Sunday, September 04, 2011

Former Knox County Republican Chair Has a Ghost Writer

The post that went up last Sunday about the forever ago Knox County Republican Chairman and his support of another Democrat earned us a response. The problem is that the response was sent through the blogger system. While I identified the ip address, I suspected that the response was NOT from the former Republican Chairman.

Another reason (besides the ip address) was because in the response he credits the blog for spelling his name correctly. His name was NEVER published in the post. So, I suspected that he had employed a ghost writer that is a hater of all things BHornback, (that would be the one whose name is synonymous with gaseous activity) I immediately sent an email to the attorney's office administrator (as his email address is not available on his law firms website) I simply wanted to confirm he was the author of the posted comment in order to publish the comment and then I would respond.

Within a few minutes I went to knoxblab and on Wednesday August 31, the "gaseous rhetoric" one posted it as a thread "message to Hornback" a great conversation ensued. In which I responded to every comment. I even posted that I suspected the "gaseous rhetoric" one had ghost written this for the attorney. She did not confirm nor did she deny it.

No reply to my email asking for confirmation has been received as of this posting. In tomorrow's Scripps owned Slopper News, a portion of the response is printed in gossip and lies. This is additional proof that the haters of all things BHornback were the ghost writers. Thanks for playing along, "gaseous rhetoric" one and Scripps Editor Clark.


Anonymous said...

"In which I responded to every comment" I don't think that is quite true. I made a statement about your stance on anonymous posters on your sight and I never got a response. You seem to allow them all the time only if they seem to agree with you.

Brian Hornback said...

First of all you need to read the rules of engagement, evidently reading comprehension escapes you. It says Anonymous comments will rarely be posted. If they are to be posted they must adhere to all our rules. If a comment isn't posted, then it violated one or more rules. Rules are there for a reason, understand them and follow them.

Also, you will not bully me in demanding a comment be posted. haul your butt over to the Big Metal Shed on the Hill and demand that Jack McElroy print your letter to the editor. It will not happen.