Friday, September 02, 2011

George Wallace Has NOT Voted in Every Election Either

There has been a lot of attention to Marshall Stair's every sporadic voting record. Sporadic to the exist of of only voting in 5 out of 20 or so elections since 2005.

Now, we learn that George Wallace candidate for another City Council at large position did not vote in the City of Knoxville General elections in 2007 and 2009. What is up with this lack of civic duty?


Anonymous said...

If you look even closer, GW did not cast a vote in a city election at all from 1984 thru 2001 and only three times since 01 has he bothered.

Anonymous said...

It is funny people want to serve their community and they can't seem to vote in the elections. It only happens maybe every two years maybe ever year it's not like it is every month.

I have not missed an election since I started voting in 1985. I was even in the military and still voted everytime, primarys and general elections.

I think before you can run for office you must have at least have voted in 85% of the elections. Just Saying.