Thursday, May 14, 2009

Farragut Middle School Authors' Days

This morning, I spoke to a 8th grade class and a 7th grade class as part of Farragut Middle Schools First Authors' Days. My friend Martha Woodward encouraged me to participate as the author of Brian's Blog. So, they had a political blogger on the schedule. I was part of a great group that included, Martha Woodward, Leslie Snow, Ric Morgan, Victor Lee, News Sentinel Cartoonist Charlie Daniel. I was honored. The two classes were very good classes. They prepared themselves by researching my background and asking excellent question. Jordan K. was my escort for the day, having to listen to me for one and a half hours. She was exceptional. If you are a member of the FMS Faculty, Staff or a parent of a FMS student. You have every reason to be proud. To the students that I spoke to, your future is so bright. You do and will make us all proud.

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