Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Madeline's True Agenda Revealed!

Madeline has receieved the endorsement from the Teamsters. The same organization that she has worked with since right out of college, when she picketed with Casaer Chavez.

Madeline is in the center of the photograph (kind of walking by herself)

Here is the actual letter from the Teamsters praising Madeline for her work with Caesar Chavez and for her marriage to a Union organizer.

In the letter it reminds the members that she almost beat Mayor Bill Haslam. It doesn't mention that she became a soldier in his army. Or was she just a ploy?

This is James Hoffa, Jr. last week at a Labor Day Rally. This is the type of person and organization that Madeline has brough to Knoxville with her through her campaign. She is surrounding herself that simply wants to "take people out" that disagree with her.


Anonymous said...

Wake up Knoxville, Madeline has already stated in a debate that union workers are more skilled and that when she is Mayor Union businesses will get City contracts over anti union businesses.

She will be terrible for this City, she will raise taxes and start back up the TYP, which will bankrupt this City. She is anti business and this City needs jobs not someone that will run business off.

jden27 said...

She is a snake! I was present at the City County building Sunday morning for the 9/11 memorial. She was there to campaign instead to honor those who lost their lives. I am a Blount county resident and can't even vote for her nor would I. She introduced herself to me and informed me that she was running for Mayor of Knoxville. I then said to her "My name is Justin Denny and I'm here to honor those who's lives were taken!"

Concerned Community Activist said...

Good for you Justin. I have been telling people they are making a BIG mistake if they vote for her. She shows up at events especially in the inner city just to have her picture taken and then she is GONE! She does not return phone calls or emails!