Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bean's Prediction Was Wrong! So Far!

We reported in two postings last night about Sandra Clark, the E.W Scripps writer in two predictions that she missed in City Council races. We do not want to miss the reporting that Betty Bean another E.W. Scripps writer missed a prediction. Bean stated that Rogero would take it in the primary. So far she hasn't, there are still 29 provisional ballots to count. But the likelihood that Rogero avoids a runoff with Mark Padgett is so unlikely. Sources were calling me Monday and Tuesday wondering if Bean had a deal to become employed with a Rogero administration. Because when Tim Burchett was elected County Mayor, Bean believed she was going to be the Communications Director for Mayor Burchett. Burchett rightly sell selected Michael "Big Sexy" Grider. Big Sexy is the name Grider has obtained in the Deathstar.

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