Thursday, May 07, 2009

Haslam Obtains Censorship on UTK Campus

This morning the Brian's Blog team got a phone call that the UTK "Rock" had a message that we would want to see. I left and drove to the "Rock" and at 8:25 a.m. I found three individuals painting the "Rock" with black paint covering up the message. Here are the paid censorship censors at work. So, I had hopes that another member of the Brian's Blog team got the message on the "Rock" that is being censored. Sure enough our team works at all hours because in the team email box was the photo that required censoring.

I guess all that money, the Board of Trustee's position and a building or two with your name on them allows the University administration to censor any message that is not supportive of the family name. Today is a sad day at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Free Speech ain't Free at UTK, at least today.

Congratulations to Weston Wamp, Congressman Wamp's son graduated from UTK today.


Matthew Hurtt said...

Hilarious! That's great...

Steve Mule said...

Why do you see evil doers evrywhere? The "Rock" is for stuff like "GO UT", "Sigma Chi Rocks", and "Florida chews".
It is NOT a political billboard! If the sign had said "Vote Haslem" it would have been painted over just as fast.


Brian Hornback said...

Why do you defend the evil doers everywhere?

The Rock is not exclusive for UTK. While you were a citizen in Knoxville for a short period of time. I have been here nearly my entire lifetime. I have been in and around the UTK campus for 35 years. Political messages have been painted on the rock and left until the next message is painted, not blacked out.

Jason said...

Brian you are right. This UT control thing is no suprise to me. Thank God for great men, great leaders, great American heroes like Zach Wamp.