Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Gaseous Rhetoric One Is Losing What She Had

The E.W. Scripps writer whose name is synonymous with a product that causes gas posted over at he liberal blog this item. It refers to some arrests of interviewees of the Henry Granju case from a year or more.

The title of the post is "Katie Gets Some Da** Jusice". Now if I concurred with the gaseous rhetoric ones argument, which I likely don't. Is it Katie that deserves justice? Or is the justice due Henry?

This arrogant throw down of a touchdown score after the game ended is the most sicking thing the gaseous rhetoric one has done and she has spewed alot of verbal vomit through the Internet and her columns over the years.


Anonymous said...

Katie or Henry did not get justice today, these three were arrested for unrelated charges. So for anybody to claim that Henry or Katie got justice is just trying to get more digs in on the KCSO and The Pelot's.

The only person's middle name released was Laurie's, why?, because Katie and KNS are tring to make this political and to ruin Mrs. Pelots good name. Shame on all of them.

Anonymous said...

One opens one's self up to more scrutiny when one seeks and serves in public office.

Brian Hornback said...

Yes, when one seeks or serves you are correct they open themselves up for more scrutiny.

But, this was not about City Councilwoman Barbara Pelot. It was about her adult daughter, her adult daughter that was an adult when her mother was elected.

I agree with the first commenter I believe there is an agenda on the Sentinel's part as for the agenda of the "gaseous rhetoric" one, I believe she is jealous that no one will meet her at Longs or Sami's to have their picture made with her. But in the paper she writed for hundreds of people do it to be photographed with Mrs. Pelot