Gibbs, anyway?

Brian Hornback said...

TRUE! Gibbs Middle ain't gonna make it either in my opinion