Friday, August 06, 2010

Brian's Blog Will Continue Operations

I am honored by the support that I received for the State Executive Committeeman District Six. Interestingly, several people were concerned that as a member of the State Executive Committee I would not be able to continue the operation of Brian's Blog. Because as a member of the State Executive Committee you are not allowed to speak truth that could be perceived as negative toward a Republican. I have received lots of encouragement to keep Brian's Blog in operation. It will continue.

I congratulate Sally Absher on her election as State Executive Committeewoman District Six. She is a Constitutional Conservative that will work to broaden the base of the Republican Party.

Congratulations to Harold and Sylvia Woods, both were elected as Democrat State Executive Committeeman District Six and Democrat State Executive Committeewoman District Six. Also, congratulations to Ken Gross, the Republican State Executive Committeeman District Seven and to Karen Brown on her re-election to Republican State Executive Committeewoman District Seven.

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Michael said...

Brian - I'm so glad you will be continuing to maintain the blog - it is fantastic! It also helps to feel like you know the people you vote for. Best of luck - Michael Lindsay Knoxville, TN