Monday, May 18, 2009

Gibbons Scores 1, Haslam Ducks and Cowers

From Georgiana Vines column in today's Big Metal Shed on the Hill product we find the latest Bill Haslam love piece. Interestingly, the column addresses a press release challenging the Knoxville Mayor by Bill Gibbons, one of his Republican primary opponents. Gibbons is the District Attorney General from Shelby County. Here is what Gibbons had to say about the Knoxville Mayor.

Gibbons became the first candidate in the group to attack a primary opponent via a press release. He responded to a report on Haslam's talk in Maryville where he was quoted in The Daily Times as saying the "educational culture" of Tennessee must change before student performance will improve. Gibbons said Haslam needed to "get out of the country club set a little more often and talk to regular Tennesseans" to understand what is happening in education. Haslam, whose father, James Haslam II, founded the Pilot Corp., said the point of his speech was that "Tennesseans have to take seriously education in our state."

So we go back to Mule Day just a few weeks ago. The Knoxville Mayor rode on a White horse in the parade. So, is he planning to ride in on his White horse and save public education in Tennessee? This from a man that never attended a public school. But, he knows what is wrong with public education? Right. Well, maybe the same dumb, stupid Tennesseans that do not "take seriously education in our state." Maybe just maybe they will take the Republican primary election serious and NOT elect Bill Haslam as the Republican nominee.

However, the column gets better. He said he didn't really want to debate Gibbons in the press. Hey, there Knoxville Mayor. Any debate is in the press, so now we have the first refusal of the Knoxville Mayor to debate one of his primary opponents. So, as we begin keeping score it is Gibbons 1, Haslam a duck and cower.

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