Friday, May 08, 2009

Even Wounded Birds Fly – Martha Rose Woodward

Martha Rose Woodward, author of Sunsphere – Biography of a landmark and Knoxville’s 1982 World’s Fair has recently published and released her first work of Fiction, Even Wounded Birds Fly.

I have just completed reading the book. The story if the fictional character Rita Belew is a interesting read. The character, Rodney Edgely which is her second husband is a colorful individual. The story of Rita and Rodney is one that is easily followed, even as you can see and follow Rita’s travel from Michigan to Knoxville. Ultimately, she discovers her man in Jimmy Lee Dwight Smith and helps him through his storm of life. Rita helps Jimmy Lee Dwight Smith also deal with an event from his childhood. As the story ends, while Rita, a school teacher had some unfortunate series of events in her life. She has discovered that her life ended with her three dreams fulfilled.

This is a good read. Check it out and buy it here.

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