Sunday, May 31, 2009

In a Word, Editor and Publisher Clueless

This post has been generated in response to this from the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. O.k. school has been out for a week and today starts the remedial summer school class. We find two students in this summer remedial class. Editor Jack McElroy and Publisher Bruce Hartmann.

Let's review why you are in summer remedial school. Editor McElroy, you and your family failed to pay your personal property taxes. So, please spell Civic Responsibility? Uhh, well. let's see, M-Y-W-I-F-E-W-A-S-U-P-P-O-S-E-D-T-O-S-E-N-D-I-T. Brrt! Wrong answer.

Publisher Hartmann, your company under your direction didn't pay taxes on that piece of property on Gay Street. So, spell Corporate Responsibility. Uhh, well let's see. I-T-W-A-S-M-A-Y-O-R-H-A-S-L-A-M-S-F-A-U-L-T. Brrt! Wrong Answer. Little Bruce jumps up from his seat and says. It was his fault, his daddy should have bought papers on Thursday as well as on Friday.

O.k. one more question. Each of you will be able to answer. Your company failed to pay property taxes on equipment within your Big Metal Shed on the Hill. They both scream, you've been reading Brian's Blog. They both are told to sit back down and the teacher continues. Your company failed to pay property tax on the equipment you use within the temporary building that you operate in. So, please spell Good Corporate Citizens. McElroy stands on his chair first. O.k. Jack. H-E-R-B-M-O-N-C-E-I-R. Brrt! Wrong answer. Hartmann has his hand up. O.k. Bruce. I-R-U-N-T-H-E-S-H-O-P-P-E-R-T-O-O. Brrt! Wrong answer.

Hartman stands up and produced a really big canceled check (like he uses for the empty stocking fund) to where Scripps paid their back taxes. He was excused and passed with a 70 for his summer remedial class.

McElroy was sitting there sad and all alone. The teacher says o.k. Jack go to the bulletin board and write 200 times. I will not make fun of a transplant recipient and three of the Commissioners that I do not like. I have a bias, I have a bias, I have a bias. When that assignment is complete you will have earned a 70 which is passing the summer remedial class.

Jack picked up the chalk and began writing 200 times. I will not make fun of a transplant recipient and the three Commissioners that I do not like. I have a bias, I have a bias, I have a bias.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Farragut Summer Reading List

Yesterday and last night I re-read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Pausch is a former Professor that suffered from pancreatic cancer. He delivered his last lecture a couple of years ago (it was recorded and became an Internet success) and then he published the book. We leave his book on one of our end tables. So, re-reading it still caused the same emotional response. Randy Pausch experienced a life well lived. He spent his time leaving a legacy. I only hope that I have time to have lived my life as well and to leave a legacy as strong.If you haven't read the book, do so.

The next book is The Blind Side by Michael Lewis.

And Mayor Haslam Wants to do for the State What He Has Done for Knoxville.

This from the Big Metal Shed on the Hill's website this afternoon. They haven't realized how this reflects poorly on their "Golden Boy" Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam. He's "Golden" to them because his dad and brother buy thousands of newspapers from them on Friday's.

So, that when they remove it from their website. Here is what Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory said about Knoxville in a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution story. "We could've easily become a Knoxville, Greensboro or Richmond. Instead we compete, fortunately, with Denver, Dallas and Atlanta."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Former Commissioner Stephens, "I shall not seek, and I will.....

Several newsprint publications have rumored that former Powell County Commissioner Larry Stephens is preparing to run for public office again. They speculate that he may be eyeing a run for Seventh District School Board seat currently held by School Board Member Rex Stooksbury. In an exclusive interview with Brian's Blog Stephens informed us that he will NOT be a candidate. He has retired from a long career as a teacher and coach at Powell High School. He is enjoying retirement and has a job in Marketing with a local firm and he has no interest or intent to be a candidate for any position. The tone of his comments to us were similar to the tone of Lyndon Johnson. "I shall not seek, and I will not accept the nomination of my party for......."

Departures Keep Happening at Big Metal Shed

Sources from within the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill inform us that editorial / management personnel within the BIG Metal Shed are applying for jobs outside the print media industry. It seems that the BIG Metal Shed has evolved into a printing press production facility (printing car sales publications, Home Market and Apartment Guides) and the "journalist and editorial staff" are trying to get out before they are escorted out of the BIG Metal Shed.

Knox County Budget Stumps Toe of Big Metal Shed

Sources from within the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill inform us that the editorial staff had several editorials written to be published prior to Knox County Commission approving the County budget on June 4, 2009.

The problem for Editor Jack McElroy and crew is that the County Commission approved the budget on May 26, 2009. Oops, ole' McElroy came up short on editorials. Gonna have to write a couple of new ones to replace the ones that are now in the trash can.

Why does the Big Metal Shed on the Hill criticize a budget with NO property tax increase in over 10 years, given schools, law enforcement everything that they have asked for the past 8 years? However, they don't criticize the City of Knoxville budget. Does it have to do with the 50,000 newspapers that Pilot Travel Centers buys every Friday?

Knox County Administrator of Elections Position

Our sources indicate that on Friday May 22, 2009 the members of the Knox County Election Commission instructed that applicants for the position of Administrator of Elections submit their resumes to the HR Department of Knox County.

Additional sources have informed us that as of Wednesday May 27, 2009, City Councilman Steve Hall, School Board Member Cindy Buttry and Charter Amendment PR Guy Gary Drinnen had filed their resumes.

If you are interested in applying for the position of Administrator of Elections the address to submit your resume to is.

Knox County Human Resources
Suite 360, 400 Main St.
Knoxville, TN 37902
ATTN: Frances Fogerson, Human Resources Director

Lord of the Flies

Well, I am now half way through my Summer Reading books for Farragut High School. My rising Ninth Grader is reading the three AP English books and the three school wide Summer Reading List books. Farragut High School only requires that you read one of the three school wide books. However, we are reading all three. I have always read the summer reading books that are assigned to my children.

I have recently read the two AP English books How to Read Literature Like a Professor and Raisin in the Sun. I just completed the third book, Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The theme of Lord of the Flies is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature. It is easy to compare personalities and individuals that you are aware of to the characters in the book. I feel confident that I read this book when I was in high school. However, 25 years since my graduation I didn't remember it. So, this was a good assignment.

The next three books are the school wide books. The Theme is Life Lessons. the next read will be a re read for me. The Last Lecture is a book that I read a year or so ago. It is on one of our end tables at all times. So, I am going to pick it up and re-read it again. This time after Randy Pausch has passed. I will be back to posting about The Last Lecture and telling you which book will be the next read.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recall Bill Lockett!?

This story revealed by the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill today is very disturbing. It would appear that Lockett knew what he was doing at the time. It would appear that he knew what he did during the time and prior to his old law firm confronting him about it. It would appear that he knew what he did when he agreed with his law firm that he did it. It would appear he realized he did wrong when he agreed to pay it back. Had his law firm never discovered it and confronted Locket with it. What would Lockett have done?

Lockett has portrayed himself as a Boy Scout leader, he should resign. Lockett has campaigned on his membership in a large church, he should stand before that congregation and ask for forgiveness and for their assistance in helping him to right his moral life.

The citizens of Knox County began the rumblings today of a Recall Bill Lockett movement. What will the position of the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill be in recalling Bill Lockett? If they are consistent they should be asking for his immediate resignation. Because the view of the citizens that we spoke with today said, the actions of Bill Lockett are no different than the robbers at the Bravo restaurant or the robbery of the convenience store on Middlebrook Pike last night. The only difference is one happened last night and the other a year or two ago.

Now, Lockett's attempt to get the Knox County taxpayers in September 2008 to purchase a "tricked out truck" for his county and personal use is viewed in a different light.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Legislature On Knox County

People are wondering why the State House State and Local Committee was unanimous in the Rep. Chad Faulkner bill about Knox County. A trip down memory lane will remind us that Rep. Harry Tindell and Rep. Harry Brooks from Knox County have previously served on the Knox County School Board at a time when Knox County Commissioners use to like to tell the School Board where to site a school, what individuals should be promoted to Principal.

Also, Rep. Curry Todd from Shelby County has said, in Shelby County we have a Charter form of Government and don't have a Knox County Commission acting like the Commission in Knox County.

What we have in Knox County is a group of "bipolar Commissioners" that get their marching orders from Attorney Tom McAdams and the daily paper Editor Jack McElroy.

Tellico Village Got a Food Lion. But It Ain't Looking Like Your Mom and Dad's Food Lion

Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 lb of Flour in a 5 lb Bag

The scene from the Sequoyah High School (Monroe County) Class of 2009 Graduation this morning. The scene to the Left of me.

The scene to the right of me.

This does not include the people standing directly to my right and left, the people standing behind me and the people in the Cafeteria watching on the theater size screen.

Overall, it was a great small community East Tennessee event. I did not see anyone go down from heat exhaustion. Parking was a whole different issue. But, the great news is the Graduation went off with nobody getting mad, no fights, no wrecks, nothing adverse. If this had happened like this in a Knox County School property. Somebody would have lost it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is This Who You Want Running The Sheriff's Dept, Mayor's Office or Any Other Countywide Office? NO!

Why? I'll Tell You Why!

Why did all the members of the House State and Local Committee vote against the wishes of the "bipolar Knox County Commissioners" and Jack McElroy and the gang at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill.

The legislators recognize that the Knox County Commissioners are out of control. The Commissioners are micromanaging the county government. The Commissioners are trying to identify who will drive a car home and who will not. The role of the Commission as set by the legislature is NOT what record spinner Hammond, University Wannabe Professor, Dr. Frist aspiring, lying Seventh District and the rest of Commission are doing.

When the bipolar Commissioners began the McElroy witch hunt, the legislature set out to prove what the role of a Commissioner is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mike Hammond Wants a Do Over

The disc jockey, record spinner Mike Hammond that happens to serve on County Commission until 2010 wants a do over. Evidently in his opinion the record skipped so he wants to hear the record again.

The Knox County citizens voted on charter amendments last year. One passed and one failed. Some citizens went to Nashville and made their case. Representative Chad Faulkner and the rest of the legislators in the House State and Local Committee heard the citizens and voted to make a change. Jack McElroy, the gang at the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill are not happy that the other citizens were heard and a vote in their favor passed. So, Hammond wants a do over.

What the citizens of district five needs to do is solicit signatures to have a do over for Hammond's seat and Briggs seat. A recall will be an adequate do over. Let's recall the disc jockey, record spinner. It seems all his record spinning has him spinning his public conversations.

Great Memories

Second of Six Farragut High School Mandatory Summer Read Completed

As I have previously posted one of my middle school kids will be a Farragut high School student next year. The Farragut High School Mandatory Summer Read is to select one of three books. In addition rising 9th graders in AP English have three books to read. So, I am reading all six. A few days ago I finished reading Thomas Foster’s How to Read Literature like a Professor. Now, in the last two day I have just completed Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun.

In 1959, the landmark appearance of this her first play on Broadway found Lorraine Hansberry as not only the youngest American, not only the fifth woman but the first and only African American to win the coveted Best American Play award from the prestigious New York Drama Critics Circle.

This story is no different than detailing the struggle of a family. Individuals with different dreams, desires and motivations and how decisions create different results and how as a family we deal with them. As I read it, I kept thinking that Hansberry authored this play in the mid 1950’s and how the story is as relevant today as it was in the 50’s.

Hansberry passed away in 1965, four years after the play was released in a motion picture. This is a great story and a good read. I encourage you to read it.

It is interesting that after her passing a writing that she had left in an undated journal said. “If anything should happen - before ‘tis done - may I trust that all commas and periods will be placed and someone will complete my thoughts - Lorraine Hansberry. With this story, Hansberry adequately placed the period on a life truly fulfilled. It is just sad that her life was cut short.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 Farragut Admirals

The 2009 Farragut Admirals Graduated on Saturday May 16, 2009 beginning at 7:00 p.m. Here is a picture of the graduating class. An Admiral is better than a Hawk, a Beaver, a Panther, a Red Devil, a Eagle, a Bobcat, a Falcon, a Road Runner, a Hornet, a Cherokee, a Rebel and a Bulldog doesn't even come close to the level of an ADMIRAL. Go Admirals!

Knox County Commissioners Earn a New Name

Have you been watching the Knox County Commission and all this talk about changing the fee offices? What you don't see and what the Big Metal Shed on the Hill doesn't report is the going ons behind the scene.

The Commissioners have now earned a new name "The Bipolar Commissioners". You see the say what they say in public for Jack McElroy and the gang of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill and then apologize to the fee office holders immediately after the meeting when the public and press are gone.

State Representative Chad Faulkner's Bill Passes Committee

State Representative Chad Faulkner's bill concerning counties with a Charter form of Government has just passed unanimously out of the House State and Local Committee. It seems that the legislator's are smarter than the Knox County Commissioners and Jack McElroy and his gang at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill.

Personal Note to Representative Faulkner: Hey, Representative Faulkner. Jack McElroy will print the worst picture he can find of you and will print your name in the largest, darkest font he can muster. But, don't worry about it. Keep your head up. We are measured by the enemies we keep. And when the leadership of the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill is your enemy. You have a clear majority of the general public on your side.

Haslam Campaign and Corporate Contributions?

Did you see this latest love letter installment from Jack McElroy and the gang at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill about their suitor the Knoxville Mayor.

Ingram says that he will NOT be compensated by Pilot for campaign work. The problem is in politics (clients Alexander, Corker and Knoxville Mayor are all political) perception becomes reality. The question is why does Pilot need another PR firm? Pilot already has Moxley/Carmichael in Knoxville as their PR firm. Has Cynthia and Alan not earned the Pilot work? We don't think so. We believe that Moxley Carmichael continue to do an exceptional job with Pilot. In spite of the gas gouging from last summer and fall of 2008.

The Haslam campaign and Pilot are mixing too many things together. We understand from our sources that the Knoxville Mayor continues to jet set across the country on a Pilot jet. If he makes one phone call for the campaign while on that jet in the Northeastern part of the USA for the campaign or if he prepares one document for the campaign while on a trip with the Pilot jet as his mode of transportation than it is a violation of campaign finance laws. NO corporate contributions are to be accepted. It is illegal.

The Knoxville Mayor, Senator Alexander and Senator Corker should insist that Ingram drop Pilot Corporation as a client or they should drop him. Plain and simple.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First of Six Mandatory Summer Read Books Completed

As previously reported one of my current middle school children will be at Farragut High School. Four years ago, I began reading the Farragut High School Mandatory Summer Reads. This year in addition to reading all three of the optional books. I am also reading the Ninth Grade AP summer books. I have just completed the first of the three Ninth Grade AP books. The first one that I read was How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster. I really wish that this book could have been a resource when I was in high school in the mid 1980's. Of course the book was published in 2003. It is a book that Farragut High School indicates a student will use as a resource every year. I am pleased that I have read it and it will be a resource that I will use as a handy reference guide.

In June 2008, Thomas C. Foster published How to Read Novels Like a Professor.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gibbons Scores 1, Haslam Ducks and Cowers

From Georgiana Vines column in today's Big Metal Shed on the Hill product we find the latest Bill Haslam love piece. Interestingly, the column addresses a press release challenging the Knoxville Mayor by Bill Gibbons, one of his Republican primary opponents. Gibbons is the District Attorney General from Shelby County. Here is what Gibbons had to say about the Knoxville Mayor.

Gibbons became the first candidate in the group to attack a primary opponent via a press release. He responded to a report on Haslam's talk in Maryville where he was quoted in The Daily Times as saying the "educational culture" of Tennessee must change before student performance will improve. Gibbons said Haslam needed to "get out of the country club set a little more often and talk to regular Tennesseans" to understand what is happening in education. Haslam, whose father, James Haslam II, founded the Pilot Corp., said the point of his speech was that "Tennesseans have to take seriously education in our state."

So we go back to Mule Day just a few weeks ago. The Knoxville Mayor rode on a White horse in the parade. So, is he planning to ride in on his White horse and save public education in Tennessee? This from a man that never attended a public school. But, he knows what is wrong with public education? Right. Well, maybe the same dumb, stupid Tennesseans that do not "take seriously education in our state." Maybe just maybe they will take the Republican primary election serious and NOT elect Bill Haslam as the Republican nominee.

However, the column gets better. He said he didn't really want to debate Gibbons in the press. Hey, there Knoxville Mayor. Any debate is in the press, so now we have the first refusal of the Knoxville Mayor to debate one of his primary opponents. So, as we begin keeping score it is Gibbons 1, Haslam a duck and cower.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Robin Smith

Robin Smith stepped down as Chairman from the TN GOP this weekend. The liberals and socialists do not like Robin because she did her job and gave the Republicans control of the State House and Senate. In reality, you are known by the enemies you keep. For this reason Robin will be an excellent Republican nominee to go up against whatever and whomever they put up on the the other party ballots.

Robin will be exploring the possibility of running for the U.S. Congressional seat in TN's District Three. The district that Congressman Zach Wamp currently represents.

Brian's Blog thanks Robin for all the hard work that she put into the TN GOP and wishes her well. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog over the weekend said, "Robin Smith is one of the hardest working Republicans in this state and I believe that she would be an excellent Member of Congress to follow in the footsteps of my friend, Zach Wamp."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farragut High School's Mandatory Summer Read

O.k., my middle child starts Farragut High School in August 2009. For the past four years I have read every summer read book that Farragut has offered. Last year there were four. I purchased all four and read them.

So, I was pleased when I discovered that this years Summer Read Theme is Life's Lessons. Each student must choose one of three books to read. I have the first one and love it. Here are the three choices. So, I will be purchasing Dewey and The Blind Side. However, The Last Lecture is an excellent choice. Good job, Farragut High School.

1. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow
ISBN: 1401309658

2. Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat That Touched the World by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter
ISBN: 0340920025

3. The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game* by Michael Lewis
ISBN: 0393330478

By the way, I will also be reading the three books for the Ninth grade AP English students as well. I am currently reading, How to Read Literature like a Professor. Then, A Raisin in the Sun and The Lord of the Flies. So, I have several books to keep me busy in addition to the other ones that I am planning to read as well.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Where I'm From - Jason Michael Carroll

I am a fan of Jason Michael Carroll. The song I Can Sleep When I am Dead has been a favorite. However, I just added Where I'm From on my ipod. For those of us that have been raised here in Knox County, this song can have some meaning. For those of you that ain't from around here you need to adhere to the words from the new song "Crazy Town" on Jason Aldean's new release Wide Open. "Roll into town, Step off the bus and Shake off that Where You Came from dust."

We really don't care how you all did it up there, down there or wherever it is. If it was so dad gum good then the interstate runs right back. Cause this is Where We're From.

Eighth Graders Ask, Does the School Board Listen?

Yesterday, I was one of many Authors that spoke as part of Farragut Middle Schools first Authors' Days. In speaking to the class of Eighth graders several questions were asked about the coverage of Brian's Blog surrounding the discussion the School Board had about the school calendar. The question was asked if I believed the school board listens to students, faculty or parents. The questioner went on to say that as a class they researched the idea of year round school. The students sent letters expressing their support for the week long fall break in October and the school board didn't respond and instead voted to eliminate the week long fall break.

In response, I said a majority of the school board does NOT listen, instead they vote in a 5-6 vote majority block on nearly every issue. I informed the class that I am reserving judgement on Dr. McIntyre. Because Dr. McIntyre is still relatively new, he has been responsive to Brian's Blog and I believe it will take him some time to learn whose with him and whose against him. Ultimately, I have hope in McIntyre to identify the good ole boy/girl network and cut it it out at the roots.

I explained how in the four years when I was on the board that I was the first board member to go out to each of the schools in my district at least once a year and conduct an open town hall meeting where anyone can come and address issues, publicly or confidentially. It is interesting to see that Karen Carson at the last workshop is considering the same exact format, six years later.

However, the bottom line is that there are work horses that do the work day in and day out and there are show horses, that show up simply to collect a check and pat themselves on the back. We need more work horses to work day in and day out with Dr. McIntyre to improve our school system. Not people that are gonna just show up at press conferences for school shootings/swine flu to give themselves more visibility for future campaigns.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Farragut Middle School Authors' Days

This morning, I spoke to a 8th grade class and a 7th grade class as part of Farragut Middle Schools First Authors' Days. My friend Martha Woodward encouraged me to participate as the author of Brian's Blog. So, they had a political blogger on the schedule. I was part of a great group that included, Martha Woodward, Leslie Snow, Ric Morgan, Victor Lee, News Sentinel Cartoonist Charlie Daniel. I was honored. The two classes were very good classes. They prepared themselves by researching my background and asking excellent question. Jordan K. was my escort for the day, having to listen to me for one and a half hours. She was exceptional. If you are a member of the FMS Faculty, Staff or a parent of a FMS student. You have every reason to be proud. To the students that I spoke to, your future is so bright. You do and will make us all proud.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Welcome Mark Edwards to Volunteer TV

Volunteer TV has introduced a NEW reporter to the Channel 8 team. Mark, we are looking forward to your reports.

West Valley Middle School MUST Make Up Days Missed

I just received a phone call from the automated phone system at West Valley Middle School. It seems that the Knox County School Central Office and Knox County Health Department have erred in having West Valley closed for five days last week. They have instructed the parents that they will be in school Tuesday May 26, Wednesday May 27 and Thursday May 28. They have also asked the parents to contact the State Representatives and State Senators to vote for and support Senate Bill 899 to allow West Valley NOT to have to make up the time.

All the grades and reports have to be turned in to Central Office before Memorial Day. Teachers are off contracts after Memorial Day. How about families that have vacations scheduled for departure Memorial Day weekend.?How about the students from my home church that are departing for Middle School Mission trip on Tuesday May 26?

Many questions remain. A void of leadership on the part of members of the School Board in assisting Supt. McIntyre with the state department. A recall effort on the School Board Chair is appropriate as the school year has been lacking any real leadership from the board.

Larry Smith - He Ain't The Brightest Tool In The Shed

Larry (Stick) Smith, County Commissioner and known liar (chancery court Spring 2007 and Fall 2008)appeared on Inside Tennessee that aired this past Sunday morning on WBIR. He made the statement that Knox County's economy was just fine, because the bond raters have improved our bond rating. Dennis Francis, pointed out that four restaurants have closed in Turkey Creek and asked Smith if the the bond raters were Bernie Madoff. Smith responded they are the qualified ones.

In addition, to the restaurants in Turkey Creek. Gridiron Burger closed on Clinton Highway as well. Image Point in downtown Knoxville has closed up shop. Anderson News Company has closed up shop. Feel free to leave more closures on in the comment section or email us here.

Smith using this rationale is like all those home mortgage companies that told people they could afford the house and mortgages they were receiving and then when they couldn't afford it anymore. They said well, the professionals told me I could.

Smith sounds like a snake oil salesman, certainly not somebody that you should ever trust his opinion. Individuals close to Smith have been overheard to say, I realize he ain't the sharpest guy in the room.

5 more of the 10 reasons to vote for Zach Wamp

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Will Dr. Jill Hobby be the Next Leader at Halls Middle School?

UPDATE: May 12, 2009 5:50 p.m. We were close but not accurate on this prediction. Hobby will now lead Whittle Springs Middle. She has served as Assistant Principal at Northwest Middle School. While we were not accurate, Whittle Springs is the closest middle school to Halls.

Sources within the Knox County School District and tied to the Halls community have given Brian's Blog a heads up that it appears that Dr. Jill Hobby may be the next Principal at Halls Middle School to replace Retiring Principal Doug Oliver.

It seems that Dr. Donna Wright and Dr. Hobby were recently seen in a public setting having a semi private conversation. As Dr. McIntyre is still learning the individuals within the school district he is currently leaning on Wright to help make the decisions.

By this time next year, Brian's Blog believes that Dr. McIntyre will be picking his own administrators based on their individual record and ability and not the good ole girl/boy system that has existed within the school district since 1976 when Earl Hoffmeister was elected Superintendent.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Even Wounded Birds Fly – Martha Rose Woodward

Martha Rose Woodward, author of Sunsphere – Biography of a landmark and Knoxville’s 1982 World’s Fair has recently published and released her first work of Fiction, Even Wounded Birds Fly.

I have just completed reading the book. The story if the fictional character Rita Belew is a interesting read. The character, Rodney Edgely which is her second husband is a colorful individual. The story of Rita and Rodney is one that is easily followed, even as you can see and follow Rita’s travel from Michigan to Knoxville. Ultimately, she discovers her man in Jimmy Lee Dwight Smith and helps him through his storm of life. Rita helps Jimmy Lee Dwight Smith also deal with an event from his childhood. As the story ends, while Rita, a school teacher had some unfortunate series of events in her life. She has discovered that her life ended with her three dreams fulfilled.

This is a good read. Check it out and buy it here.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Haslam Obtains Censorship on UTK Campus

This morning the Brian's Blog team got a phone call that the UTK "Rock" had a message that we would want to see. I left and drove to the "Rock" and at 8:25 a.m. I found three individuals painting the "Rock" with black paint covering up the message. Here are the paid censorship censors at work. So, I had hopes that another member of the Brian's Blog team got the message on the "Rock" that is being censored. Sure enough our team works at all hours because in the team email box was the photo that required censoring.

I guess all that money, the Board of Trustee's position and a building or two with your name on them allows the University administration to censor any message that is not supportive of the family name. Today is a sad day at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Free Speech ain't Free at UTK, at least today.

Congratulations to Weston Wamp, Congressman Wamp's son graduated from UTK today.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bluegrass Elementary School Closes Tomorrow - Brian's Blog Reported It Sunday

In our coverage on Sunday as the first to report the swine flu breakout at West Valley Middle School. We also reported that Bearden High School and possibly Bluegrass Elementary School will be closed. We took some ribbing from commenter's here and on the website of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill that we were inaccurate. Well, NO we were not. Bluegrass will close tomorrow as we reported. One more doctor's office visit and Bearden High will close and we will be at 100%. Thank You. Thank You. We will be here for you all night and all day.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Knox County School Board Meets Without Public Broadcast

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: 6:01 p.m. the audio came on and appears to be matching the video. 61 minutes of lost board inactivity.

UPDATE: The KCS TV began broadcasting an orchestra concert. Now video has returned without audio. It seems incompetence reigns in the Public Relations / Public Broadcasting department of the Central Office. So much for parental involvement. The talk doesn't match the walk.

The Knox County School Board began this evenings workshop without sound. About 15 minutes in the picture froze. They are currently meeting without public broadcast. You can view the broadcast via the schools website, here. However, for parents without Internet service they are without coverage. It seems Indya Kincannon as Chair is failing in her ability to have the board operate in an open and transparent manner.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Will The School Bus Be Cleaned?

O.k. if the 15 year old student rode a school bus to and from school. That bus likely carries students to a feeder elementary school and/or a feeder high school.

So, will Knox County Health Department have the bus cleaned and sterilized? Has school officials even considered that?

WATE was 12 minutes after Brian's Blog

WATE was 12 minutes after the first report on Brian's Blog.

59 minutes later The Big Metal Shed on the Hill Reports

59 minutes after the first report on Brian's Blog, the Big Metal Shed on the Hill reports.

Only West Valley Middle to Close for 7 days

15 year old student at West Valley Middle School has probable case of swine flu. West Valley to close for 7 calendar days.

Is this 7 School Calendar days, 7 Calendar days?

3:09 p.m. Still No Breaking News from Big Metal Shed on the Hill

Where 'o Where is Jack?

WVMS, BHS to close for one week

West Valley Middle School, Bearden High School will close for one week. Bluegrass Elementary School may close in one week.

WVLT at 2:51 p.m. reports West Valley Middle School

WVLT releases West Valley Middle School at 2:51 p.m. Bearden High School and West Valley will close for one week. Bluegrass Elementary likely to close as well.

WBIR at 2:47 p.m. Brian's Blog at 2:26 p.m.

WBIR reports at 2:47 p.m. after we first reported at 2:26 p.m. and a second report at 2:41 p.m. Brian's Blog first with Breaking News that protects your health and safety.

Knox County Press Conference at 3 p.m. at the Health Department

Press Conference at 3 p.m. at the Knox County Health Department to announce two possibly three schools to close for one week due to swine flu outbreak.

Swine Flu in Knox County Schools

Unconfirmed sources have stated that Indya Kincannon has stated to individuals at the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill that Knox County has its first case of swine flu at a school.

More details as this story continues to develop and results are released.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jack Kemp - R.I.P

Jack Kemp passed away this evening. In January of this year it was reported that he had cancer in multiple parts of his body. I met him one time during the 1996 Presidential campaign. Kemp was the Vice-Presidential nominee running with Senator Bob Dole. He was at an event at the Tennessee Amphitheater. He was a cordial and nice man.

Mine That Bird Wins - Now the Republican Governor's Race

Mine That Bird was a 50-1 to win today's Kentucky Derby. Mine That Bird cost $9,500 and traveled 21 hours to compete. Mine That Bird blew away the field, coming from the back to win the derby.

Now, with the Tennessee Republican Governor's race of 2010 the Mine That Bird money goes on the Congressman from Chattanooga. He ain't the one born with a boat load of money, he ain't the favorite of the country club crowd. But, when the primary is complete it will be Zach Wamp that blows away the crowd.

The Associate - John Grisham

I obtained The Associate the latest by John Grisham as soon as it was available. However, I was not immediately able to read it. I have just completed reading the book. It is different from the typical Grisham novel in that normally the main character is involved with their clients. In this book the main character Kyle McAvoy is forced into the story line.

The ending comes quick and your left with either accepting the ending or coming to your own conclusion. Kyle asks the question about the likely ending and another character suggested another possibility. So you are left to determine what you think the person worked for or their motive.

I enjoyed this Grisham novel. I am an avid Grisham fan, having read everything he has published. I even purchased all the Oxford American magazines to read The Painted House, which is how it was first published over a year through the Oxford American magazines. The Painted House has been in paperback form for several years.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Pilot's Free Friday Sentinel Coming to an End?

Sources inform us that today may be the last day that you will receive a Free Friday News Sentinel at Pilot gas stations.

It seems the promotion that began prior to the son and brother of the owner and operator of Pilot becoming Mayor of Knoxville has become costly and the mutual benefits for Pilot and the News Sentinel have not been achieving it's high level of return.

The question is how does E.W. Scripps that has maintained a monopoly in this town for a decade or more now become a paper of little to no significance?