Sunday, August 01, 2010

Talk Radio in Knoxville now Includes Phil Valentine

Tomorrow morning, talk radio shakes up in Knoxville.

The good news is over at WETR Talk Radio 760 AM adds two great talk radio shows originating out of Nashville, TN Dr. Asa Andrews and the GREAT Phil Valentine. Dr. Asa's show helps people with any health issues they may be facing. His show has been greatly influenced by the team of the Dave Ramsey Show. Phil Valentine is on the top of the charts, his show is influenced by social and topical issues. Dr. Asa and Phil have committed to be in Knoxville on a regular basis. Talk Radio 760 has aired Dr. Laura Schlessinger show and will continue on the station. Dr. Laura is expected to make an appearance in Knoxville this fall. The full daily line up is not only to be Talk You Can Trust but one of the most purposeful talk lineups to impact your daily lives. Dr. Asa from 9 to Noon; Dr. Laura from NOON to 3 and Phil Valentine from 3 to 7. So, the new Talk of the Town is Talk Radio 760.

The other new guys are on 100.3 FM beginning tomorrow, two longtime Knoxville Dick Broadcasting on air talent Ed Brantley and Bob Thomas with a show from 6 - 10 a.m; Neil Boortz from 10 - 12; another syndicated show from 12 - 3; Dave Hooker and former Vol Terry Fair will host a show from 3 - 6; then Michael Savage, Alan Colmes and Coast to Coast.

The establishment guys are at Newstalk 98.7 FM it is the Citadel talk format station with Hallerin Hill, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Williams, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

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