Friday, August 06, 2010

Zach's Victory/Concession Speech Last Night

As I told Zach, Coty and Kim Wamp last night, had I known what the results would be it would not have changed the fact that I took this 19 month journey. This race has been a defining life lesson for me. As the initial results came, Congressman Wamp came down to the ballroom of The Chattanoogan and said this was planned as a party, a party it will be. He introduced Ed Cash who came in and led the entire ballroom in singing "How Great is Our God" and "How Great Thou Art". My oldest son and I were right behind the Congressman. Here was our view.
Immediately following this period of Praise and Worship, the Congressman turned around and nudged Weston and said look and pointed at me. The Congressman then said "Hornback did you win?" I said no, but it's good. Shortly thereafter, Congressman Wamp went upstairs and after the Associated Press declared the Knoxville Mayor as the nominee, Zach called and congratulated him. The Congressman then came back downstairs. Fellow Knoxvillian Bill Baxter then introduced the Congressman. Here is my vantage point, as Bill Baxter introduced the Congressman.
Here is the Congressman waiting for the introduction to conclude and bring him on stage.

Here is the speech, the best concession/victory speech that I have ever watched or witnessed in 28 years of grassroots Republican activism. He encouraged all that were there and watching by saying "I do not know my future, but I know who holds the future." He also ended by saying "knee down, chin up." This man is the real deal. How disappointing to get home about 12:30 a.m. and watching the WBIR talking heads slam the speech by saying it was hate filled. I guess when your on the wrong side of life, the truth is hate to them.

Here is my view of the speech.

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Michael said...

That was a bittersweet night - I voted for both of you - still a little heartbroken over it, but I'm encouraged by the turnout. - Michael