Saturday, September 24, 2011

Broyles Notices on Late Friday Night a Meeting With Shouse for Sunday Morning

While attending the East TN Preparedness Fair this afternoon I was told that Commissioner Broyles noticed last night about a meeting tomorrow Sunday at 3 pm at a local Panera Bread location with Commissoner Ed Shouse.

I do not believe this short notice is sufficient especially since it was issued on a weekend night and not during normal business hours. In addition, this 3 pm meeting is while the majority of God fearing citizens are finishing up lunch fom a morning of Sunday School &/or Church.

It is interesting that Broyles (an anti Carter School advocate) would schedule this meeting with Shouse. Shouse is considered a swing vote on Carter, bets are on that Broyles will work Shouse for a NO vote on Carter. I have confidence that Shouse with stand tall with Carter on Monday.

Broyles just needs to fully recover from her brain surgery and quit bullying the kids in Carter. Broyles should pick on someone her own age.


Anonymous said...

I understood that for proper notice to be given it is required to be five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Where did Ms.Broyles put the notice? I cannot find it on the commission web page.


Brian Hornback said...

She emailed to the Commissioners and a few select folks. She did not notice me and Hubert Smith and I are the only media that have ever attended her noticed meetings. I have an inquiry into Law Director Jarrett.