Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sandra Clark Got It Wrong or She Doesn't Know Politics of the 20th Century

Sandra Clark, the E.W. Scripps writer took a shot at State Senate candidate Marilyn Roddy in Scripps free bird cage liner known as Shopper News. Now, Clark ran for elective office and was TN State of Representative a long time ago. It is possible that Sandra has not caught up with politics in the 20th century.

This week, Sandra took a dig saying that Roddy spent a major portion of her money (direct mail) out of state. Now, yes while the consultant Roddy hired was based out of Florida. All the direct mail was printed and processed in Knoxville. You see while a campaign consultant say here in Knoxville may have a candidate in Somerset, KY and while the campaign would pay the consultant. The consultant goes into the candidates district to have it produced and mailed.  

This next story is NOT from the Roddy campaign, but it is about local -v- out of state suppliers. Sometimes, local can let you down. I have a friend that ordered yard signs locally. When it was necessary to order more and finances were tight, in shopping around it was discovered that my friend could get them much cheaper from an out of state company. When my friend sent their locally produced sign. The company said you can't see that sign from a distance. They advised my friend to go with a cleaner more effective sign. So, it is important to get multiple opinions and sometimes the local can let you down. It is about what is right for a candidate.

Here it is!

Tuesday evening I was at the Deane Hill Rec Center during the City primary election voting. I was talking to Trustee Chief of Staff Josh Burnett and City Council Candidate Marshall Stair. Marilyn Roddy's husband Patrick and my friend Walt Wojnar were there. Delinquent tax attorney Chad Tindell for Knox County Trustee John Dunacn had just arrived to work the polls. I asked Josh how Twiddle Dum was doing! He said "be nice" I said I am that is the name that Sandra Clark gave him not me. I promised to send Josh the link to the post from Shock and Awe that had Sandra's picture and story. so, I share it here again for all the readers of Shock And Awe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amy Leigh Hubbard - You Stalker, You!

Today Mark Padgett had a press conference to announce his "Padgett Plan"! I was a few minutes late, but I got my question in after Anthony Welsch, Erica Estep and George Hamilton. But lo and behold there was Amy Leigh Hubbard sitting in Padgett headquarters watching the candidate.

Not sure if she was there to change the view from the Rogero office scenery, if maybe she wanted to grab lunch at Harold's or if she had a real reason to be there. She didn't ask a question and left rather quickly after the press conference ended. I am just wondering how long it takes for Pagett Communication Director Laura Braden to consider calling KPD about stalking charges on Amy Hubbard? Of course Cappy Padgett my take maters into it's own k9 biting mechanisms.

TN Administrator of Elections Responds to Rogero Vote

This morning I talked with Mark Goins, he is the Administrator of Elections for the State of TN. He reports to Secretary of State Tre Hargett. After reviewing this Shock And Awe blog post from 11:14 p.m. last night and after examining the Secretary of State's website page. He  determined that there was a clerical error on the website and it was fixed this morning. It should read "turn 18 on or before the election day".

Bean's Prediction Was Wrong! So Far!

We reported in two postings last night about Sandra Clark, the E.W Scripps writer in two predictions that she missed in City Council races. We do not want to miss the reporting that Betty Bean another E.W. Scripps writer missed a prediction. Bean stated that Rogero would take it in the primary. So far she hasn't, there are still 29 provisional ballots to count. But the likelihood that Rogero avoids a runoff with Mark Padgett is so unlikely. Sources were calling me Monday and Tuesday wondering if Bean had a deal to become employed with a Rogero administration. Because when Tim Burchett was elected County Mayor, Bean believed she was going to be the Communications Director for Mayor Burchett. Burchett rightly sell selected Michael "Big Sexy" Grider. Big Sexy is the name Grider has obtained in the Deathstar.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Madeline Rogero's Relative Voted and Was NOT Eligible

In Liberal Madeline's speech to voters tonight she pointed out a family member that she identified and said today was her 18th birthday and that she cast her first vote today. The liberals all cheered. But wait a minute. Check Tennessee Secretary of State website page on voter qualifications, here.

Number One reads: You must be a citizen of the United States, (18) years of age or older before the date of the next election. So that would mean that the relative of liberal Madeline would have had to have turned 18 yesterday.

Voter irregularities also seem to follow liberals like Liberal Madeline!

City Coucil At Large Seat C Saunders -v- Welch

Former County Commissioner Finbarr Saunders will now face Republican activist Sharon Welch in the November run off.

Former Compassion Knoxville Co-Chair Ron Peabody finished third with 11.8% of the vote. Terry Milligan garnered 8.33% of the vote and finished fourth.

This is another race that Sandra Clark, E.W. Scripps writer of the Free bird cage liner Shopper News missed the prediction. Clark predicted a Saunders -v- Peabody run off.

City Council At Large Seat B Owen -v- Stair

In this race Bill Owen and young lawyer Marshall Stair will square off in November.

W.L. "Buck" Cochran, Jr came in third with 782 votes. Cochran was the 100% Republican in this race. Also, Tierney Bates who dropped out of the race early on but after the withdrawal deadline garnered 712 votes.

City Council At Large Seat A Stancil -v- Wallace

No surprise here, John Stancil  and George Wallace advance to the run off in November.

Paul Berney came in third with 17.76% and Michael McBath came in fourth with 10.92%.

Sandra Clark, the E.W. Scripps writer for the free bird cage liner Shopper News predicted a Wallace and Berney run off. So, Sandra's predictions don't do well on this one.

Massey Has Her Work Cut Out For Her

As of 10:23 p.m. September 27, 2011. Victoria DeFreese garnered 1,256 votes. Marilyn Roddy garnered 4,116 votes. That is 5,372 votes. Becky Massey in her win tonight garnered 5,246 votes. So, Massey needs to reach out to her two opponents and their supporters to bring them in to the Massey camp.

Because tonight, Democrat Gloria Johnson garnered 2,745 votes of individuals that voted Democrat. In the November election voters do not declare Republican and/or Democrat. The voters will simply vote for either Massey or Johnson. In tonight's election the combined votes of DeFreese, Roddy and Johnson equal 8,117.

It Is A Brand NEW Game Padgett -vs- Rogero!

Go Mark Padgett Go!

Visit his website, here.

Congratulations to Senator Elect Massey

Sertoma Center Director Becky Massey is the apparent winner in the GOP Primary for State Senate District Six. She bested City Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy and Conservative Activist Victoria DeFreese. The Sixth District had three excellent candidates.

Now, Massey must face Knox County Educator and Farragut raised Gloria Johnson in the November General Election.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Broyles Misses her Own Directional Training By 4 Hours

On Saturday we posted this item on Shock And Awe. Broyles notice was only sent to the 10 Commissioners, herself and the Commission Secretary. No media entities were noticed. So, it wasn't an adequate notice in informing the media or public.  

So, I decided to ask the Law Director Joe Jarrett's opinion on just the timeliness of the notice. So my message to him was, "Amy Broyles at 7 pm Friday notices a meeting at 3 pm Sunday. Is that enough notice".

His reply
"Sir, as you are aware, the Tennessee Code requires local government entities to give "reasonable/adequate notice" in anticipation of public meetings, albeit, fails to define either term. Our courts have ruled that, what constitutes adequate public notice depends on the totality of the circumstances. In Memphis Publishing Company v. City of Memphis, 513 S.W.2d 511, 513 (Tenn. 1974), the Tennessee Supreme Court declared that, "[a]dequate public notice means adequate public notice under the circumstances, or such notice based on the totality of the circumstances as would fairly inform the public." See also Neece v. Paris Special School District, 813 S.W.2d 432 (Tenn. Ct. App. 1990). Other courts have ruled that less than 48 hours notice is inadequate, albeit, that is not the law of the land. If a court concludes that less than adequate notice was given at a public meeting, and a quorum was present, and action taken, then that action would be considered a nullity. I always caution the Commission and Board of Education during my periodic trainings to give at least 48 hours."

So, Law Director Jarrett cautions the Commission to give at least 48 hours. So, Broyles through her own training knew not to schedule the meeting until 7:51 pm or later on Sunday. However, I contend a notice at 7:51 pm on Friday might is still not an adequate notice, even if she had noticed any media entity.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Jobs Mark Padget Creates Are NOT in Knoxville

As Tuesday's City of Knoxville Primary approaches the biggest issue among the candidates is making Knoxville an area that creates jobs. So, as I looked at Mark Padgett's financial disclosure imagine my surprise that the jobs he has sustained with the $400,000 plus dollars he has raised from Knoxville businessmen and women are not only out of Knoxville. They are also out of the state and what are the ideologies of these entities?

Melville, NY First Data $982.25

Waltham, MA Constant Contact $50.00

Washington, D.C. NGP Van, Inc $4,825.03
Washington, D.C. McKenna Pihlaja $15,000.00
Washington, D.C. GBA Strategies $17,200.00
Washington, D.C. Winning Connections $1,408.26

Fairfax, VA Media Strategies $136,880.00

Jeffersonville, IN MyCampaignStore $2,128.00

Miami, Fl Straight Talk $157.75

Cincinnati, OH PC Signs $3,829.29

Little Rock, AR Wright Strategies $4,125.00

Dallas Texas, Birch Communications $739.97

San Francisco, CA Google $800.00

Chattanooga, TN Mellissa Kensey $250.00

Nashville, TN Terry Quillen $500.00
Nashville, TN Girdstem Research $1,875.00
Nashville, TN Thomas Lindsey $2,000.00

Union City, TN Brad Thomas $5,250.00

The grand total of these expenditures are $198,000.55 all out of the City or County of Knox and a great majority of the State of Tennessee.

Now, let's look at one of the Washington, D.C. firms that Padgett hired. In their own material they credit "contributed to major Democratic victories in several 'third tier' races." They "directed national research and message development for the Gore-Lieberman campaign" They have worked with "DGA, DCCC, DSCC" They brag that in 2008 they "helped Democrats turn New Mexico from a delegation with a majority of Republicans to a delegation with a majority of Democrats" They credit themselves "successful ballot initiative campaigns, including the January 2010 passage of tax increases on the wealthy and corporations in Oregon" They have worked with the "Sierra Club, union leaders, National Education Association (as well as affiliates in 19 states)" For ten years one of their associates "served as the Executive Director of Democracy Corps, a non profit organization founded by Democrat strategists James Carville, Bob Shrum" The same associate "worked on the field campaign of Carol Moseley Braun" and "directed the Clinton/Gore campaign for the north side of Chicago." Another associate worked "union mobilization for President Obama in the 2008 election." Worked with "Michigan Democratic Party" as well as the "New Jersey Democrat Party".

So, when the RINO's (Republican In Name Only) say they are supporting Padgett because it is non partisan race. Obviously Mark hasn't been non partisan.

My Man, Herman Cain WON BIG in Florida

Here is the story that the Big Metal Shed on the Hill posted.

The Results of the Saturday Florida GOP Straw Poll are

Businessman Herman Cain 37.1%
Texas Governor Rick Perry 15.4%
Former Governor Mitt Romney 14%
Former Senator Rick Santorum 10.9%
Congressman Ron Paul 10.4%
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich 8.4%
Governor John Huntsman 2.3%
Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann 1.5%

Businessman Herman Cain and I at a rally in Murfreesboro, TN in July of this year.

Herman Cain President 2012 Rally Sign

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Broyles Notices on Late Friday Night a Meeting With Shouse for Sunday Morning

While attending the East TN Preparedness Fair this afternoon I was told that Commissioner Broyles noticed last night about a meeting tomorrow Sunday at 3 pm at a local Panera Bread location with Commissoner Ed Shouse.

I do not believe this short notice is sufficient especially since it was issued on a weekend night and not during normal business hours. In addition, this 3 pm meeting is while the majority of God fearing citizens are finishing up lunch fom a morning of Sunday School &/or Church.

It is interesting that Broyles (an anti Carter School advocate) would schedule this meeting with Shouse. Shouse is considered a swing vote on Carter, bets are on that Broyles will work Shouse for a NO vote on Carter. I have confidence that Shouse with stand tall with Carter on Monday.

Broyles just needs to fully recover from her brain surgery and quit bullying the kids in Carter. Broyles should pick on someone her own age.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Gaseous Rhetoric One Is Losing What She Had

The E.W. Scripps writer whose name is synonymous with a product that causes gas posted over at he liberal blog this item. It refers to some arrests of interviewees of the Henry Granju case from a year or more.

The title of the post is "Katie Gets Some Da** Jusice". Now if I concurred with the gaseous rhetoric ones argument, which I likely don't. Is it Katie that deserves justice? Or is the justice due Henry?

This arrogant throw down of a touchdown score after the game ended is the most sicking thing the gaseous rhetoric one has done and she has spewed alot of verbal vomit through the Internet and her columns over the years.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sandy Loy Has Made EVERY Attempt, Dale Smith Cowers

Knoxville's other blogger Mike Donila over at Screams From The Porch posted this on Thursday.

I believed that Sandy Loy had asked Dale Smith to appear in joint meetings, I contacted Sandy Loy to confirm my memory (you know I got older last month)

Sandy confirmed that he has invited Smith to every appearance that he has made. Sandy contacted Dale Smith and invited him to a private sit down. Sandy has invited Dale to write an answer to the concerns that Sandy has raised. Every time Dale responded by NOT responding. Dale has responded to County Commission and did not even give Sandy the courteous jester of sending him a copy. The person ducking a debate is Dale Smith, the Director of the Knoxville/Knox County Public Building Authority (PBA).

Sandy Loy will meet Dale Smith anywhere at anytime whether it is a cage or a podium. Sandy will meet Dale wherever he shows up because the documents speak for themselves. Go right
here. You will find contracts written with TBD (To Be Determined) in the amount and scope lines. You will also find change orders written 18 months AFTER completion of the project.

The last thing that needs to be accomplished is adding smoke to this issue by trying to make this as a personal deal between Loy and Smith or Smith and Loy when it is not personal at all. It is about poor management of our public tax dollars and a lack of transparency on the part of Smith and the PBA Board.

Knoxville Isn't The Only One With Lazy Voters

Memphis does too. Read it here.

A Fun Event Turns Tragic

Read it here

Friday, September 16, 2011

Liberal Madeline's TV Commercial Stretch of the Truth

In Liberal Madeline's television commercial she states that she has been working for 30 years to improve this community. She was first on the ballot in 1990. She first on the Democrat primary and then she defeated a Republican Incumbent. She became Commissioner on September 1, 1990. So, 1990-2011 that is only 21 years. Come on Liberal Madeline why do you have to stretch the truth?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mayor Burchett is Right on Prohibting Sexual Offenders From OUR Libraries, Commissioner Scott Moore Was Right, Also!

I commend Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett on prohibiting sexual offenders from accessing OUR Knox County Libraries. I believe that in 2006, the County Commission should have approved Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore's Ordinance that he proposed in January 2006. It was Ordinance O-06-1-102.

An Ordinance of the Commission of Knox County, Tennessee. Prohibiting Residence By Certain Convicted Sex-Offenders Within 2500 Feet of Schools And Child Care Facilities.

The Ordinance read: Whereas, the Tennessee Legislature has by adoption of TCA 40-39-211 prohibited certain sex offenders whose victims were children from living or working within 1000 feet of a school or child care facility; and

Whereas, it is the sense of the Knox County Commission that this distance is inadequate for the protection of minors from sex offenders who prey on them; and

Whereas, it is further the sense of the Commission that the goals of the bill would be better served by increasing the distance between the residence and work addresses of such offenders and school and child care facilities from 1000 feet to 2500 feet.

Now Therefore Be it Ordained By The Commission of Knox County As Follows:

Section 1. No sexual offender, as defined by the provisions of TCA 40-39-202(16) or violent sexual offender, as defined by the provisions of TCA 40-39-202(24), whose victim was a minor and who is subject to the sexual offender registration laws set forth in Title 40, Chapter 39 of the Tennessee Code, shall knowingly establish a primary or secondary residence or any other living accommodation, or knowingly accept employment. within two thousand five hundred feet (2500') of the property line on which any public school, private or parochial school, licensed day care center or any other child acre facility is located.

Section 2. Violators of this Ordinance shall be subject to the civil penalties set forth at 1-4 of the Knox County Code, with each day's violation constituting a separate offense.

Section 3. That this Ordinance shall take effect upon passage, the public welfare requiring it.

Unfortunately, in 2006 the Commission did not have enough Commissioners to pass this Ordinance and protect Knox County's children.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

U.S. Senate Candidate Zach From and For TN

Thanks to the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper, it seems that the 2012 campaign in TN has begun. Constitutional Conservative Zachary Scott Poskevich is running in the Republican Primary for United States Senate. This will be a campaign that Shock And Awe will be covering as we cover all elections. We suspect that Senator Bob Corker will be running for re-election as well in challenging Zach! Check out Zach's website here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Met and Talked With a Tennessee Sports Expert This Morning

Nearly every Tuesday morning I meet a group of guys for breakfast. This morning, Accomplished Author, TN Sports Historian and Blogger Tom Mattingly was present. It was a good casual visit and as a group of several guys in Big Orange Country obviously TN Sports came up. Read his blog, here. Mr. Mattingly put a post up earlier today where he mentioned our breakfast meeting. Read it here.

Mr. Tom Mattingly and I after a Tuesday Morning Breakfast Meeting.

Madeline's True Agenda Revealed!

Madeline has receieved the endorsement from the Teamsters. The same organization that she has worked with since right out of college, when she picketed with Casaer Chavez.

Madeline is in the center of the photograph (kind of walking by herself)

Here is the actual letter from the Teamsters praising Madeline for her work with Caesar Chavez and for her marriage to a Union organizer.

In the letter it reminds the members that she almost beat Mayor Bill Haslam. It doesn't mention that she became a soldier in his army. Or was she just a ploy?

This is James Hoffa, Jr. last week at a Labor Day Rally. This is the type of person and organization that Madeline has brough to Knoxville with her through her campaign. She is surrounding herself that simply wants to "take people out" that disagree with her.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Madisonville Middle School Conditions are Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!

The Madisonville Middle School PTSO made a presentation to the Monroe County School Board recently. In the presentation they hoped to bring the conditions of the school to the attention of School Board and Superintendent. They did just that. But so far, the School Board has not given any indication that they intend to address the conditions. Here is the presentation that the PTSO gave the School Board.

On August 23, 2011, the PTSO of Madisonville Middle School met and discussed the condition of our school. On September 2, 2011, the officers, principal and vice-principal were invited to meet with Mr. Lowry and Mr. Blankenship regarding these concerns before presenting them to the School Board. While we feel that genuine concern was given to our complaints, we feel it is necessary to let each member of the board know how extensive some of these problems have become. The board can only act when they have the information to do so. Our concerns are as follows:

1. EXTENSIVE rodent problem! Including snakes!

At the end of school last year, 3 snakes had been caught in the school. Already this year there have been 3 snakes found inside the school. One snake was arguably a copperhead. A student came into contact with one of these snakes in the girl's bathroom. Also, the presence of rodent dropping on the desks of students and teachers is a common occurrence. There is a MASSIVE cockroach infestation of the school. Upon our tour of the school, we witnessed roaches climbing out of trash cans, up the walls, and inside a refrigerator. We also found a nest of baby cockroaches inside the doorjamb of the door our students must enter to get their food in the cafeteria. Also, students have told us that it is common to have to swipe roaches off of the table as they eat.

One student reported that at the beginning of the year she attempted to use the toilet paper in the girls bathroom and baby roaches were inside the roll. It is our understanding that the school is sprayed on a regular basis, but it is quite obvious that no attention has been focused on the root of the problem. Many wasp nests have been found directly outside exterior entrances. Some teachers believe there are nests in the ceiling above their classrooms. It is not unusual for a student to see a wasp flying by them during class. STUDENTS HAVE BEEN STUNG. For some children or staff who may be allergic, this could be a medical emergency.
Not only are the children in an unclean environment, so are the administration and staff. Most teachers do not feel comfortable eating in the teacher's lounge.

This is under the vending machine that sits next to the cafeteria tables.

2. Lack of communication equipment in the classrooms for teachers to use in case of emergency.
There is no means of two-way communication between classrooms and the school office. Teachers are encouraged to use their cell phones in case of emergency. In the case of a TRUE emergency, time simply does not need to be wasted fumbling to get a call through on a cell phone where service is not always reliable or if the line may be busy. The system from the old Madisonville Primary School was supposed to be used at MMS, but no one was able to tell us what happened to the system. Mr. Lowry did promise us that several sets of walkie talkies would be purchased for emergency situations and also for bus duty and play time.

3. Disrepair of the building which contributes to the rodent problem. Each room has a door and/or window air conditioner with visible cracks through which rodents can enter. Not to mention this is NOT energy efficient.

The main exit doors and windows are original to the building which is now 44 years old. With very few exceptions, each classroom exterior door is not sealed substantially enough to keep rodents out. Also, this is NOT energy efficient. The money it would cost to seal these openings would pay for itself in lower utility bills over a very short time. It is the understanding of the PTSO that utility costs have risen this year and teachers and staff are being asked to be more energy efficient by the maintenance director.

Multiple ceiling tiles have water stains and are sagging. These need replacing but more importantly we need to find out WHY this has happened. BLACK MOLD WAS FOUND ON WALLS AND CEILINGS! Each classroom has an exterior door. Each door needs new weather stripping or seal and constant monitoring of these is necessary. The main entrance to the school is in desperate need of replacement! Also, each room has a window air conditioner that has been placed in the wall (not the window). No maintenance of these holes has been done in several years, even though filters are replaced regularly.
The students must walk past the dumpsters to get to computer class which is in a portable building. There are many visible wires/cords that connect the portable buildings to the main buildings. These lines hang so low that they can easily be grasped by the students. The steps to the portable building are in need of attention also.

4. Sequoyah High School students using MMS as a hub for the bus system.
There is a lack of control of these high school students on the MMS campus. These students need to be supervised as soon as they exit their bus until they
leave MMS. Incidents with these students include: fighting, bullying, smoking, hazing of younger students, and profanity EVERY DAY. These students do not respect the faculty and staff of MMS and refuse to listen to instructions. Once in the building, these students ask to go to the restroom and tend to get "lost" in the back hallways of the school. There are some of these students that are riding to MMS with no intention of catching a second bus run. They are there to "hang out" and walk home.
If the students are walking home from MMS, they need to be made to
leave campus as soon as they exit the bus. The problem, we feel, is a lack of manpower to enforce system rules. MMS faculty and staff should not be responsible for their 545 students AND 75+ students from another school. In our meeting, Mr. Lowry said this problem would be investigated ASAP.

5. MMS is the only school in the system without a paid cafeteria monitor.

After a physical altercation with a student last year, the cafeteria monitor at MMS was transferred to SQHS. Since the fall of 2010 when this took place, MMS has been without a monitor in the cafeteria. The administration and teachers
have been forced to monitor the cafeteria during lunch. This is against the duty-free lunch law and a waste of the administration's
valuable time. It is our understanding that after our meeting, plans have been put into place to take care of this situation.

The PTSO feels the school is in need of a PROFESSIONAL cleaning.

There's a Time & Place For Everything!

But you gotta love Mayor Tim for handling this one, the way he did. Politely at first and then the "I understand that, now get the hell out of here." They obviously blinked, cause they left. They probably had heard about that time Mayor Tim caught some people breaking into a storage building. Read the eyewitness account from Mike Donila of The Big Metal Shed on the Hill here.

Admrals Wins

Farragut Admirals beat McMinn County last night. The Big Metal Shed on the Hill has no details, here is the report from the Daily Post.

Georgiana Vines Will Report on Former Republican Chairs Behaving Badly

In today's Georgiana Vines column (here) over at The Big Metal Shed on the Hill she reports to have talked to the former GOP Chairs that have dishonored the legacy of our 40th President Ronald Reagan. She states that they said this is the first time they have endorsed in a primary. Interesting, last summer several of them got together (except Prisoner of War Survivor Bill Tallent, Lynn Tarpy, Sue Methvin and Irene McCrary) and endorsed a candidate. On July 20, 2011 Here Rebecca Ferar over at the same Big Metal Shed on the Hill reported on their combined Republican election.

For some reason the former Chairs suffer from continued lapses of forgetfulness, because in last weeks endorsement three were not included (Prisoner of War Survivor Bill Tallent, Attorney Mike McClamroch and myself). On Monday, Vines reports that she will have more on the former Chairs endorsement. If she writes about those of us excluded, I guess that means that she will be contacting me or not.

Friday, September 09, 2011

A Weekend Of Remembrance - This One Through The Eyes of KCSO Joe Henderson

As we begin this weekend, there will be remembrances of the actions that shocked our country. Lydia McCoy over at The Big Metal Shed on the Hill has a story where KCSO Joe Henderson mad a presentation to Carter Middle School. Henderson was a K9 officer that participated in search and rescue at Ground Zero immediately following the attack ten years ago. Here is Lydia's story.

Charles Thomas Wises UP!

The Knox County Election Commission through it's twitter account at knoxvotes has reported that Charles Thomas has withdrawn his write in campaign. Thomas has made he right decision. The people that convinced him to do this were simply using Thomas for their own selfish interest. Kudos to Thomas!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Republicans Dishonoring the Legacy of our 40th President

Yesterday a press conference was held outside Ruth Chris's Steakhouse and 7 former Chairs of the Knox County Republican Executive Committee announced their endorsement for one of the State Senate District 6 candidates. The 7 were representing 8 former Chairs as one of the endorsers was out of town.

In the haste to assemble the former Chairs, they did not invite, contact or solicit three former Chairs. Prisoner of War Survivor Mr. Bill Tallent, Knoxville Attorney Mike McClamroch or the 2005-2007 Former Chairman Brian Hornback.

This is not the first time that this group in their haste to maintain some semblance of power and control have made endorsements in a Republican Primary. They have violated Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment before. Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment is to not speak ill of a fellow Republican. To endorse one candidate over another in a contested Republican Primary is saying that the candidate(s) that you are NOT endorsing are not worthy to represent the party or position.

So, if you are a Republican in State Senate District 6, I ask that when you go to the polling place to cast your vote. That you will decide for yourself who the best representative for you will be. Seven years ago, you made the right decision in State Senator Jamie Woodson! I am confident that in honoring the legacy of our 40th President Ronald Wilson Reagan that you do not need me or any current or former Republican party official to tell you who to vote for.

Just make sure you vote!

By way of complete disclosure, State Senate Candidate Becky Massey approached me last night at the State Senate Debate in South Knox County and informed me that she did not organize the endorsement yesterday and had she known that one or three former Chairs had been excluded either intentionally or by accident, she would have contacted them herself. She apologized to me for the actions of one former Chair.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

South Doyle Area Home Owners Association Hear From the State Senate Candidates

Mark Mugford, President of the South Doyle Area Home Owners Association leads the organization in it's monthly business. County Commissioner Mike Brown was in attendance, he is in the light blue shirt, to the left of the picture.

State Senate Candidate Becky Massey was the first candidate to address the crowd in attendance. She emphasised her business experience in running the Sertoma Center. She also discussed her involvement in Nashville on behalf of other organizations across the state.  

State Senate Candidate Victoria DeFreese was the next up. She emphasized that she has been in Knoxville for 18 years. She and her husband both work, they have four children (ages 10-16) She discussed that she is not from a well known political family. She is a public educator and she does not intend to be a career politician. She really wants to be a librarian, "when she grows up" This is the area where DeFreese is from, she was warmly received.

Democrat State Senate Candidate Gloria Johnson was the next to speak. She talked of how she is from Farragut, she then went to the University of Tennessee and earned a degree in education. She then began working in Knox County Schools (except for a brief stint in Colorado) She has recently worked at Central High School. This year she requested to be transferred to Richard Yoakley Alternative School. She discussed how she would like legislation written in TN. She was discussing the tenure law change.

After Johnson talked, I went up and introduced myself to her. We had a good conversation. I also had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Mark Harmon. We had a pleasant conversation as well. That surely breaks the hearts of the liberals on knoxviews and knoxblab.

Chris Connolly, Campaign Manager for State Senate Candidate Marilyn Roddy spoke on behalf of State Senate Candidate Marilyn Roddy. Mrs. Roddy was performing her City Council Member duties at tonight's Knoxville City Council Meeting. He started out by jokingly saying to me that everything he was going to say was off the record. I said uh, no. Everyone laughed. Nothing like being the only "media" there and one of the speakers pointing you out.

He did as good a job representing his candidate as he could, (a. because he is a guy, his candidate is a woman b. because he is not the candidate and c. I just wanted to poke fun at the guy in this post) He highlighted that the city has doubled the rainy day fund and worked closely with Mayor Haslam in revitalizing downtown and south Knox County.

All three candidates appeared together for a joint photograph. Chris Connolly respectfully declined to be photographed.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Political Activity Columnist at Big Metal Shed on the Hill Mentions Shock And Awe without Naming Us

In today's Big Metal Shed on the Hill column by the occasional political activity columnist. She reported that a blog supportive of Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Ivan Harmon reported that the Rogero campaign fired Tom Jester. We reported it at 10:01 am on August 27, 2011. We got the story from a post on Knoxblab, which we credited in our post. The blabbers are quick to tell you that the Blab is not a blog. So, the political activity columnist had to be referring to Shock And Awe. Thank you political activity columnist at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill!

The Big Metal Shed on the Hill Alludes to Stair Motive

On August 27 at 8:28 pm we posted what sources close to the campaign of Marshall Stair had told us. That Marshall's motive for running against Bill Owen and Buck Cochran was to build his resume and gather volunteers in order to challenge State Senator Stacey Campfield in 2014. Well,in today's endorsement by The Big Metal Shed on the Hill of Owen and Cochran's opponent the primary reason given is so he "can earn his stripes" Well, there ya go!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Former Knox County Republican Chair Has a Ghost Writer

The post that went up last Sunday about the forever ago Knox County Republican Chairman and his support of another Democrat earned us a response. The problem is that the response was sent through the blogger system. While I identified the ip address, I suspected that the response was NOT from the former Republican Chairman.

Another reason (besides the ip address) was because in the response he credits the blog for spelling his name correctly. His name was NEVER published in the post. So, I suspected that he had employed a ghost writer that is a hater of all things BHornback, (that would be the one whose name is synonymous with gaseous activity) I immediately sent an email to the attorney's office administrator (as his email address is not available on his law firms website) I simply wanted to confirm he was the author of the posted comment in order to publish the comment and then I would respond.

Within a few minutes I went to knoxblab and on Wednesday August 31, the "gaseous rhetoric" one posted it as a thread "message to Hornback" a great conversation ensued. In which I responded to every comment. I even posted that I suspected the "gaseous rhetoric" one had ghost written this for the attorney. She did not confirm nor did she deny it.

No reply to my email asking for confirmation has been received as of this posting. In tomorrow's Scripps owned Slopper News, a portion of the response is printed in gossip and lies. This is additional proof that the haters of all things BHornback were the ghost writers. Thanks for playing along, "gaseous rhetoric" one and Scripps Editor Clark.

TRTL Says That Victoria DeFreese is a Strong Option for Sixth District

TN Right to life said that Victoria DeFreese met the criteria and represents a strong option for pro-life voters in the 6th district.


The Big Metal Shed on the Hill endorses Madeline Rogero over Ivan Harmon, Mark Padgett, Joe Hultquist or Bo Bennett. No surprise there when Jack McElroy is on the Big Metal Shed on the Hill Editorial Board.

Saturday, September 03, 2011


So, the headline writer at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill instead of simply reporting that 6 inches of rain is headed to Knoxville. The headline read "half a foot". While both are accurate one is sensational tabloid reporting. But, let's go buy some milk and eggs before the rain comes.

Friday, September 02, 2011

George Wallace Has NOT Voted in Every Election Either

There has been a lot of attention to Marshall Stair's every sporadic voting record. Sporadic to the exist of of only voting in 5 out of 20 or so elections since 2005.

Now, we learn that George Wallace candidate for another City Council at large position did not vote in the City of Knoxville General elections in 2007 and 2009. What is up with this lack of civic duty?

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Stair Reacts To Shock And Awe

Two weekends Shock And Awe posted this about the location of a Marshall Stair sign. Within a few days the sign was moved back to few feet east, attaching it to a restaurant sign. That generated this post. Yesterday, I received a message that the sign is G O N E. Why if nothing was wrong has it been moved and now removed?