Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Demo Fun Over the Weekend

Over the weekend an acquaintance that is also a facebook friend had posted a picture of a couple of people standing with a Democrat sign, I commented "not good" she commented that sometimes it is necessary to support someone that isn't a Republican and then this person that I did not know began commenting, he and I went back and forth, a couple of his friends commented and I stood my ground.

Interesting to note is that the individual deleted his comments, shortly after it appeared on the local liberal blog. I received a phone call from a close associate that told me the individual is the Democrat Chairman of the county where they reside, I have also been told that the individual is the campaign manager for the Democrat candidate in question. I have been told that as soon as the Democrat candidate found out this facebook exchange was going on that the Democrat candidate informed him to delete his comments and not to engage in a discussion with me.

The Democrat Chairman was so enraged that he went onto the local liberal blog and posted the info. He contacted the administrator of the local liberal blog to get inflammatory comments. It was all fun, but the most fun is seeing that he is a tool and that when he is told to delete his comments, he does it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Support Knox County Schools 9/23 through 10/8/2010

Buy 1, 10 or 100 and support your local school. We use them all year long.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knoxville and Knox County Tax Swindle

This citizen commentary was posted to youtube in May 2009, I wish that I had discovered it then. But, it still applies today. While Knox County elections just ended. The City of Knoxville election is in September and November 2011 and Knox County will have another wave of elections in 2012. Help is on the way!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Knox County Courthouse Turnover Rumors

This week, Knox County Mayor Elect Tim Burchett and his Chief of Staff Dean Rice were at the City County Building working with county employees on transition plans. Also with Burchett and Rice at the courthouse was Allison Burchett, wife of the Mayor Elect. Rumor from insiders is that Mrs. Burchett informed the IT Department that she will be designing the website.

Also, Knox County Trustee Elect John Duncan, III is rumored to be moving several employees from other county offices to his office. It is reported that Knox County Property Assessor employees Carla Hatfield and Karen Bacon are moving to the Trustee's office. It is rumored that Bacon's daughter Georgia Bacon will also be hired as a part-time employee. Karen Bacon is the daughter of courthouse gadfly Mose Lobetti. Brian's Blog was informed by a courthouse insider last night that Hatfield has tenured her resignation from Phillip Ballard's office. On Thursday afternoon Duncan III informed Brian's Blog that the information on Hatfield, Bacon and Bacon's daughter is not accurate, they have not applied and that he has not hired them. Duncan did confirm that Hatfield and Bacon has inquired if positions were available and the informed him that if positions became available in the Trustee's office then they would apply.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Lights, Knox County Style

This 2010 Admiral team is young, But tonight they demonstrated heart and a never give up spirit. They were behind 7-0 at halftime, they missed three field goals in the first half. But came back and tied it up and matched the Oak Ridge Wildcats to tie 21-21. The went into overtime. The Admirals scored a field goal and then Oak Ridge got the ball, on their second attempt, Farragut intercepted and won 24-21. As an Admiral, I am a happy man.

Gibbs dominated their opponent tonight, There was a lot of Eagle spirit, if you know this young guy that was the I in Gibbs, he will be selling his autograph for $5 at the Weigels in Gibbs throughout the weekend.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The County Commissioners are so Drunk on their Own Giddy That They Wasted Our Money

The Knox County Commission was so giddy with themselves patting each other on the back for two hours today they worked themselves into a good drunk and then they started spending our money, leaving us with the bar tab.

First, they bought a computer system that Barbara Cook told them that there were too many questions. But they convinced themselves after reconsidering that it was OK, so they bought it. But, here is the good one. They took a piece of land of Asheville Highway that was once appraised for $80,000 but everybody agrees that ain't right. So, the second appraisal comes in at $120,000 OK, but Phillip Ballard, the county property assessor says the property is actually worth $142,000 so our county commissioner actually spent $225,000 to purchase the property.

Sam McKenzie started with a motion for $216,000 and changed it to $225,000. He pushed it so hard that you gotta wonder. In the end he made the argument that "our library is an old Walgreen's" and that the renovation was an inferior add on to John T. Oconnor Center. Well, Sam it is a library something the Bluegrass community doesn't have.

It was so rare that I found myself agreeing with Commissioner Amy Broyles when she said, we are spending $225,000 for property valued at $142,000 when we have people that need a new school (Carter) that we can't afford. We need a safety center that we can't afford. But the rarest of all occasions is that I actually agreed with Robert Lawrence Smith cause he was the 1 in the 18-1 vote to buy the dang piece of property on Asheville Highway near Burlington.

But the greatest travesty is that McKenzie called on someone named Sharon Davis to speak for the community and a simple google search reveals this, talk about a conflict of interest! Yep, these commissioners are going out in fine fashion.

Sandra Clark is at it Again, Getting the facts wrong in Attacking Bud Armstrong

In this weeks Shopper, Sandra Clark is attacking Bud Armstrong. That is not unusual for Clark to attack good men, especially ones that have devoted their lives to public service. But, as usual with Clark, a E.W. Scripps employee she got her facts WRONG. She states that Armstrong and Larry Smith were the only Commissioners to vote for David Buuck instead of Joe Jarrett for Knox County Law Director. Well, Clark who use to rant and rave about the daily paper until the daily papers parent company seized control and now Clark is an employee even being the Supervisor to the son of one of the big shots at the daily paper.

And now she is covering for David Wright, the other commissioner in Armstrong's district that actually was the vote FOR David Buuck. Armstrong voted for Jarrett. I know because 1) the record reflects the votes and 2) because I was at the meeting. But, a simple research in the facts is too hard for Clark, it is about attacking a good man.

I am fully expecting that she and her longtime nemesis Steve Hunley will be working together soon.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Burchett Makes The First GOOD Decision

Knox County Mayor - Elect Tim Burchett announced on the Ed and Bob Show on WNOX NewsTalk FM 100.3 that Knox County will cease to participate in the Ten Year Plan. That is GOOD news and a win for the Ten Year Plan Choice organization. Mayor Burchett leading in a fresh new direction.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Republicans To The Highest Bidder

This is good commentary from Tennessee Statehouse Examiner. The story includes a link to this post by VOLuntarily Conservative.

It Is That Time Of Year! Great Times for The Boys Of Fall

No Body Trusted Barney, Support Sean Bielat

Sean Bielat, the Leader, the Marine, the Businessman. The RIGHT Representative to send to Washington.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leave Glen Casada's Family Alone!

This story is being used by other State Representatives that are seeking Speaker of the House to draw a negative attack on Representative Casada. I don't really know Representative Casada, I have met him once before. But, do any of you want your teenage pranks broadcast all over the state? Or do you want someone to use your kids teenage pranks broadcast all over the state for political stature? So, leave Casada's family alone!

Casada is a Conservative! If he were a RINO (Republican In Name Only) or a Democrat this would have been swept under the rug.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ferguson Worries About Hurley and Rightly So

StateRepresentative Dennis Ferguson is worried about Julia Hurley the Republican nominee for the State Representative District 32. Sources from Lenoir City and Roane County indicate that the liberal democrat has been push polling asking multiple questions like if they had heard of Julia Hurley, what their political leanings are, would they be likely to vote for Hurley. This is proof that Hurley is in good standing as the Republican nominee. State Senator Ken Yager has indicated his support and with 2010 being the year of the Republican. The liberal Democrat is on the run.

Hurley's website is here, Hurley is on twitter, here. Hurley is on Facebook, here.

There are Not Enough Republicans That Call It As It Is, Ben Quayle Calls It As It Is

The problem with the Republican Party is that there are not enough Republican candidates that call it as it is. A HUGE majority of successful Republicans just want the title and never do the job or do anything to Rock The Boat. Here is the next generation that I will align with. I will support candidates that aren't afraid to call as it is whether their opponent is a Republican or a member of the the other party. Ben Quayle of Arizona has the backbone that so few politicians have. Primary election day in Arizona is August 24.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Is Randy Walker Saying?

In the August 12, 2010 Farragut Press, Democrat State Senate Candidate Randy Walker has an ad. It is not an uncommon political ad. It has a picture of Walker and his family, who are enjoyable people. I have met both Randy and his wife. He list 5 bullet points, a successful businessman, a child advocate, a proven friend of Law enforcement, a no-nonsense, working class. Christian, family man, a proven leader and problem solver and he list his website, which is here, his twitter is here. But his slogan is "Common Sense for a Change" Now, Walker is running for the seat that has been vacated by Knox County Mayor - Elect Tim Burchett. What common sense has State Senator Burchet not exhibited over his State Senate career? Burchett served as State Senator in the 101st - 106th General Assemblies.

The Republican nominee is State Representative Stacey Campfield, who has not served in the State Senate, yet. His website is here, his blog is here, his twitter is here and the facebook is here.

Bredesen Speaks Truth

In 2004 when Brian's Blog began we began referring to Governor Bredesen as "Prince Phillip" because we discovered in July that two monikers for a couple of news writing gals were bothering them. We have quit referring to individuals by the monikers that we created. So we found this news story from today's News Sentinel interesting. Governor Bredesen, a man from business success who knows the state budget better than anybody has called B.S. on the political rhetoric of the republican nominee. After all it wasn't too long ago that the republican nominee acknowledged that he didn't know that Planned Parenthood was in the state budget, so how does he know the financial condition today?

Friday, August 13, 2010

He WON, Zach Bates WON!

This from today's News Sentinel Zach Bates WON! Back years ago, I knew Zach's dad, Gil. Gil worked for Nabisco and we would run into each other back when Gil and Kelly had just a few kids. Gil and Kelly are expecting #18 in September. So, I know Zach Bates will do a GREAT job as a Anderson County Commissioner, cause I have met his earthly father and I know who Zach serves as his heavenly father.

Back on June 24, I posted a picture of Zach's yard sign on the blog. Here it is, it is good to see a good young man get elected. A young man unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haslam Supports the TaxPayers Getting Sued

This from today's News Sentinel is that Bill Haslam supports the taxpayers getting sued instead of working out a win win solution to a pesky pension issue.

Patrick Richmond Intimates Mike Hammond's Quid Pro Quo

Sources within the Carter community have revealed to Brian's Blog what the behind the scenes talk that Patrick Richmond intimated about during last nights School Board meeting. It seems that County Commissioner At Large Elect Mike Hammond has informed community members that when County Mayor Elect Tim Burchett takes office on September 1, 2010 and the 11 members of the Knox County Commission are seated on September 1, 2010 that he will have the votes to secure an additional $1.6 million dollars to add to the Carter Elementary School solution. So, Hammond and the other five commissioners that have committed to vote for an additional $1.6 million have violated the Sunshine law. While the Carter project may be deserving of the additional funds. Knox County's business does not need to be conducted behind the public view.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

City of Knoxville Mayor

The primary for Mayor of the City of Knoxville is September 27, 2011. The run-off is November 8, 2011 with the the eventual winner being sworn in mid December 2011. It is going to be a crowded field, first City Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy (a resident of Seqoyah Hills); County Commissioner Ivan Harmon (a resident of Norwood); Madeline Rogero (a resident south of the river) and potentially former Councilman Rob Frost (a resident of fourth and gill); KCDC Director Alvin Nance; Ten Year Plan Director Jon Lawler; successful businessman Mark Padgett; former KPD spokesman Foster Arnett threw his name in the mix yesterday. More will likely surface as individuals get serious. Padgett is the youngest of the group and the one with the most energy to bring new people into the process.

Monday, August 09, 2010

R. Larry's Election Day Antics and Attack

On Saturday I posted this report concerning the actions of one Seventh District Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith. Today, I received the detailed description from the victim. This young man is a Junior at Halls High School, he previously served as a campaign aide for Commissioner Michelle Carringer. This young man is the one that Smith was most angry at on election day. However, this young man had a friend who Smith said "if you're dad knew you were here" The confrontation lasted for over ten minutes, this young man felt threatened.

The young man arrived later in the afternoon to campaign for Steve Rogers and Smith came quickly over to him and no other campaign workers. This young man has knowledge of Smith's past and the individuals from Smith's past. Smith realized that this young man is a hard worker and would take votes away from Smith, this is why Smith retaliated against a Junior in High School.

Smith repeatedly told this young man that if he ever wanted a career in politics that he needed to be on the right side. Smith then began to bash Commissioner Carringer. Smith continued to attempt to break this young man down, but the young man held his ground and made good remarks back to Smith comments. After Smith finished with his everlasting rant this young man continued to campaign for Mr. Rogers. Smith continued to fume. No one spoke up for this young man and no one confronted Smith for his bully tactics. I only wish I had been there.

This young man said that Smith acted like a bully trying to intimidate him to leave, but the young man did not leave. Smith got right into this Junior in high schools face and said "if you don't support me, you will never be able to run for office."

This young man has been active, he has eaten lunch with Smith and his current wife and Commissioner Carringer. This young man assisted Commissioner Smith and Carringer with County Commission stuff. These lunches were sunshined and television cameras were present. Of course all of this was before Commissioner Carringer decided to run for the seat. Smith asked this young man to be on his campaign staff and this young man said NO! This young man served as a campaign aide to Commissioner Carringer in her election efforts.

It is sad that a Junior in high school is more mature and professional than a 55 year old County Commissioner that has a history of angry fits of losing his temper, in private and public. Here is another example that was witnessed on this past October 19. The great news is that this young man is Knox County's future and Smith is term-limited and his time is drawing nigh.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Chad Tindell Taking Shots at Republicans

Here against Mayor Ragsdale in today's Knoxville News Sentinel and here on July 20, 2010 against me. This same Chadwick B. Tindell that lost the Republican nomination for Knox County Commission in 1998, the same guy that received less than 25% of the vote in the 2006 Republican Primary for General Sessions Court Judge and the same guy that applied for appointment for General Sessions Judge in 2008 and NO Commissioner nominated him. I wonder what other job he is going to try and get next?

The NEW Knox County Commission

Sam McKenzie
Amy Broyles
Tony Norman
Jeff Ownby
Richard Briggs
Brad Anders
Robert Lawrence Smith
Dave Wright
Mike Brown
Mike Hammond
Ed Shouse

The Politics of the County Commission

A few weeks ago the County Commission faced an appointment for Knox County Law Director. Ray Jenkins and a few behind the scene Republicans were backing Blount County native David Buuck. The county commission selected Joe Jarrett, rightly so. Wright and Robert Lawrence Smith cast the only votes for Buuck and rejected Jarrett.

So, now that same group are pushing Mike Hammond for Commission Chair and David Wright for Commission Vice Chair. Wright and Hammond have hosted several events for County Mayor Elect Tim Burchett, Trustee Elect John Duncan, County Commissioner At Large Elect Ed Shouse. The perception from sources close to these persons is that all of these events have been an effort to solidify their efforts to gain a foothold on commission. Several of these county official elects have been seen lunching with two of the individuals that are part of the regime. One of the individuals is publisher of a weekly newspaper.

Also, Wright has gone to the public forum lectern before and told his colleagues "to put their big boy pants on" I am sure Amy Broyles appreciated that male chauvinist comment. In addition, Wright has a habit of trying to stall Commission action, by saying things like "let me get my head straight on this" as he tried to postpone the appointment of Jarrett.

It is expected that Hammond will officially move to his South Knox home that he purchased in 2005. So, West Knox County will be at a loss with Hammond and Wright as Chairman and Vice-Chairman. If Hammond is Chairman, the Commission would best be served with Brad Anders as Vice-Chairman. Anders is a Commissioner with a six year term, who is reasoned and reasonable in his approach to issues. He will not embarrass his colleagues with locker room talk and stall tactics

McIntyre is Doing A Great Job with This Action Item

Here is an action item for Wednesday's Knox County School Board meeting. If the allegations are true, I will say that Dr. Jim McIntyre is doing a good job in cleaning our school system up and not allowing our school system to continue what has happened in the past, which is to just move the problems around.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

New Blog Begins Today

Three College Republican guys have begun a blog. Kicking Democrats One Day at a Time. It can be found at the link in the post headline.

McWherter is Faster off the Start

It seems that Mike McWherter is faster off the start then Bill Haslam. Friday McWherter was contacting key backers of Wamp and Ramsey and the word was spreading through the two competitive networks that McWherter will be working through the weekend and next week in reaching out to non Haslam primary supporters.

Anger Confrontation at the Polls on Thursday

Sources indicate that on Thursday an angry Robert Lawrence Smith confronted a young man at a voting precinct. The young man was asking people to vote for Smith's opponent, Steve Rodgers. Smith angrily confronted the young man and was overheard to say "if your dad knew you were doing this" Such tactics have become more and more common as the ticking time bomb of Smith is closer to exploding.

New Addition to the Comment Policy

There are comments that are not being published because they violate the Rules that are published over on the right of the blog. If one sentence violates the rules, then the whole comment is not published. If you desire that your comment be published from this point forward you must either include your name (and when you look in the phone book, your number must be published so that a member of our team can call and verify that it is you that submitted the comment) or you must have a blogger or similar id that when published will identify you as the author. Brian Hornback puts his name on this blog and the team believes that if you want to put your comment then you should put your name on it. Just like if you were writing a letter to the editor of the Tennessean.

Republicans Behaving Badly

Wow, this from today's Georgiana Vines column. Republican second runner up Ron Leadbetter leaves the door open to support Democrat Randy Walker. This is like former Knox County GOP Chairman Billy Stokes who publicly endorsed the Democrat nominee for Chancellor in 1998. It seems that the Knox County GOP is falling apart, multiple victory parties spread out all over the county Thursday night.

It is acceptable to disagree during a Republican primary, that is a family discussion. But it seems that Stokes and others are starting a new level. Even Ronald Reagan got testy during a Republican primary. But, he didn't after the primary.

Friday, August 06, 2010

The Think Tank Met Face to Face at Zach's Party

One of the great things about the Zach Wamp campaign was the people and friendships that I have been blessed to cultivate over the past 19 months, all across this great state of ours. Jenci of Marvelously Moderate and Christy Evans have become 2/3 of a 3 way think tank. Jenci is a blogger out of Jackson, TN. Christy is from a suburb of Nashville and is a twitterer and of course I am a blogger, facebook and twitterer. Our three way think tank came face to face at the Chattanoogan. Before I climbed in the car to drive home and Christy headed north we captured the moment on Jenci's blog. Here is the link to Moderately Marvelous and our voices about the 19 month journey.

Here is a photo of us in the ballroom right after we met face to face. The face to face meeting was at about 8:15 p.m. and the blog interview was at about 10:30 p.m.

Zach's Victory/Concession Speech Last Night

As I told Zach, Coty and Kim Wamp last night, had I known what the results would be it would not have changed the fact that I took this 19 month journey. This race has been a defining life lesson for me. As the initial results came, Congressman Wamp came down to the ballroom of The Chattanoogan and said this was planned as a party, a party it will be. He introduced Ed Cash who came in and led the entire ballroom in singing "How Great is Our God" and "How Great Thou Art". My oldest son and I were right behind the Congressman. Here was our view.
Immediately following this period of Praise and Worship, the Congressman turned around and nudged Weston and said look and pointed at me. The Congressman then said "Hornback did you win?" I said no, but it's good. Shortly thereafter, Congressman Wamp went upstairs and after the Associated Press declared the Knoxville Mayor as the nominee, Zach called and congratulated him. The Congressman then came back downstairs. Fellow Knoxvillian Bill Baxter then introduced the Congressman. Here is my vantage point, as Bill Baxter introduced the Congressman.
Here is the Congressman waiting for the introduction to conclude and bring him on stage.

Here is the speech, the best concession/victory speech that I have ever watched or witnessed in 28 years of grassroots Republican activism. He encouraged all that were there and watching by saying "I do not know my future, but I know who holds the future." He also ended by saying "knee down, chin up." This man is the real deal. How disappointing to get home about 12:30 a.m. and watching the WBIR talking heads slam the speech by saying it was hate filled. I guess when your on the wrong side of life, the truth is hate to them.

Here is my view of the speech.

Potential Financial Disclosure Violations Discovered?

Ted Hatfield, candidate for Republican State Executive Committeeman District Six failed to report the four ads that ran once of the four weeks in the Knoxville Focus. They must be reported as expenditures or if the paper ran them as in kind contributions they are to be reported as in kind. This report covers all expenditures (including in-kind) from July 1 - July 26, 2010. They are not included.

Suzanne Dewar, candidate for Republican State Executive Committeewoman District Six has this Treasurer appointment of Jack Huddleston that was filed on March 10, 2010. This financial disclosure filed on April 7, 2010 the treasurer is Jack Huddleston. This filing of July 12, 2010 and this filing of July 27, 2010 indicate that the Treasurer is Vera Jo Catlett, however the appointment of Mrs. Catlett was never filed. Mrs. Dewar also had newspaper ads in the Knoxville Focus between July 1 - 26, 2010 that were not reported.

Betty Jones, candidate for Democrat State Executive Committeewoman District Six with this July 8, 2010 and this July 29, 2010 filing. Jones was exempt from detailed filing due to contributions and expenditures of less than $1,000 raised and spent during a reporting period. Jones also had ads in the Knoxville Focus that were not reported.

Gregg Lonas, candidate for Democrat State Executive Committeeman District Six with this July 12, 2010 filing and this July 26, 2010 filing do not show campaign expenditures/campaign contributions with the Knoxville Focus and ads that were purchased or given as in kind on knoxviews. Lonas too was exempt from detailed filing due to contributions and expenditures of less than $1,000 raised or spent in a reporting period.

Basil to Join Haslam Campaign

Sources indicate that Haslam staffer Neal aka "Spyboy" has communicated that the campaign has reached out to Basil Marceaux for the position Chief of Staff.

Brian's Blog Will Continue Operations

I am honored by the support that I received for the State Executive Committeeman District Six. Interestingly, several people were concerned that as a member of the State Executive Committee I would not be able to continue the operation of Brian's Blog. Because as a member of the State Executive Committee you are not allowed to speak truth that could be perceived as negative toward a Republican. I have received lots of encouragement to keep Brian's Blog in operation. It will continue.

I congratulate Sally Absher on her election as State Executive Committeewoman District Six. She is a Constitutional Conservative that will work to broaden the base of the Republican Party.

Congratulations to Harold and Sylvia Woods, both were elected as Democrat State Executive Committeeman District Six and Democrat State Executive Committeewoman District Six. Also, congratulations to Ken Gross, the Republican State Executive Committeeman District Seven and to Karen Brown on her re-election to Republican State Executive Committeewoman District Seven.

The Governor's Race Begins Fresh & New Today

Bill Haslam -vs- Mike McWherter begins fresh and new today.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Haslam Eats Election Day Lunch at Wright's

Channel 10 and 6 along with on air talent appeared at Wright's Cafeteria, shortly thereafter Bill and Chrissy Haslam appeared and went through the line. Sources could not confirm or deny that he stole a piece of pie today.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Get Out and Vote, Tomorrow

Tomorrow if you live in State Senate District Six, I ask for your vote. If you can influence your family and friends I will be indebted to you. While I support Republicans. As I began this campaign I decided to not ask, accept or spend any money on this campaign. Instead I asked that contributions be sent to candidates with legislative impact (County Mayor, County Commission, State House, State Senate and Governor)

While my opponent has spent over $7,200 in addition to having an outstanding loan of $249.00. While my opponent has attacked me with personal attacks, while my opponents supporters have attacked me for being an active person of the Christian faith. I have not attacked him on the information that has been sent to me, choosing not to resort to his tactics.

If the citizens in State Senate District Six desire for me to serve, I will serve. As long as I am living and breathing my God is not finished with me.

Bill Haslam Lied

Thanks to this post at Moderately Marvelous, with the evidence that the Haslame campaign doctored the photo of Zach Wamp. Bill Haslame said he didn't, he lied. Well, it was probably the paid dirty tricks guy

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Haslam is The Least Conservative of the Three Candidates

Yesterday the Tennessee Conservative Union, the state's oldest and largest organization with a 15,000 members statewide released the ratings of the three gubernatorial candidates.

Income Tax

Zach Wamp A+
Ron Ramsey A+,
Bill Haslam Incomplete. Haslam's father being the author of an editorial endorsing the statewide income tax proposal of 1999. There is no evidence that Bill Haslam has opposed an income tax.

Second Amendment

Ron Ramsey A+
Zach Wamp A
Bill Haslam C - The organization does not believe that Haslam is a gun grabber. But the idea that he would be a member of Mayor Bloomberg's gun buy back program is evidence that he doesn't grasp the fundamental issue like Ramsey or Wamp.

Social Issues

Zach Wamp A+
Ron Ramsey A
Bill Haslam C


Zach Wamp A
Ron Ramsey A
Bill Haslam C - passed an initial property tax increase with his first City of Knoxville budget. He stated his reason was due to the previous administrations construction of an ill conceived, money draining convention center.

Zach Picks Up Endorsement of "The King"

At the Knox County/East Tennessee get out the vote rally, it seemed that a potential influential supporter was in crowd.
After the rally it seems that "The King" was very pleased with Zach Wamp. It is believed that when Zach Wamp wins on Thursday it will leave everyone in the other camps, "All Shook Up".

Monday, August 02, 2010

Meat and Potatoes Blog

Met a great guy twice over the past two weeks. He has an excellent blog, this post list the 10 reasons that he voted for Zach Wamp.

Zach in Roane and Knox County Today

Zach was introduced by Roane County Mayor Mike Farmer in the blue jacket, Kingston Mayor Troy Beets in the gray jacket. Republican State Representative candidate Julia Hurley is seated.
Roane County Zach Wamp Chairs, Bruce Cantrell and Tracy Hooks Waldrop listen to Zach Wamp stump for Governor.

Zach discusses the past involvement in Roane County and his 20/20 vision for Tennessee.

Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey discusses Zach Wamp's involvement in the economic development of Hamilton County and Southeast Tennessee since the early 1990's.
The warm up band entertains while we wait for Zach Wamp to arrive in Turkey Creek for an after work rally.
Knox County Businessman Bill Baxter introduces Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey. Baxter is former TN Commissioner of Economic Development and Former Chairman of the TVA Board.
Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey discusses Zach Wamp's involvement in the decisions that have been made in Hammilton County for the 24 plus years. Ramsey also introduced TN's Next Governor.
Zach listening to Claude Ramsey's remarks and preparing to step on the wagon and rally the troops.
Zach Wamp rallies the troops.
The Wamp family joins Zach as he maps out the 20/20 vision and instructs the Zach Attackers what must be done in the next 72 hours.
Another shot of Zach laying out the vision to those in attendance. Zach has passion for what TN will become.

Haslam "Spy Boy" aka Neal Joins Turkey Creek Rally

The Haslam campaign employs a young preppy kid named Neal. His job is to be the "spy boy" at all Zach Wamp appearances. In his pocket is a recording device, recording all Zach Wamp's comments to send back to Hq's. This is yet another ploy that Haslam no doubt retrieved from Mayor Bloomberg. It has become comical that the Haslam would think that the Wamp campaign is skeered of him. Today, at the Turkey Creek rally Zach even said we have "spy boy" with us. Some campaign volunteers talked to him last Monday evening in Monroe County and he said "I am only doing the job I am paid to do." When he gets called out he leaves quickly. He did not stay long after he was singled out today at Turkey Creek. Here are the shots of him that Brian's Blog obtained.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Talk Radio in Knoxville now Includes Phil Valentine

Tomorrow morning, talk radio shakes up in Knoxville.

The good news is over at WETR Talk Radio 760 AM adds two great talk radio shows originating out of Nashville, TN Dr. Asa Andrews and the GREAT Phil Valentine. Dr. Asa's show helps people with any health issues they may be facing. His show has been greatly influenced by the team of the Dave Ramsey Show. Phil Valentine is on the top of the charts, his show is influenced by social and topical issues. Dr. Asa and Phil have committed to be in Knoxville on a regular basis. Talk Radio 760 has aired Dr. Laura Schlessinger show and will continue on the station. Dr. Laura is expected to make an appearance in Knoxville this fall. The full daily line up is not only to be Talk You Can Trust but one of the most purposeful talk lineups to impact your daily lives. Dr. Asa from 9 to Noon; Dr. Laura from NOON to 3 and Phil Valentine from 3 to 7. So, the new Talk of the Town is Talk Radio 760.

The other new guys are on 100.3 FM beginning tomorrow, two longtime Knoxville Dick Broadcasting on air talent Ed Brantley and Bob Thomas with a show from 6 - 10 a.m; Neil Boortz from 10 - 12; another syndicated show from 12 - 3; Dave Hooker and former Vol Terry Fair will host a show from 3 - 6; then Michael Savage, Alan Colmes and Coast to Coast.

The establishment guys are at Newstalk 98.7 FM it is the Citadel talk format station with Hallerin Hill, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Williams, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

Bill Haslam Flips Knoxville Off

You would think that Bill Haslam would have his primary election watch party in Knoxville, where he has been the Mayor since 2003. Wouldn't you think? You would think that he would want to help the City economy with hotel lodging for the night of August 5. Wouldn't you think?

But heck no. Instead Bill Haslam in an email sent out this evening he is asking his supporters to book rooms at the Nashville Downtown Hilton. Yet, another piece of evidence that the citizens of Knoxville were used for the ultimate goal of Governor.

Haslam in His Own Words

Moderately Marvelous has now posted the text from a letter to the editor that was published in the Knoxville News-Sentinel on September 5, 1999 authored by Jim Haslam, the letter advocates his support of tax reform. Check out Moderately Marvelous and read Jim Haslam's letter, here.

Moderately Marvelous also links former TN Commissioner of Finance Bill Sansom and John Ferguson as supporters of Bill Haslam. In addition, yesterday Tom Humphrey of the News Sentinel linked Bill Haslam's Honorary Campaign Chairman Howard H. Baker, Jr to the tax reform session of 1999.